Another Excellent Season

Fraze’s 2012 Summer Lineup

By Jordan Mills Pleasant

Mention the Fraze Pavilion, and you might turn some heads.  That’s because everyone knows how amazing a venue the Fraze really is — boasting a track record which includes some of the most notable bands to visit Dayton, almost everyone in the Miami Valley region, and certainly plenty of folks beyond, can recall fond memories of epic shows at the Fraze.

For the few readers out there who might not have heard of the venue, let me mention a few details for you.  The Fraze Pavillion, named after Kettering native Ermal Fraze who invented the pop-top beverage can, opened in 1991.  Its outdoor amphitheater seats up to 4,300 people and its stage has played host to a number of popular American and international artists.  In 2010 Pollstar Magazine ranked the venue 14th in their worldwide ticket report for entertainment, and the stars that come to rock the stage at the Fraze reflect the reasons for its renowned status.

This year’s summer lineup includes a number of hot shows and demonstrates a wide variety of musical talent. When asked about how this year’s lineup compares with last year’s lineup, General Manager Karen Durham says, “In four words, completely different and diverse.  2011 was a lot of classic rock — ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, Doobie Brothers and Steve Miller.”

In contrast to the classic rock tones of last year’s season, Durham says the “2012 season features everything from classic rock (Santana, Outlaws, Boston) to Americana (Avett Brothers), R&B (The Jacksons), Pop (Duran Duran, Barenaked Ladies, David Gray), powerhouse female vocalists like Bonnie Raitt, Mavis Staples and Martina McBride and even current chart toppers like Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw.”

The diversity of this year’s season continues because, as Durham says, “In addition to all this, we also have something special for the youngest of music fans, with the first area performance from The Fresh Beat Band,” a musical entourage that stars in a children’s television show produced for Nick, Jr. that features original pop songs.

When asked about what some of the most exciting shows coming this summer are, Durham says, “It’s always good to check some bands off a wish list or bucket list.  Those two performers this year might be Martina McBride and Santana.”

Aside from the biggest names, there are other really interesting bands to get excited about as well.  “The return of Mountain Heart on Tuesday, June 19 is really a ‘must see’ show, along with Big Sam’s Funky Nation on Tuesday, July 17,” says Durham.  And each of these shows is only $2 dollars!

One of the other hottest tickets coming to the Fraze this season is Duran Duran. The show is in late August, and according to Durham they are probably one of the Top 5 best looking and sounding shows the venue has ever had on stage. The show promises to be an exhilarating transportation back in time to when music videos ruled the scene.

Even hotter than Duran Duran, however, is Santana.  Santana will be massive event with a spectacular show. Durham maintains that Santana will be “the exclamation point to another great line up of summer concerts.”  That show will definitely be sold out, so if you plan on going you should think about getting tickets soon.

Whether or not you’re a big music fan, or really enjoy going to shows, it’s still a pleasure to know that the Miami Valley hosts such an astounding venue.  According to Durham, “We are so lucky to have Fraze Pavilion in our back yard.  It’s the support of our ticket buyers, our festival goers, our neighbors and the community that have made Fraze Pavilion a destination for summer entertainment over the past several seasons.”

Projected growth for the future is promising as well.  Fraze’s profile continues to increase as time goes on, with booking agents in New York, LA, Nashville and beyond, and with positive feedback from artists and those they tour with about the audience, the venue and even the food.

When asked about the future at Fraze, Durham enthusiastically replies, “We hope to provide summer’s best music and big name entertainers for many more years to come!”  And given the success of past and current seasons at the Fraze, Daytonians can rest assured that such a promise will not go unbroken.

(For more detailed information about the Fraze’s summer lineup, visit, or call (937) 296-3302. The Fraze Pavilion is located at 695 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Kettering, Ohio, 45429.  Check out their website or stop by for a stroll to plan out your music-packed summer!)

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