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Naughty rapper Blowfly brings his “nastiness” to Dayton

By Wu W.A.N.G.

Sure, many of us might desire to transform into another person or test drive another personality, but to do it in public, in front of an audience? Well … maybe not. For thirty odd years less than a century, Clarence Reid obviously has seen it all musically. The former R&B songwriter and Georgia native, with the 25-strong album title list, turned transformation desires into a shocking, R-rated, stage persona being as nasty as he wants to be as his alter-ego known as BLOWFLY.

You’ve had a really interesting career in music, what is it about music that keeps you motivated to continue touring?

Music is all I’ve ever done. It’s in my blood like platelets are in yours. So when my heart stops beating, I’ll stop writing, singing, rapping and being nasty! -Blowfly

Name two artists in the music industry that you would love to finally collaborate with?

I just did two songs with Snoop Dogg. One of ‘em is nasty as all hell! We’ve been talking for years about doing something with Too $hort. I’m ready for that shit. Also, Techn9ne keeps going on Nardwuar’s TV show in Canada and saying he wants to do a track with us, but when Uncle Tom, my manager, contacted his people, they went silent after three emails. Must be all that Kansas City BBQ. -Blowfly

If you had to choose your successor, who would take the title of “dirtiest rapper” and run with it?

We are about to tour with Kool Keith. As far as rapping goes, he is the only one who is even close to being as good at being nasty as I am. 2 Live Crew only made a couple of good records. Keith has made dozens of records, like yours truly. So if he outlives me, he can carry the belt and make me proud. -Blowfly

Talk about your recent documentary a little and did you feel it gave a proper representation of you and your career?

I love the movie and our director Jonathan Furmanski, but making it was a pain in my ass! A lot of the movie is about my life and Tom’s life in 2008. He and I have been together for nine good years, and some assholes at the LA Times and other places seem to think that because we had one argument on screen, four years ago, that we don’t get along. That kinda shit gets blown out of proportion on the screen. Also, a lot of people who have seen it seem to think 2008 was when I started touring again, instead of 2005. We put out two records and toured the world before 2008! One motherfucking critic even thought I didn’t know my own age! After the reviews all came in, Tom – who writes for all kinds of papers including the Miami Herald – told me that most movie critics are the garbage men of the media. They can’t really do anything, other than talk shit about stuff they don’t understand, but they are unafraid to have shit on their breath in public so they stay employed. There’s a part in the movie where subtitles say I had a “brief solo singing career” before Blowfly. Ten years and one Top 10 record (“Nobody But You Babe,” #7 R&B, 1969) ain’t very “brief.”


Who would play you in a movie?

It would have to be somebody handsome, like Wesley Snipes, after he gets out of jail.      -Blowfly

How are the younger crowds responding to your stage show?

The kids love it, and I love their energy. We have seen some crazy shit in the audience while we play. Ain’t no party like a Blowfly party! I may be old, but the people who come to see me ain’t and they can be almost as fun as I am! -Blowfly

How do you pick the backup dancers for your shows?

Do they have a nice booty? Are they nice? Will they dance for free? If so, they can be a HOFLY! -Blowfly

Are you a fan of the “digital age of music?”

Fuck all of that. Pretending that downloading music without paying for it isn’t stealing, is some of the biggest bullshit in history. -Blowfly

Can you name your two favorite albums that you have produced?

We did mostly singles back in the day. Albums were mostly for collections of singles. So my favorites are the two biggest hits I wrote: “Clean Up Woman” by Betty Wright and “Rocking Chair” by Gwen McCrae. Both of those have been sampled so many times, the guys who stole my royalties can buy a boat. I also love “The Rub” that I wrote for George & Gwen McCrae. Method Man and Redman turned that into “Cereal Killer.”       -Blowfly

Who are your favorite artists right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of the stuff I cut on people back in the day, like “Hey There Jim” by Jimmy Bo Horne and “Controlled by Your Love” by Helene Smith. With all this crate-digging shit the kids do these days, it’s almost like those records are new again. I had my band do “Controlled By Your Love” last Friday with my girl Cina singing and it was like taking a time machine back to 1967! -Blowfly

What’s next for Blowfly as far putting out more music?

We are finishing up Black in the Sack for Patac Records outta Cape Cod. It will come out in November.  It has all kinds of crazy shit on it, like me doing worse things to Micheal Jackson’s songs than what he did to Bubbles The Chimp! -Blowfly

Who is producing your current albums?

A Noise Rock freak named Rat Bastard. -Blowfly

What are your “words of wisdom” for the youth of today?

Dig boogers, not drugs! And when you are ready to get laid, listen to my records! They will tell you what to do! -Blowfly

Blowfly will perform on Saturday, September 15 at One Eyed Jacks, 2638 Colonel Glenn Hwy. in Fairborn. Also scheduled to perform are Jasper The Colossal, Nightbeast, and DJ Philly Phil. Presale Tickets will be on sale for $8 during meet and greet with Blowfly, Sept. 15 at Omega Records, between 3-5 p.m.

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