Ask Rocco: 6/23

Sex, diets and videotapes

By Rocco Castellano

And here it comes: the reason everyone hits the gym, or buys some late-night infomercial workout program or buys into some new diet fad.


If you don’t look good you’re not getting laid—or not getting laid well. Sex, and good sex takes stamina. The ability to keep pulling an all-nighter in the bedroom, take a shower and put in eight to ten hours at work takes stamina. Without it you’re just another 60-second man. I don’t kiss and tell, but being physically fit is great for the bedroom.

Women, I’m not leaving you out. No guy really likes to roll around the bedroom like two pigs in slop. Being fit makes sex sexier, more exciting, more fun and expends more calories when you can do more.

I hate to sound like a public service announcement, especially when it comes to a sex issue, but men, every girl or woman wants a guy that can go and go and go like the energizer bunny, and then go some more just for the f–k of it. Yep, I said it. You’re damn right I did. My column, my rules, and when I can throw a pun into the mix and drop an f-bomb, I’m golden.

Back to being like the energizer bunny. Most people think running will give you stamina in the bedroom; I don’t. As a matter of fact I hate running. I enjoy cycling but cycling really doesn’t help in the bedroom either. What I’ve found is good old-fashioned high intensity training does a body good in the bedroom.

When you think about it, most sex comes in very intense, but short bouts, multiple times.

And men, you better go until the woman climaxes; you’re not done just because you’re, um, done. Come on guys you don’t get off that easy… there I go again, puns, puns and more f—ing puns.

I’m so glad my editor made me write this.

Oh that’s right, sex, fitness. I’m back. High intensity training is all about going hard for one to two sets and bringing your muscles to fatigue, resting then doing it all over again. What better way to train for the bedroom than that?

For the guys, you really need to stay strong and have endurance in your arms, shoulders and chest, especially if you want to perform at your highest level. Think about picking them up, whisking them away… well, you know the drill. You also need to have your hips, thighs and midsection pretty strong. It’s just not sexy anymore when you pull your back out or twist a knee. Yea, it puts a little dent in the love making when the emergency room is involved. Then you have to explain what happened to the nurses, doctors and all the other hospital people. Being out of shape can be embarrassing.

And nothing is worse than if you sprain your ankle — not that it ever happened to me, but I have dumb out of shape friends who have revealed that little tidbit. Something I still wish I could’ve unheard.

Some of my favorite exercises to do at home for the upper body: pushups until you can’t do any more, pulls ups until you can’t do any more and then get up on a chair and lower yourself. My all-time favorites are burpees, jumping jacks and mountain climbers. Then run up 17 steps or more flights of stairs until you feel like you’re about to vomit your lungs. Then do it all again.

Now women, I’m not a woman and will never want to be one. I just know what I like and what I hear other men like.

Ladies, it’s a good idea to keep your arms, hips and midsection strong. Strong arms will save you. Then you can tell awesome sex stories to all your friends at lunch, dinner or over drinks. We know you do. Now they’ll sound like a night at Cirque du Soleil without the little acrobats.

Sex is supposed to be fun and exciting… and it is more fun and exciting when you’re physically fit. If you’re not fit, get fit… you’ll get laid more often and when you do, it will be better. I promise.


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Rocco Castellano is the author of “askROCCO Uncensored v1,” a speaker and a controversial fitness personality who has won an Emmy for his fitness training role in MTV’s Made. For more information, please visit

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Rocco Castellano
Rocco Castellano is the author of “askROCCO Uncensored v1,” a speaker and a controversial fitness personality who has won an Emmy for his fitness training role in MTV’s Made. For more information, please visit

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