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Conspiracy Theorist 8/14: Hot, humid, and dishonest

The global warming frauds finally got what they wanted: a hot spell over most of the northern hemisphere. To listen to them, you would think this has never happened in history, but of course it has. The Earth was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period and when Jesus Christ walked the Earth. It was warmer […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/7: Done with Musk

Elon Musk has surpassed P.T. Barnum as the world’s most famous barker. Part showman, part clown, and all snake oil salesman, there is nothing he won’t exploit to make himself richer. He is the poster boy for how to become a billionaire while his companies lose billions, much of it paid for by taxpayers.

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Conspiracy 7/31: Peace won’t be tolerated

I thought Democrats were the party of peace and Republicans were warmongers. That’s what the media has been telling us all my life. Forget about Democrat Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama starting wars. Forget that stuff about Republican Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford ending wars.

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Conspiracy Theorist 7/24: Portraying lies as facts

A recent ABC News story about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation regurgitated one of today’s prevailing narratives. “Mueller’s team appears increasingly focused on whether any associates of Trump knew that the Russian government had hacked emails from the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and provided them to […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 7/17: Hooray for Domino’s

Year after year, the same roads are torn up and road crews patch them. But they never really repair them. They put temporary patches on the roads because road repair is about creating socialist jobs and buying votes, not really repairing roads. This is the modern version of paying people to dig ditches then fill […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 7/10: Fascism, American-style

When we think of fascism, we think of military parades and Hitler and Mussolini appointing directors of corporations to make them agents of the government. While Americans have our own version of military parades—every parade in America worships the military—we don’t roll missiles down Main Street. At least we haven’t so far. President Trump plans […]

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Conspiracy 7/3: Fake news and phony outrage

Everybody can rest easy. Stormy Daniels is heading to the Mexican border to solve the illegal immigrant children problem. You know, the problem created by President Bush the Younger and his Democrat Congress. The same problem that went quietly unnoticed during eight years of the Obama administration. Somehow Rachel Maddow refrained from shedding a single […]

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Conspiracy 6/26: Homeless and Hopeless

We live in absurd times. Governments claim to fight things and people believe them even though the things grow ever worse. The wars on terror, drugs, and poverty come instantly to mind. We see with our own eyes government isn’t fighting those things. It creates them and makes them worse, but we still allow rulers […]

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Conspiracy 6/19: Reality Check

I follow the Dayton Daily News, so I thought everything was wonderful around the area. People are moving into subsidized housing in downtown Dayton in droves. Kettering, Huber Heights, and the rest of the suburbs are growing. The economy is booming. Jobs grow on trees. Mana falls from heaven. The Miami Valley is the place […]

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Predator High

Government schools are dangerous and deadly places. For twenty years we’ve been reading about school shootings yet schools have done little or nothing to stop them. Even Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has called on schools to take action with no success. Our perverse media promotes the shooters, churning out hundreds of stories about them, […]

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Going Nuclear

Pat Buchanan wrote, “Iran is making no demands on the United States. Its patrol boats have ceased harassing our warships in the Persian Gulf. Its forces in Iraq and Syria do not interfere with our operations against ISIS. And, according to U.N. inspectors, Iran is abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal.” Nobody was […]

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Conspiracy 5/29: LGBTQ in the military

I’m confused about the conflict over allowing transgender people in the military. LGBTQ—the letters seem to change every year, and that confuses me too—activists are pushing to become legalized killers and President Trump wants to prevent that. But it seems to me both sides are acting against their interests. Trump recently banned most transgender people […]

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Conspiracy 5/22: Save the rhinos

The last male northern white rhinoceros, named Sudan, recently died. His daughter and granddaughter are the last of his species. Hundreds of thousands of the animals roamed African plains 100 years ago, but they were exterminated for their valuable horn. But this story makes no sense without context. Cows, pigs, and chickens aren’t wiped out […]

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Conspiracy 5/15: Modern Useful Idiots

Sometimes I wonder if people know what capitalism is. Wikipedia states, “Capitalism is an economic system based upon private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system, and competitive markets.”

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Conspiracy 5/8: Ford surrenders

Arch-thieves kill a giant business By Mark Luedtke Even steel can only bend so far before it breaks. The same with businesses and the economy. For decades, free market supporters have warned that government interventions in the market—taxes, regulations, money-printing, and strong-arm tactics—burden, pervert, and ultimately break companies and markets. Progressively onerous interventions inevitably destroy […]

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Conspiracy 05/01: Not too Bright

Call for revolution alongside plan to dim the sun By Mark Luedtke There’s a not-so-old saying that if you scratch a green, you’ll find a red inside. The saying arose after discredited communist activists scurried into the environmental movement and painted it red following the fall of the Soviet Union. These well-named watermelons promote the […]

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