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Danzig celebrates 25 years of horror biz with anniversary tour

By Gary Spencer

 Photo: Glenn Danzig will perform songs new and old in Columbus on Aug. 14

Not many musicians are as fortunate as Glenn Anzalone, better known by his stage name Glenn Danzig. For nearly 40 years, Danzig has been making his own brand of dark, horror movie-inspired music, beginning with his vocal work for punk rock legends The Misfits, metal/punk hybrid trio Samhain and onto the bluesy hard rock band that donned the Danzig moniker since the 1990s and still carries his surname into the modern millennium. Danzig has spent 2013 touring all over the world celebrating the 25 years he has been doing the Danzig project. But Glenn isn’t ignoring the genre-defining horror punk music of The Misfits – of which he made his first claim to fame – as he will also be performing a sizable set chock full of nothing but goodies from his devil lock days featuring Misfits’ lead guitarist Doyle, whose three-chord buzzsaw axe work is just as famous as the classic songs he recorded back in the day. Despite all this traveling and rocking, Danzig has been busy with a handful of other noteworthy projects, as well. So, I made a phone call to get the scoop on his many artistic and business pursuits, and he most certainly had something to say.

Tell me about the Danzig 25th anniversary tour that you’re doing. What can fans expect?

Since it’s the 25th anniversary, we’re doing lots of stuff from the first and second Danzig records. Our first two or three songs are going to be newer [songs], but after that it’s just all old songs, and then we bring Doyle out later and do a bunch of Misfits songs. – Glenn Danzig

How did you end up performing with Doyle again?  What’s it been like playing with him again after all those years?

He quit that thing he was doing with his brother ‘cuz he couldn’t stand it anymore, and he was friends with a guy who works in my office. We started corresponding, and musically I helped him out with his solo project and we eventually did a couple of shows together. We get along really well and joke around a lot. It’s fun.  – GD

Danzig has tread a variety of musical roads over the years – metal, hard rock, blues, industrial, etc. How much longer do you see yourself doing Danzig as it currently exists? 

I’ll always record music and make records. Touring, I don’t know – I already stopped touring for a while back around 2005 or so, and now I only do tours if I can fly back home afterward ‘cuz I can’t stand to be out there. Don’t get me wrong, I like being on stage, but bouncin’ around on a bus and in hotels, it’s just not fun for me. So that’s the only way I do a tour now is flying home all the time. We’ll see how much longer I feel like doing it.  – GD

Some of our readers might not know that you have your own comic book company.  Please tell me about Verotik comics and what it’s all about.

I’m a big comic fan … not just U.S. comics, but also European and Japanese, and this stuff is just a lot more mature and adult. I started my own company around ’93 or ’94, and just do the best artists, the best writers and all in color – most of the underground comics back then were just in black and white. And we’re still around. – GD

Of all the records you’ve made, what’s your favorite?

I don’t have a favorite. Y’know, we play the songs all the time and after you play them for after a year you’re like, “Wow, I really don’t wanna play this song anymore.” (laughs) And so maybe [we’ll] take it out of the set and add it again a few years later and it’s fresh. So far, we’ve done about three weeks in the States for this 25th anniversary thing and then we shoot back and forth to Europe, Scandinavia and England, and people are really seeming to dig that we’re doing a lot of the older songs. -GD

What does the future hold for you, musically or creatively?

Once I’m done with all this 25th anniversary stuff – directing movies, writing some more scripts, getting my covers record out … make a Danzig record. -GD

Covers album? What artists are you covering?

Elvis, Sabbath, Troggs, a bunch of biker theme songs. There’s actually a Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra cover on here that I’m doing with Cherie Currie from The Runaways. I’ve wanted to do a covers record since ’79 with the Misfits but just never had time to sit down and do it. So, it’s been in the works for like 30 years. (laughs) -GD

So, why should our readers want to make the trek to Columbus to see Danzig in 2013?

I haven’t been to Columbus in at least 10 years I think. I don’t know when we’ll be back.  So if you come, have a great time. That’s why we’re there – for you to forget everything and go crazy! -GD


The Danzig 25th Anniversary tour will appear on Wednesday, Aug. 14 at Newport Music Hall, 1722 N. High St. in Columbus. Scar the Martyr and Huntress are also on the bill.  Tickets are $25 in advance. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. For more information, please visit

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