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Old friends celebrate beer and brotherhood at Canal

By Tim Anderl

Photo: Authors & Audio’s Jack Cox; photo: Orest Dorosh

No successful gathering is ever quite complete without a rich combination of festive music, friends and libations. The forthcoming Belmont Party Supply 30th Anniversary Party, which takes place at Canal Public House on Dec. 27, promises all three in spades – and is likely to conjure the kind of racket that will keep ears ringing well past the new year.

“If nothing else, this is a good excuse to gather beer geeks together to drink some good, local beer,” said Gus Stathes, who works at Belmont Party Supply and whose band, The Sailing, will also perform.

According to Stathes, Dayton-based Warped Wing Brewing Company will take over the taps at Canal Public House during the party, and the brewery represents just one of the outstanding local brewmasters concocting delightful spirits.

“So much good beer is readily available now locally,” Stathes said. “It’s hard not to lean towards Toxic [Brew Company], Yellow Springs [Brewery], Fifth Street [Brew Put] and Warped Wing [Brewing Company]’s output. Those guys are killing it and just getting bigger and better.

“For me, IPA is always in season, but I like big, fat imperial stouts and scotch ales when it’s bitterly cold outside,” he added.

While the local beers promise to warm the cheeks and tickle the tongues, performances from local musicians will be on hand to delight the ears. Performing at the party are Dayton’s The Sailing and Authors & Audio, who will both be releasing albums for the occasion, as well as Columbus’ Giant Claw.

“We started recording Anniversary of Spears in my basement in 2008, but progress came to a halt with about 90 percent of the album recorded,” Stathes, who is The Sailing’s drummer, said. “With three quarters of the band back in Dayton now, we just decided to reopen the files and finally finish recording the album.”

According to Stathes, the album is predominantly inspired by Naoshi Mizuta’s compositions for the score to the video game “Final Fantasy XI.”

“Yakuza Heart Attack was also a major influence,” he confessed. “We always felt like we had something to prove to them (laughter). We were also just beginning to get into metal and Amon Amarth had a big impact on our heaviness. And then, of course, our usual British rock and chiptune influences for melody. Anniversary Of Spears is an extremely dense, heavy album.”

Authors & Audio also recently completed a release, the double album The Man With the Octopus Arms!, which they’ll premiere at the event.

“This record is, by far, our most comprehensive and diverse work,” explained Jackson Cox. “The record opens with a psychedelic instrumental track that leads into a funky, late-Zeppelin style song. From there, it gets into a few folk rock songs and eventually makes its way to the final act, a four-song conclusion that, in my opinion, really kicks ass.”

According to Cox, the effort was recorded with former Daytonian Patrick Himes in Nashville, Tennessee over the course of 10 days.

“We started working around 10 a.m. each morning and went until around midnight or 1 a.m. – until we were too tired, too drunk or just too burnt out,” Cox said. “There’s no lack of intensity on the record, and I think it’s partly because the recording process really pushed all of us physically and emotionally.

“More than anything, we just love writing and performing together,” Cox said. “We’re more than bandmates, we’re old friends. After all this time, we’ve got a lot of chemistry.  This album was a big part of what has kept us together over the years.  It’s been almost two and [a] half years in the making now.”

The release of The Man With The Octopus Arms! kicks off what the band is hoping will be a fruitful year. They plan on returning to Austin, Texas, in March for South by Southwest and are shopping for management.

“We’ve spent the last year laying the groundwork for a 2015 tour. Toronto showed us a very righteous time this year, and I’d really like to make a stop there in 2015, as well. I think 2015 is going to be a big year.”

Also on the schedule is Giant Claw, whose last record featured samples of rhythm and blues vocals chopped using computer trickery and combined with beats and Midi orchestra arrangements. According to Giant Claw mastermind Keith Rankin, he’s spent most of 2014 focused on releasing the record and a handful of small tours but has even larger aspirations for the coming year.

“In 2015 I’ll just keep going hard,” he said, “try to get better, learn how to relax, meditate, make and sell more records, quit my day job, spend hours in Photoshop, Facebook and Gmail every day, listen to more amazing modernist music on Soundcloud, watch anime, see too many movies, eat mind-blowing food, become a better listener, try to accept the mirage of success, focus on things and people that make me feel good and try not stress about everything making me feel bad.”

The Sailing, Authors & Audio and Giant Claw will perform on Saturday, Dec. 27 at Canal Public House, 308 E. First St., in Dayton. Admission is $5 for patrons 18 and older. The show is open to everyone. For more information about the show, please visit To learn more about Authors & Audio, please visit For more information on Giant Claw, please visit the band’s Facebook page.

Tim Anderl is the web editor and a contributing writer at Ghettoblaster Magazine and maintains his own music blog at Reach DCP freelance writer Tim Anderl at

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