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Rad Company releases rad record, celebrates sixth stupidly

By W.C. Ruffnel

Photo: (back row) Josher Lumpkin, (middle row, l-r) Nick Anderson, Josh Goldman, John Lakes, Elliott Harrell, (front row, l-r) Mike Werthmann, Dereck Brown, (not pictured) Jared Reynolds, Eric Fly, Randy Buhr, Andy Stamm, and Shane Natalie; photo credit: Jennifer Hanauer Lumpkin

Josh Goldman is one busy dude. Not only is he in Rad Company, but he’s also in the Raging Nathans and runs Rad Girlfriend Records, which – at time of press – has put out over 25 vinyl – yes, you read that right, VINYL – records in just under two years. Besides being “rad,” Goldman and his main Company collaborator, Josher Lumpkin, have another reason to be proud: Rad Company has been around so long now that they have a legacy – a legacy they feel is deserving enough of a “Rad Company Legacy” show. If you don’t know who Rad Company is, it’s for a reason – you probably hate punk. And if you hate Rad Company, then you must hate punk when it’s more specifically DIY pop-punk. The band has put out over 12 records – with plans for a full-length materializing currently – and has been on at least 10 tours.

FACT: Rad Company has been around for six years and has had 11 members.

Most of these members are set to play the legacy show and Goldman is pleased, yet will not admit it. So, let’s let him do the talking (so to speak).

Are you proud of what you’re doing with this show?

Um, it’s going to be a trainwreck. –Josh Goldman

Do you think that people care?

Not really, but I think that people are going to have fun. But that’s not true – some people care – the punks. (Doesn’t laugh) -JG

(laughs) Stylistically, you guys have gone through some changes.

We used to be more of a thrash band until Jared and Nick left the band. It then turned into more of a thrashy pop-punk band. (At the show) we’re playing songs in chronological order – but as we play them, people will be able to see how it gradually gets better. -JG

Is that slightly inflammatory towards the ex-members?

Uh, no, it’s the truth. Since the beginning, whenever there’s a lineup change, it’s been with better musicians, and we’re always trying to trick and bribe awesome musicians to be in this band. -JG

Who’s all been in it?

Well me and Josher have been in it the whole time – then on drums there was Punk Rock Nick, Andy Stamm, Randy Buhr, Elliott Harrell, Shane Natalie and Mike Werthmann filling in our upcoming tour. On bass, there has been Jared Reynolds and Eric Fly and currently Dereck Brown. John Lakes is filling in on guitar on our upcoming tour. -JG

How long is the set going to be?

Much longer than usual, which still isn’t that long. -JG

So when people come to the show … When people come, they’re going to have a fun time and they’ll get to see the evolution of a punk band from Dayton right before their eyes. 

Years of getting mad at each other and hard work – all that stuff. -JG

Is this important to the other members that have been in it?

Um, maybe. Probably not as much as me, but they were all into it when I asked them to do it. Every one of them said yes. -JG

Do you think there are as many fans as there are ex-members of the band?

I hope so. (laughs) -JG


(smug laugh) -JG

How does it feel – that number of people in that amount of time?

Terrible – we’re hanging on by a thread. -JG

Why do you continue to do it then?

Because I’ve met so many rad people doing it and I believe in most of the songs. Every time we record a record it gets better and I genuinely think that certain people like Rad Company and I use it as a vehicle to tour and play music and do what I love and I get to hang out with my friends all over the country. -JG

How did you conceive the idea for the show?

The show was supposed to be a release show for the Rad Company and Tight Bros split 7”, but Tight Bros won’t be playing; Abertooth Lincoln will be playing. Two out of three members of Tight Bros will be playing in the Rad Company show. Mike from Abertooth will also be playing with us, as he is filling in our next tour. -JG

Highlights of the band so far?

Playing shows with bands that we love. Recording a record and doing a song with Joe Queer (of the Queers). Playing Awesome Fest 6. We didn’t kill each other – that’s a big accomplishment. -JG

Is this going to be like a VH1 “Storytellers” scenario?

No, it’s going to be everyone piss drunk throwing beer at each other, talking shit. -JG

So there’s no planned narrative?

Believe me, if they want a narrative, I’ll give ‘em one. But I don’t think that’s what people care about. They just want to see me get pelted with beer cans. -JG

The Rad Company Legacy show will take place Friday, April 19 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. Also on the bill are Abertooth Lincoln and TBA. Admission is $5 for 21 and up. Doors open at 9 p.m. For more information, visit reverbnation.com/radcompany.

Reach DCP freelance writer W.C. Ruffnel at WCRuffnel@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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