Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Ehron Ostendorf

Through the window, through the wall…

A man reported that a suspect broke into his drive-through business. The man making the report claimed that $100 was stolen from his cash register along with numerous cigarettes. He also said that the perpetrator used his car to ram the front entrance and gain access to the premises, stealing the items mentioned. The caller then showed the officer a videotape of the event, and sure enough, it shows the man bursting through the front entrance with his car. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for cigarettes and a fourth of the cost to repair the damage done to your car due to the act of ramming the door and stealing in the first place…

No way, Söze

A man called in an aggravated assault. When the officer arrived, the man claimed a woman he knows came out of nowhere and slashed him with a knife. The officer contacted the woman, who said that she didn’t attack him, that in reality, she didn’t talk to him before the incident, and that he did it to himself. Why? Because she had made a prior report that he was stalking her. (The plot thickens!) The officer learned of another man who professed he saw the whole thing. He said he did see them arguing about something prior to the victim’s “attack,” but he didn’t see the accused do it. The witness speculates that the caller did do it to himself, even if the accused lied about speaking to him prior.

Family feud

A fight broke out. When officers arrived, they discovered the fight transpired between two teen girls. They spoke to a sergeant who directed them to the contacts. The first party’s mother claimed a girl she and her daughter know started a fight. When the officers questioned the second party, the other girl’s mother answered. The second party’s mother claimed the first party’s daughter came over and picked a fight with her daughter. This mother stated that she was kicked in the face by the first party’s younger sister and then hit by the first party’s daughter. The second party’s mother said if her daughter’s pain doesn’t stop, she would have to take her to the emergency room. It appears the stakes are high in this game of family feud.

When masculinity’s not fragile

A report landed at an officer’s feet — a woman reported a fire. Upon the officer’s arrival, fire fighters were handling the situation. The woman claimed that someone had started the fire, purposely. The officer discovered an incendiary device that indeed was the cause of this heinous crime. Due to the lack of knowledge on the subject, he had to hand over authority to the fire department to further investigate this crime. Their expertise on arson will aid them in being able to track down the perpetrator, whomever they may be.

Strip tease
turned threat

A caller informed officers that a man had been assaulted. The victim recounted to the officer how he flagged down a ride after shopping (here we go again with stranger-danger) and was picked up. The man who picked him up stopped someplace for “errands.” After stopping, he grabbed a screwdriver and jackhammer from his trunk and came to the passenger side to demand money from the victim. The victim had no money, and the accused proceeded to demand he strip down. The victim took off his shoes and socks, but that wasn’t enough. Frustrated, the accused poked the victim with his screwdriver and demanded the man take his pants off. The victim said the accused looked around while he was stripping and used that opportunity to flee. As he fled, the man whipped back around and started hitting the victim with the car jack. The man ran away, but the accused threw the car jack, striking the victim’s leg. The victim is luckily recovering from non-lethal injuries, but the shock is clearly enough damage. The cops are on the trail to nab this strip-tease demanding thief!

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