Tell the library board of trustees you want them to consider the Arcade!

I f you wish for the library board of trustees to consider the Dayton Arcade as the possible future home of the main Downtown Dayton branch of the Dayton Metro Library, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!

NOTE: Your personal email address will not be shared whatsoever. However, your name, city and state WILL appear at the bottom of this petition for everyone to see as this list continues to grow!

Thank you!

Paul Noah
Dayton City Paper

Tell the Dayton Library Board of Trustees you want them to consider the Dayton Arcade Library!

Here is what the Dayton Arcade Library petition is all about:

Here is what the Dayton Arcade Library petition is about:

According to information provided to the Dayton City Paper, the Library has not sanctioned a single in depth feasibility study to consider moving the Downtown branch to a nearby existing building so as to possibly save taxpayer money! Though we’re aware they’ve asked the question, they have never sanctioned the actual study! They’ve even turned down past outside offers to pay for the study!

The Dayton City Paper has reason to believe the Dayton Arcade in particular not only CAN satisfy ALL promises made when you, the Montgomery County voters, passed last Fall’s $187 million levy (current use, future use, green technology, etc.), it CAN be restored, preserved and renovated to become THE MOST AMAZING PUBLIC LIBRARY IN THE WORLD! The proven technology to do this has existed for years!

Why didn’t the library board order this study? We believe they’ve ignored a known opportunity.
What do you want?

1) A $67 million dollar new building?
2) Or, an amazingly beautiful fully functioning DAYTON ARCADE LIBRARY?

By signing this petition you are choosing to show your support in asking the Dayton Library Board of Trustees to halt current plans to work on the existing Downtown Dayton Library branch and immediately sanction a new feasibility study to consider alternate locations, and in particular, the Dayton Arcade.


583 signatures

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Here is the list of everyone who has already signed this petition asking the library board of trustees to consider the Dayton Arcade:
583 Jay Blistin
582 Phil Henry Clayton, o United States
581 Michael Embree Dayton, OH United States
580 Nathan Hixson Xenia, OH United States
579 Megan (Davis) Dzurec Broadview Heights, OH USA
578 Nick Brusky Dayton, Ohio
577 Emily Walker Springboro, Ohio USA
576 James Steeber New York, NY USA
575 Sophia Cothrel Dayton, OH USA
574 Sydney Baker Dayton, Ohio United States
573 Henry Beyer Dayton, Ohio United States
572 Ali Begazo Mamaroneck, New York United States
571 Kathryn Wittoesch dayton, ohio United States
570 Sally Davis Vandalia, Ohio
569 Erin Newsome Vandalis, Ohio USA
568 Mark Campbell Miamisburg, Ohio USA
567 Drew Russell Dayton, OH 45403
566 Tim Divens New Carlisle, Ohio USA
565 Richard Waldman Dayton, Ohio USA
564 Allison Kordik Daytons, OH USA
563 Jacob Kordik Dayton, OH USA
562 Mary Whittaker Eaton, OH United States
561 Colin Gerker Dayton, Ohio United States
560 Shelia Owens Dayton, OH USA
559 Thomas Hale Kettering, Ohio United States
558 Amy Wolf Dayton, Ohio United States
557 Patricia Everling Moraine, OH USA
556 Bethany Ayres Grand Rapids, Michigan
555 Laura Mercer Dayton, OH USA
554 Debra Edwards Dayton, OH USA
553 Becky Longazel Dayton, OH USA
552 Ann Currier Dayton, Ohio United States
551 Sam Webb Centerville, Ohio USA
550 Norm Wentland Dayton, Ohio usa
549 John Sturm Yellow Springs, Oh Usa
548 Eve Sturm Yellow Springs, Oh USA
547 diana molnar fairborn, oh usa
546 Bill Vernon Dayton, OH USA
545 Paul Hamilton Chacago, Illinois USA
544 Lauren Mcclure NY, NY US
543 jeff paulson Hamilton, OH United States
542 Howie Billings Dayton, OH USA
541 Joel Conover Dayton, OH USA
540 Tiffany Bowers Dayton, OH 45417
539 sarah warda athens, oh usa
538 chris beust dayton, Ohio USA
537 Margie Gitzinger Dayton, Ohio USA
536 Jan Galiardo Dayton, Ohio USA
535 John Caldarea Dayton, Ohio USA
534 Benson ` Flory` W. Alexandria, OH USA
533 Cynthia Beshada dayton, OH United States
532 Amy Pendergast Dayton, OH US
531 Anna Blumenstock Dayton, OH USA
530 Michael Hamm Kettering, Oh USA
529 Zachary Willis Dayton, OH United States
528 Susan Harris Dayton, Ohio USA
527 Tommy Cooper Dayton, OH United States
526 Judith Sylva Cincinnati, OH United States
525 Bridger Lord Dayton, Ohio United States
524 Reid Johnson
523 Susan Favaloro Kettering, OH USA
522 Sharlyn Radcliffe
521 Austin Radcliffe New York, NY USA
520 Anita Buehrig Dayton, OH USA
519 Anna Fomin eaton, ohio u.s.a.
518 Shelley Gompers Dayton, OH USA
517 Cheryl Vargas Dayton, Ohio
516 Dan Wells Dayton, oh usa
515 Michelle Decker Athens, Ohio USA
514 Michelle Huff Dayton, Ohio Usa
513 Katherine Lybarger
512 John Seibert Xenia, Ohio U.S.A.
511 F. Justin Gay Dayton, Ohio Usa
510 Doug McDiarmid Cincinnati , OH USA
509 J. Tom Hnatow Lexington, KY USA
508 Justin Gordon Ashland, OR 97520
507 Ellen Williamson Ashland, OR 97520
506 Clark Shingledecker Dayton, OH usa
505 Robert Guehl Dayton, OH USA
504 Jennie Granato
503 Kelli Nikanowicz Dayton, OH USA
502 Linda Carter dayton, OH USA
501 Erin Pett Dayton, OH United States
500 Laura Hunley Dayton, Oh Usa
499 Jim Walton Dayton, Ohio USA
498 terry bruns Brookville, Ohio montgomery
497 Jim DeBrosse Athens, Ohio USA
496 Karri O’Reilly Dayton, OH USA
495 brenda colton washington township, Ohio usa
494 Richard and Patricia saphire Dayton, Ohio USA
493 Neal Pemberton Dayton, OH USA
492 Jerry Henderson Dayton, Ohio USA
491 Sally Fitz Dayton, OH USA
490 Lawrence Mick Dayton, Ohio USA
489 adam betts new lebanon, Ohio United States
488 rebecca betts new lebanon, Ohio United States
487 Carl Brun Dayton, OH USA
486 Joanne Townsend Vandalia, Ohio
485 Harry Seifert Kettering, Oh 45440
484 John Cavanaugh Columbus, Ohio United States
483 Charlie Kent Dayton, OH United States
482 Michael Mescher Dayton, Ohio USA
481 Phyllis Turner Dayton, Oh USA
480 Richard Stover Kettering, Ohio USA
479 Steve Naas Englewood, OH USA
478 Dara Cosby
477 Jim Moser Centerville`, OH USA
476 Ann Rotolante Oakwood, OH United States
475 Andrea Nay Tipp City, Ohio
474 Caroline Merithew Dayton, OH United States
473 Dot Agee Dayton, Ohio United States
472 Britt Smith Dayton, Ohio USA
471 Michele Lorenzo Dayton, OH United States
470 Cathi Spaugy Dayton, Ohio USA
469 Shirley Johnson Englewood, Ohio USA
468 Kathleen Spoon
467 R. Bruce Graham
466 Daniel Hopson Dayton, Ohio Montgomery
465 Susan Pekarek Dayton, OH USA
464 scott scarborough Kettering, Ohio United States
463 Craig Matthews Dayton, Ohio USA
462 Sam Johnson
461 Marva Gray Dayton, OH United States
460 Dave Haworth Xenia, OH United States
459 leeanna clark
458 Daniel Miller Dayton, OH
457 Marilyn Hart Dayton, Ohio USA
456 Casey Marchal West Carrollton, Ohio United States
455 Valerie Kapp Clayton, Ohio USA
454 Robin Spiller Clayton, Ohio USA
453 Sandra Oswald Kettering, OH USA
452 Joseph Oswald Kettering, OH USA
451 Erin Brooker Urbana, Illinois USA
450 Frances Phillips Dayton, Ohio United States
449 Meghan Bohardt Dayton, Ohio US
448 Richard Miller Dayton, Ohio
447 Ben Dapore West Carrollton, Ohio USA
446 Mercedes Staigers Oakwood, Oh USA
445 Hayley Bricker Dayton, Ohio Usa
444 barb stork dayton, oh usa
443 nancy van atta huber heights, Ohio United States
442 Margaret Knapke Dayton, Ohio USA
441 Brett Duncan Kettering, Ohio USA
440 Marie Isaacs Dayton, OH
439 Victoria Harley Dayton, OH USA
438 Mike Monett Dayton, Ohio United States
437 Joshua Lumpkin Dayton, OH USA
436 Eve Hands Kapa’a, Hawai’i USA
435 Karen Stubbs Dayton, Ohio US
434 mindy Greene Dayton, Ohio USA
433 Garry Greene Dayton, Ohio USA
432 Scott Broyles Dayton, OH USA
431 Martha Heck fairborn, Oh uSA
430 Emily Broyles Dayton, OH United States
429 Laurel Sylvester Phillipsburg, Ohio United States
428 matt smith miamisburg, oh usa
427 Victoria Rogers
426 Michael Patak Jr. Dayton, OH U.S.A.
425 Steven Bognar Yellow Springs, OH USA
424 Muthanna Alqassab Dayton, Ohio USA
423 Julie Black Lebanon, OH United States
422 Shaun Yu Dayton, OH USA
421 Shon Houston Dayton, OH USA
420 Andrew Mosher Dayton, Oh USA
419 Julia Reichert yellow springs, oh usa
418 Jeremiah Flerchinger
417 Robert Guizzo Dayton, OH United States
416 Robert Kleinhenz Phillipsburg, Oh USA
415 Phil Kloos Dayton, OH USA
414 Scott Schaefer Chicago, Illinois United States
413 Una Cadegan
412 James Brown Dayton, Oh USA
411 Liza Conklin Huber Heights, OH United States
410 Reuben Hann Dayton, OH USA
409 lantry shaffer
408 Susan Brough Tipp City, Ohio
407 Leslie Heck Dayton, OH USA
406 Kjirsten Frank Dayton, OH USA
405 Irvin G. Bieser, Jr. Dayton, OH USA
404 Emily Axt Dayton, Ohio USA
403 challon Roberts Dayton, Oh Usa
402 Tonya Lee Ohio USA
401 Anthony Maxwell Dayton, Ohio USA
400 Tashia Hunter Ohio USA
399 shawn cassiman dayton, oh usa
398 Olivia Bowman Dayton, Ohio Montgomery
397 Patricia Johnson Dayton, OH USA
396 James Lane Dayton, Ohio USA
395 brian martin dayton, oh usa
394 Donna Ryder Dayton, Ohio USA
393 john boucuvalas
392 Elizabeth Phillips Dayton, OH United States
391 Cathy Mong Dayton, Ohio USA
390 Don Ross Oakwood, Ohio Usa
389 John Inglis Dayton, OH United States
388 Mary Guizzo Dayton, Ohio Montgomery
387 Tamela Payne Dayton, Ohio USA
386 Annie Lima Dayton, Ohio USA
385 Emily Duke Dayton, OH USA
384 Alexis Nesbitt Tipp City, OH US
383 Ralph Reed Kenmore, WA United States
382 Herbert Matthews Dayton, OH
381 jim Rohal Dayton, OH USA
380 Mike King Dayton, OH USA
379 John Baldasare Dayton, OH USA
378 H. Michael Duke Dayton, Ohio USA
377 Jon White Dayton, OH USA
376 landon crowell kettering, oh
375 Andrew McKenna Dayton, Ohio USA
374 Brad Daniel dayton, ohio United States
373 Joseph Bonsall Dayton, Ohio usa
372 Beth Duke dayton, ohio usa
371 Zachary Moore Englewood, Ohio United States
370 Paul Arnold Ohio USA
369 Baxter Foskuhl
368 Beth Weaver Dayton, Ohio United States
367 Megan Beck Dayton, Ohio
366 Aaron Pertner Dayton, OH
365 Susan Frazier Beavercreek, Ohio United States
364 Cindy Fultz Kettering, Ohio United States
363 Les Donahue Kettering, OH United States
362 Kathleen Turner Dayton, Ohio USA
361 Megan Harbaugh dayton, oh 45409
360 Brittany Drayton Dayton, OH USA
359 Nathan Arndts Dayton, Ohio USA
358 Nathan stevens dayton, oh
357 Rebecca Tsaloff Kettering, Ohio 45409
356 Aja Delaney Dayton, OH USA
355 Patrick Barlage Botkins, Ohio Shelby
354 Cindy Martin Dayton, OH USA
353 Dan Barton Dayton, Ohio USA
352 John Combs Dayton, OH US
351 Jack Schaefer Dayton, OH USA
350 Beth Stelling Los Angeles, CA USA
349 Bela Koe-Krompecher Columbus, Ohio United States
348 Spencer Ingraham Santa Barbabra, California United States
347 Cameron Sharp
346 Adam Remnant Athens, OH U.S.A.
345 Andrew Eckstein Dayton, OH USA
344 Chris Salamone Dublin, Ohio USA
343 Mark Kramer Louisville, KY United States
342 Tess Cortes Dayton, OH USA
341 Dennis Grant Miamisburg, OH USA
340 Brian Williamson Kettering, Oh
339 Brian West Clayton, OH USA
338 Shannon Stephens seattle, wa usa
337 Mark Shively Dayton, Ohio USA
336 Hester Allison Kettering, Ohio USA
335 Karen Lane Moraine, OH US
334 Thomas Ste. Marie Englewood, Ohio USA
333 Skye McKenna Vandalia, Ohio United States
332 Amy Mitchell Eaton, OH USA
331 Barbara Czestochowa Dayton, OH USA
329 Katie Adair denver, colorado usa
328 Chad Stebbins Farmersville, Ohio 45325
327 JTodd Anderson Dayton, Ohio USA
326 Sandra Bashaw Kettering, Ohio usa
325 Kathy Kiggins Dayton, Ohio Montgomery
324 Andy Snow Dayton, OH USA
323 Allyn Conway Dayton, Ohio USA
322 Bonnie Blue
321 Carlton Francis Beavercreek, Ohio USA
320 Rand Oliver Dayton, Oh USA
319 Thomas Routsong Springboro, Ohio USA
318 Karl Leibfacher Dayton, Ohio United States
317 theresa larson dayton, ohio United States
316 Leigh Addison Dayton, Ohio USA
315 Gerry Chadwick Centerville, OH USA
314 Dan Beemsterboer Beavercreek, Ohio USA
313 Mark Merten Beavercreek, Ohio US
312 Marcus Maddox Dayton, Ohio USA
311 Roger Glass Dayton, OH USA
310 Angelia Erbaugh Miamisburg, OH USA
309 Gary Moore Dayton, OH USA
308 Kelly Snoke Dayton, OH
307 David McDonald Dayton, OH USA
306 Paula Tipton Springfield, Ohio USA
305 Maggie Atkinson Dayton, Ohio
304 Elaine Gounaris Dayton, OH United States
303 Mark Winwood Dayton, Ohio U.S.A.
302 Connie Stemley Potsdam, OH USA
301 Karen Pfaff Xenia, OH USA
300 Lisa Ernst West Milton, Ohio USA
299 Mari McPherson Beavercreek, OH USA
298 Lisa Long Waynesville, OH USA
297 Mary Stitsinger Dayton, Ohio USA
296 Tim Krug Dayton, OH USA
295 Jean Tegtmeier Dayton, Ohio United States
294 Tim Adams Dayton, OH USA
293 Julius Beckham Dayton, Ohio United States
292 Darren Brown Dayton, OH United States
291 Jennifer Lindsay Dayton, Ohio United States
290 LuAnne Baer Huber Heights, Ohio USA
289 Daniel Delph Miamisburg, Ohio United States
288 Kathleen Santucci Dayton, OH United States
287 Michael Prater New Lebanon, Ohio USA
286 Karl Bissett Richmond Heights, Missouri United States
285 S. V. Harding Dayton, Ohio USA
284 Kelley Deal
283 Nick Berger Troy, OH USA
282 WILLIAM S. O`BRYAN Kettering, Ohio USA
281 Michael DiGiovanna Dayton, OH Unites States
280 Jeff Towers Dayton, OH USA
279 Moira Laughlin yellow springs, OH USA
278 John Clardy Falls Church, VA USA
277 Christopher Pyle Athens, Ohio USA
276 Chris Krieger Dayton, OH US
275 Allison Rhea Dayton, ohio USA
274 Jill Audas Brookville, Ohio Montgomery
273 paul carbonaro dayton, OH United States
272 Carole Sauerland Beavercreek, OH USA
271 Michael Kordik Dayton, OH USA
270 Wendy Kordik Dayton, OH Montgomery
269 Judy Blazek Dayton, Ohio United States
268 ralph suiter w. carrollton , oh United States
267 Susan Frain Dayton, Ohio USA
266 Andy Badinghaus Dayton, OH
265 Douglas James Dayton, OH USA
264 Sandra Williams Xenia, Ohio
263 Michael Dailey Dayton, OH United States
262 Linda Bailey Centerville, Ohio USA
261 Emily Vargas Columbus, Oh Usa
260 Pamela Linker Union, Ohio United States
259 Thomas Girvin Dayton, OH USA
258 Peter Benkendorf Dayton, Ohio USA
257 Roselyn Miller Dayton, OH United States
256 jan powell marietta, ohio us
255 Ashley Tucker Cincinnati, OH USA
254 Emily Rodgers Pittsburgh, PA United States
253 Nicole Melin Dayton, OH United States
252 Elizabeth Bracy Washington, DC USA
251 allison mundy dayton, OH USA
250 edith marcum huber heights, Ohio United States
249 Malinda Tipton Tipp City, OH
248 Zach Rogers Dayton, Ohio United States
247 Jordan Vincent
246 Anthony Xenos Athens, Ohio United States
245 Matthew Langdon Dayton, Ohio USA
244 Joe DeLuca Eaton, Ohio United States
243 Joe DeLuca Eaton, Ohio United States
242 Lisa Patrick-Wright dayton, Ohio United States
241 Heather Berman Dayton, Ohio United States
240 Vicki Moreland Gratis, Ohio USA
239 Jason Antonick Dayton, Ohio United States
238 Adam Lorimer Dayton, OH USA
237 Thomas Townsend Kettering
236 Grafton and Brenda Redfern Bellbrook, Oh USA
235 Marion Kahler Dayton, Ohio USA
234 Keith Klein Dayton, Ohio
233 Jeff Mues Dallas, TX USA
232 Sherry Elkins Beavercreek, Ohio USA
231 Melissa Pfahler dayton, ohio
230 Debbie Tarr Dayton, OH USA
229 Grant Root Dayton, Ohio United States
228 Kim Harris Dayton, Ohio USA
227 Kim Clay LOUISVILLE, KY United States
226 Ralph Daniels Kettering, Ohio USA
225 Robert Hickey Clayton
224 Bronwyn Duteil Dayton, OH USA
223 Brittini Long Dayton, OH United States
222 Lisa Tyler Dayton, Ohio U.S.A.
221 Heidi Torgeson Dayton, Ohio USA
220 Patricia Rousseau Dayton & Kettering, OH USA
219 Adelina Hamilton Dayton, Ohio United States
218 Glynn Wedgewood Austin, TX USA
217 Nathan Schmitz Huber Heights, OH United States
216 Linda deluca eaton, oh treble
215 Clay Township Trustees, Montgomery County Steve Woolf, Steve Denlinger, Lon Chambers Brookville, Ohio USA
214 Steven A. Brookville, OH USA
213 Jay Woessner dayton, oh USA
212 Farley Taylor dayton, oh mont
211 Zachariah Everhart Evansville, In Us
210 Mike Deffet Dayton, OH USA
209 Joseph Zennie Dayton, Ohio USA
208 sue garretson Tipp City, Ohio Miami
207 Sherri Oliver Ohio
206 Nan Warshaw Chicago, Illinois United States
205 James Cartwright Akron, OH
204 Mariah Busher Dayton, OH
203 Michael Volz New Carlisle, Ohio USA
202 carl goraleski dayton, Ohio u.s.a.
201 Jesse Remnant Burlington, VT USA
200 Gal Osborne
199 Rodney Hromada englewood, OH
198 Robert Weyrauch Dayton, Ohio United States
197 Clare Conte Dayton, Ohio United States
196 Amber McCurdy Kettering, OH United States
195 Tina Lewis Kettering, Ohio Montgomery
194 Thomas Early
193 Kelly Cooke
192 Misty Cox Tipp City, Ohio United States
191 Jennifer Yingling Dayton, OH USA
190 Andrea Glazer New York, NY 10019
189 Katherine Isaacs Huber Heights, Ohio United States
188 Becky Byrge Miamisburg, OH USA
187 Stephen Joachim Boston, MA USA
186 Kara Maynard Dayton, Ohio United States
185 steve sliger dayton, oh usa
184 Joel Oliphint OH USA
183 Robert Mullins Dayton, OH United States
182 Kimberly Pritchard Dayton, OH USA
181 Erik Cirelli Pittsburgh, Pa USA
180 Joseph Lacey Dayton, OH USA
179 Jeff Hays Gainesville, FL
178 Noah Falck Buffalo, NY USA
177 Kathleen Chapman Dayton, Ohio Montgomery
176 DeeAnn Hoog Germantown, Oh Montgomery
175 Jillian Bauer dayton, OH
174 Michael Dorfman
173 Paige Totaro Alexandria , VA
172 Anthony Hoog Germantown, Ohio USA
171 Matthew Hale Detroit, MI US
170 Elaine Sorah Kettering, Ohio United States
169 nancy bracy mclean, va usa
168 Janet Schroeder Brockport, NY USA
167 robert whigham dayton, ohio usa
166 Mary Roderer Vandalia, OH USA
165 Rob PRETZINGER Kettering, OH USA
164 malcolm laurie dayton, ohio usa
163 Jack Somerville BeVERCREEK, OH USA
162 denny stitsinger middletown, ohio butler
161 d. cole riverside, Ohio United States
160 Jack Kern
159 Kate Williams Portland, Or USA
158 Mark Panick Chicago, IL USA
157 Robert Signom Dayton, Ohio USA
156 joseph remnant
155 gena buehrer Dayton, oh United States
154 Wesley Berg Dayton, Ohio USA
153 Lucy Baker Dayton, OH USA
152 Stuart Weinberg Franklin, TN USA
151 Michael Perkins Dayton, Ohio USA
150 Tommy DeFranco
149 Howard Gorrell Yakima, WA USA
148 Adam Torres
147 glenn johnson dayton, OH United States
146 Robin Sassenberg Dayton, Ohio United States
145 james kennedy dayton, oh USA
144 Jessica Adams Dayton, OH USA
143 Angela Adams
142 Carolus Schneider Kettering, OHIO USA
141 Donald Hardin Dayton, Ohio United States of America
140 Margaret Brun Beavercreek , Ohio united states
138 Amy Kasprzak Dayton, Ohio USA
137 A.J. Wagner Dayton, Ohio USA
136 Sam Rhoden Englewood, Ohio USA
135 Josh Toms Dayton, OH USA
134 Christine McConnell Centerville, Ohio United States
133 David Hodge
132 Thomas Woodall Dayton, Ohio United States
131 Judy Schneider Kettering, Ohio United States
130 Becky Ledingham Gray Kettering, Oh USA
129 Sherrie Miller Dayton, Ohio United States
128 Keith Rankin Columbus, OH USA
127 Judy Shoup Vandalia, Oh Montgomery
126 Eleni Prieto Kettering, Ohio USA
125 gretchen henrich dayton, Ohio United States
124 Chris Mengerink Dayton, Ohio United states
123 Nick Schetter Daytob, Ohio United states
122 Brian Bruchey Winter Haven, Florida United States
121 Mandy Richey Dayton, Ohio United States
120 Jennie Freiberger Dayton, OH USA
119 Lisa Shininger Dayton
118 Kati James Dayton, Ohio United States
117 Adrienne Crawford Dayton, Ohio USA
116 Patrick Lytle Oxford, OH USA
115 John Wiley Vandalia, Ohio
114 Mark Sorah Kettering, OH United States
113 Kristina Bringman Dayton, Ohio United States
112 Ann Hirt Dayton, Ohio USA
111 Adam Hake Springboro, Ohio United States
110 Kim Cameron
109 Jenni Minch Kettering, Ohio USA
108 Carri Walters Troy, OH USA
107 Zachary Reed West Carrollton, Ohio United States
106 Mollie Buckholtz Dayton, Ohio USA
105 Rosemary Dannin Dayton, OH
104 Andrew Fishpaw Dayton, Oh Usa
103 Ann Suleiman Dayton, Oh Usa
102 Deborah Williams Dayton, ohio usa
101 Gretchen Carter-Moore Dayton, Ohio USA
100 Tim Burneka Dayton, Ohio United States
99 Jeanne Palermo Dayton, Ohio USA
98 Nicholaus Arnold Dayton , Ohio USA
97 Kathleen Snyder Riverside, OH USA
96 Donna Clark Centerville, Ohio United States
95 Stephen Caudell Englewood, Ohio USA
94 Jil Loewit Xenia, Ohio U.S.A.
93 Marianne Stanley Dayton, OH USA
92 Greg Uhlenhake Dayton, Ohio USA
91 Julia Smith Kettering, OH United States
90 Sarah Szumnarski Dayton, Ohio USA
89 Tim Sievers Cincinnati , Ohio USA
88 Jeffrey Runyan Dayton, Ohio USA
87 Sarah Owens Chicago, Illinois
86 Brian Sharp Dayton, Ohio United States
85 Christine Mannix Columbus, OH United States
84 David Sparks Dayton, Ohio USA
83 Karissa Hodge Centerville , Ohio USA
82 Samantha Drake
81 Andrew Fiscus Dayton, OH United States
80 Amanda Rison Dayton, OH United States
79 Becky Gormley Dayton, OH USA
78 Annette Laughlin Centerville, OHIO USA
77 Susan Conrad Dayton, Ohio United States
76 Aaron Daniels Bellbrook, Ohio United States
75 Celia Rasmussen Dayton, Ohio United States
74 Rob Degenhart Dayton, OH USA
73 William Field Dayton, Ohio United States
72 Leo DeLuca Dayton, Ohio United States
71 Alex Longworth Kettering, OH United States
70 William O’Bryan Kettering, Ohio United states
69 Burris Dixon Dayton, Ohio USA
68 cherry fullam
67 Barry Hall dayton, Ohio USA
66 Tavis Barnett
65 Mischelle McIntosh Cedarville, OH USA
64 Gerry Manacsa Dayton, OH USA
63 Nathan Miller Iowa City, Iowa United States
62 Herb Schwendeman Dayton, Ohio United States
61 Patty Connolly Concord, NH USA
60 Lindsey Bolton Dayton, OH USA
59 Tyler Combs Dayton, Ohio USA
58 Carrie Gilliam Dayton, Ohio United States
57 Karissa Hodge Dayton, Ohio USA
56 Tracie Hall Englewood, Ohio United States
55 Kyle Winning Riverside, Ohio
54 Jessica Rudolf Dayton, Ohio United States
53 Carrie Bowling Dayton, Ohio USA
52 Joseph Winters Dayton, Ohio USA
51 Natasha Habib Kettering, Ohio United States
50 Emily Bullock Dayton, Oh United States
49 Erin Kearns Dayton, OH US
48 Sue Stevens Dayton, OH USA
47 Lena Miller Dayton, Ohio usa
46 Mary Fecteau Cleveland, OH USA
45 Jason Panella Beaver Falls, PA USA
44 Cory Rudolf Kettering, OH
43 Ian Kaplan Dayton, OH USA
42 Cory Williams Dayton, OH
41 Justin Kees Kettering, Ohio United States
40 Jeffrey Rudolf Dayton, OH USA
39 Josh McCullough Dayton, OHIO USA
38 Tom Gilliam Dayton, Ohio United States
37 Andrew Thompson Dayton, Ohio United States
36 Evan Leis Dayton, Ohio United States of America
35 David Bricker Dayton, Ohio USA
34 Shelly Hulce Dayton, Ohio United States
33 Jonathan Pyles Dayton, OH
32 Theresa Thinnes Yellow Springs, Ohio USA
31 Jennifer Hanauer Lumpkin Dayton, Ohio USA
30 Monica Deal Dayton, OH USA
29 William Kennedy Dayton, Ohio United States
28 Omar Peters Dayton, Ohio United States
27 Sarah McLain
26 Mark Saylor Dayton, Ohio USA
25 tom Maher Dayton, oh USA
24 Kyle Melton Dayton, OH USA
23 Andrea Manchester Indianapolis, Indiana USA
22 John Weis Dayton, OH United States
21 Michael Boyd Dayton, Ohio USA
20 Karina Descartin Dayton, OH USA
19 Andrew Stacy Dayton, OH 45419
18 Cory Aldrich Dayton, OH United States
17 Alex Smith Dayton, OH Montgomery
16 Kathleen Lauri Kettering, Ohio Montgomery
15 Gary Leitzell Dayton, Ohio USA
14 Madonna Hodge Centerville, Ohio USA
13 daryl ward dayton, ohio usa
12 Sharon Collins Dayton, Ohio USA
11 Jon Falkner Dayton, Ohio United States
10 John Stansberry Dayton, Ohio United States
9 laura falkner hh, oh usa
8 gary jordan dayton, Ohio United States
7 Aimee Plesa Springboro, OH USA
6 sue elam dayton, ohio USA
5 David Hulme Dayton, Ohio USA
4 Jim Bucher Dayton, Ohio USA
3 Pete Holland Middletown, OH USA
2 Karla Hollencamp Dayton , OH USA
1 Paul Noah Dayton, OH USA

Paul Noah
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