Rosewood Arts Centre’s Suburbicon promises fun and excitement for all ages

Browsing the goods at Suburbicon; photo: Shayna McConville

by Josher Lumpkin

This Saturday, comic book fans and their families will have a unique opportunity to attend a fun event for people of all ages. Rosewood Arts Centre’s “Suburbicon” is a kid-friendly comic extravaganza with plenty to do! We talked to Rosewood’s Andrew Dailey about what showgoers can expect at the event.

Dayton City Paper: How did you come up with the idea for Suburbicon?

Andrew Dailey: We have a program with a partnership with the Gem City Comic Convention for an event called Comic Book Studio Day in the spring. One of the transitional ideas that came out of that program was the idea of having a creators-only show, like a mini-convention. Similar to S.P.A.C.E. in Columbus, in terms of vendors and artists that we bring in. Suburbicon was the result of brainstorming between myself and Jesse Noble of Dayton’s Gem City Comic Con. We thought it’d be great to have a show that was specifically geared toward highlighting creatives in the Dayton area. There’s only one other show in the area that focuses solely on creators and publishers, and that’s I.C.E. (Independent Creators Expo). Our show is different from that as we host it here at the Arts Centre and we try to offer as many creative activities for young people as we can, so there’s more of an “arts center” vibe to it than any other show in the region.

DCP: Who are some of the creatives you have coming this year?

AD: We’re still putting the finishing touches on it, but there’s been a few folks rotating in and out and I’m still waiting to get confirmations from a few other people. We have a handful of the people that we had last year and we’re hoping to get a couple of new folks in, as well. But, we’ve got Quentin Ross. Frank James Bailey, who’s a writer from northern Ohio; he does voice acting, too. He’s an interesting guy. Nate and Lee Xopher. Scott Bachmann. Adam Fields. Todd Beistel. Allison Dickson. Then we’ve got Stephen Hines. Bruce O. Hughes. And we are working together with Wright State University’s Comic Book League this year, so they will be in attendance and I believe they will be doing some live video interviews. They’re a student organization; we’re still trying to figure out exactly what their role will be in the show.

DCP: Tell our readers about the comic book swap you do every year.

AD: So the idea behind the comic swap is, we wanted to be able to bring in the collectors to the show. What we didn’t want to do was have comic store vendors bring in $2 or $1 comics that would undercut the creator’s sales. So we thought, what if we opened up some space for people who just wanted to bring comics and trade with one another? Gem City Books is a bit of a soft sponsor for that activity. They bring in a bunch of comics, and people can come in and trade comics with each other. We hope to build that up this year. I think it’s a great idea that is really cool. This will be the third year we’ve done it, and each year it gets a little bigger. We hope to see it become a deeper part of the event.

DCP: Is there a charge to get into Suburbicon?

AD: Admission is free. We have two big parking lots outside of the building. The parking is also free. And we have goodie bag door prizes for the first 25 people through the door. It›s a good free activity.

DCP: What other activities are planned as part of the show?

AD: We host a fan art contest every year for folks to come draw some of their favorite characters. We have one of our creators judge and pick the ones they feel are strongest in several categories. The fan art contest is a lot of fun. We tend to get a lot of entries. I think we got around 60 last year.

We›ll have some costume pieces for a little superhero photo booth area set up so people who come in cosplay or who want to use our costume elements can take photos.

We have a cape and mask making station every year so kids can come and make their own customer custom or customer? superhero cape and mask.

And we’re working on picking up a couple other art activities to take with you. We’re gonna throw a couple of new things into the mix.

DCP: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about Suburbicon?

AD: It’s a good time. It’s a lot of fun for families, especially ones with younger kids. Bigger conventions can be a little overwhelming for little kids. In my experience, there›s not a whole lot for them to do if they›re too young to really get into comics. So, being a parent of two little kids, I thought, why not do something that puts Rosewood Arts Centre’s own spin on the traditional comic convention.

I think that one nice aspect of this show is the atmosphere here. We hope that the creative atmosphere of Rosewood Arts Centre will help bring people in and will help keep this as an ongoing event for us.

Suburbicon will take place this Saturday, Oct. 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Rosewood Arts Centre, 2655 Olson Drive in Kettering. Admission is free. For more information, please call 937.296.0294 or visit

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