Carnival or carnage?

C arnival of Death Tour stops at Oddbody’s

By Allyson Crawford

Photo: Internal Bleeding will perform as part of The Carnival of Death Tour on October 6


We’re quite satisfied with what we’ve seen our crowds do!” Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer excitedly told Dayton City Paper.

“We love to see interaction while we are performing: sick pits, stage diving, loud screaming and chanting. Dayton won’t let us down!”

Death metal fans, rise up! Just in time for fall, the Carnival of Death Tour is rolling through Dayton. The tour features a bill of death metal mainstays from across the country, and then some, including a double-headline bill of Kataklysm (of Monteral, Canada) and Long Island, NY’s Suffocation, plus Jungle Rot (Wisconsin), Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding (both from New York).

Internal Bleeding and Suffocation are often cited as two of the earliest precursors of the slam death metal style.

Read: this is not a bill for the faint of heart!

The riffs will be heavy, the shows will be hot.

The package rolls into Oddbody’s Music Room on Monday, Oct. 6.

If you’re into death metal even just a little, then you probably recognize every name on the bill.

All the bands have been together for a long time – decades in some cases. And all those years as a band equal a ton of experience, both in the studio and on the stage. The guys in Suffocation are ready to bring that experience – and energy – to Ohio, especially Dayton. That’s because the Gem City is a special place for metal bands to perform.

The local scene is pretty strong and the fans that come out to shows are loyal.

“Ohio has always had an awesome scene, ever since the ’90s,” Boyer said with excitement. “With a bunch of bands coming out of Ohio and the Ohio Death Fest, Ohio has become a great stop for tours and traveling fests.”

Dayton isn’t the only Buckeye State stop for the package. The tour will roll up to The Agora Theatre and Ballroom in Cleveland on Thursday, Oct. 9.

Putting together a package like Carnival of Death takes a lot of planning. Coordinating schedules and gathering venues is hard work. But Boyer thinks it will be worth it for the fans, since many of the hardcore loyalists have been asking for a package like this for quite some time.

But what if the band isn’t playing in awesome Ohio venues? After all, death metal is a worldwide commodity, but definitely more popular in certain countries around the globe.

For Boyer, some of the best crowds are found in Latin America.

“The Latin American fans are simply ravenous for death metal!” he exclaimed. “Perhaps it’s their way of life and that they can relate to the aggressive style. It’s interesting from place to place how differently the people react to extreme music.”

Suffocation released Pinnacle of Bedlam last year. It’s the seventh blistering studio album by Suffocation, and the one they’ll be promoting during Carnival of Death.

The guys in the band pretty much follow a formula when it comes to music: write, record, release brutal album, tour, repeat. In fact, Boyer said the band likes to either be on a “touring cycle” or an “album cycle.”

That’s because writing on the road isn’t easy, especially when you’re part of a package tour.

Days can either be long and boring or straight up chaotic, leaving little time for the creative process.

Still, Boyer said band members will get a chance to work out a tune here and there while touring.

Who knows?

Dayton might even be the perfect muse for the band’s next great groove or slam.

“Times have changed and it has become easier to capture your demo material with the use of home recording systems,” Boyer admitted.

“[But] writing on the road is really tough due to all the distractions. Every once in a while you’ll find a quiet backstage room and while warming-up you can compose a few things, but it’s not standard practice for Suffocation to write on the road. We’ve set out a few times with the intention and brought recording devices with us, but it’s truly difficult to make time for it while traveling every day. Even when you make time and create a perfect space, your mindset still needs to be in the right place to be creative.”

You can get creative with The Carnival of Death Tour, Monday, Oct. 6 at Oddbody’s Music Room, located at 5418 Burkhardt Rd. Tickets are $20 advance and $25 day of show. This 18 and over show begins at 5:30 p.m. For tickets, please visit There is a limit of 10 tickets per online order. For more information about the Carnival of Death Tour, please visit

Allyson B. Crawford lives in Springboro and writes about ’80s metal bands on her daily blog You can usually find her at all sorts of metal shows around Ohio and across the country. Allyson can be reached at


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Allyson B. Crawford lives in Kettering and writes about ’80s metal bands on her daily blog You can usually find her at all sorts of metal shows around Ohio and across the country. Allyson can be reached at

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