A halo as a disco ball

Andy D fires up the party!

By Zach Rogers

There are angels on the dance floor, and nobody seems to know what the hell they’re doing there. Nobody except for Andy D. To him, it seems perfectly normal to have angels getting their boogie on underneath a disco ball, and there are probably a lot of things this guy finds normal that other people would just ponder at with curiosity. The music of Andy D is one part rap, one part rock, and with elements of dance music and synth-pop sitting right next to body-moving beats and screeching guitar solos, Andy D definitely knows how to get a party started. I’ll let him explain more.

Let’s start from the top. How long has the entity of Andy D been around?

Well, I turn 31 this week, so I’d say right around 31 years. Andy D is much less of an entity than an actual person. People say I’m much more relaxed off stage than I am on stage, and I tell them it’s rather untenable for me to be yelling, spitting and sweating on people all the time. I’d say off stage I’m at a two, on stage I’m turned up to 11. – Andy D

For those who are unfamiliar, what does Andy D’s music sound like?

I hate the concept of genre. It makes life easier at times, but with art and music it’s better to play with the categories people put you in. To describe what I do, I’d say I aim to create energetic, dance-inducing, fun-yet-meaningful pop songs that employ college-level humor to engage the listener in hopes of getting them one step closer to dancing. The goal of making the music I make is to get people laughing and dancing because it’s impossible to laugh and dance and not be having a good time. That’s what people need, to have more good times. I rap, but I’m not necessarily hip-hop, more like Beck or The Bloodhound Gang. I use the medium of rap, but I don’t deal with the themes and motifs of hip-hop culture all the time. – AD

How has the music of Andy D evolved, from your first album Choose Your Perversion to your new album Warcries? 

I think I’ve improved in all aspects of song and performance. My stage shows have vastly improved and keep getting better. Choose Your Perversion is a great album. I stand by it – I believe those are ten solid songs that stand on their own and plant the seeds of everything I wanted to do in the future. I certainly feel like I’m getting better at this whole thing, so we’ll see what people think of the new album. – AD

Tell me a little bit about the idea for Warcries. I hear it’s about robots and the apocalypse? 

Yes! The idea comes from a lot of things going on in pop culture. You have the New Age Mayan Calendar apocalypse, you have shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” – popular shows on major networks all about various apocalyptic or dystopian scenarios. I’ve always been a huge fan of sci-fi, and the post-apocalyptic fantasy has always captured my imagination. There’s also political undertones about the recession, the political gridlock, the two major parties in this country and a robot/mutant metaphor that dips in and out throughout the album. – AD

What kinds of things can the audience expect when they come see you play live? 

I go full-bore live and hold nothing back. I jump off the stage and travel as far into the audience as my mic cord will take me. One could be showered by stray spittle or sweat – sorry about that, but not really. I fully support all the other artists we play with and I hope our energy motivates them to step up their game. We have a policy to come early and stay late to watch all the other artists who play a show with us. We want to spread positive magical attitudes, so we’ve got to live it. – AD

In your opinion will the mustache ever die as a fashion trend? Will we ever see Andy D without one? 

It will definitely NEVER die as fashion trend unless there is a virus that eradicates all male facial hair from our genome. It is a man’s (and a hirsute woman’s for that matter) birthright to do anything you desire with your facial hair. Many of my peers forget that being an adult is not only about responsibility or conforming to social norms. Being an adult is about nobody else being able to tell you what you can or cannot do. There will ALWAYS be mustaches and beards and flavor savers and soul patches and mutton chops in this world. I urge all people to embrace this wonderful fact, and try your follicles out sometime to see what they can do. I also reserve the right to shave whenever I want to, so no one ever knows. But I think my style right now is my best possible look, so I’m always inclined to stick with this or at least come back to it and build from there. – AD

Andy D will be perform on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Blind Bob’s, 430 East Fifth St. Also on the bill are NightBeast, Meghna and Those Crosstown Rivals. Admission is $5 for 21 & up. Doors at 9 pm. For more information on Andy D, visit rockslow.com. 

Reach DCP intern and freelance writer Zach Rogers at ZachRogers@daytoncitypaper.com

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