Chicago’s Voice of Addiction to join local punk favorites

Politically-minded punks punk our minds

By W.C. Ruffnel

From the Voice of Addiction Facebook: “To my family and friends. There was no permanent damage. I got 6 stitches inside and 25 outside and suffered extreme blood loss. I will not be able to walk for a long and/or drive for a long time. To my fans I am STILL playing the Round Lake IL fest this saturday! I will have to sit on a stool but I do not want to let you down.”

This from Ian Tomele, the lead singer of Voice of Addiction, a punk band known for their political activism as well as their catchy and well-crafted punk tunes. Even after a serious accident, they’re coming Friday, Sept. 7 at South Park Tavern with local punks Sub-X and Adventure. Balls of steel? I think so. Let’s find out what they think about hot dogs.

What’s the scene like in Chicago?

Chicago is a very eclectic city with a rich nightlife, budding craft brewery scene, world-wide respected food and historical architecture. There may be no other city as well known for music; the home of the blues and jazz and most recently punk rock. What has enabled this broad melting pot of the arts is the cultural diversity of our city. I have lived here over ten years and watched the amount of punk-friendly venues grow exponentially in that time, as well as the amount of punk-oriented bands. It is an amazing city to live in during the resurgence of the scene I grew up on. –Ian Tomele

How many hot dogs do you eat in Chicago?

I grew up hating hot dogs. We were not the most well off and in a big family, so all I knew was the butcher-floor swept lips and assholes. A true all beef frank perfectly seasoned and topped with mustard, chopped white onions, neon green relish, dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, sport peppers and finished with celery salt on a sesame bun. If you dare to ask for ketchup you are a conservative. Trust me there is no comparison to the Chi-dog, it is a culinary classic! -IT

Are there any bands compromised by hot dogs in Chicago?

The Chicago dog is a staple for most of the city. Not just reserved for sporting events, you can see them on nearly every street corner. I believe the question isn’t how they are compromised, but how they would exist without. -IT

How would you describe your sound? Politically-charged and socially-conscious Chicago rock-punkers. -IT

What’s the most influential hot dog you’ve ever played with? The Norm Crosby! It is a Thuringer from the world famous Hot Doug’s (Don’t forget the Duck fat fries!) It represents the pork, beef and garlic families. -IT

Does Subway turn you on?

Depends on how much I have drunk. Subway could be both appetizing or a crippling porcelain flu. For instance talk about their bread, it is full of preservatives. It comes frozen in boxes and is placed on a rack just to rise. Subway is to food what the Kardashians are to crack whores. Their oven-roasted chicken breast, it is spongy, a byproduct of mechanically separated and glued meats … much like a botched Silicon Valley breast job. -IT

What’s the most recent release you’re touring on?

Reduce Reuse Resist is the fifth release by V.o.A. and we have been consistently touring the country in support of it. -IT

Who wins in a fight – a hot dog, or your favorite band? I think we should have an inter-genus showdown. Two may enter, one shall leave. Much like in the 80s with the American Gladiators gauntlet. Beef products versus rock pioneers. It would be a delicious sloppy mess! -IT

Who and what does everyone do in the band? I am Ian and/or Johnny-X and I do vocals and bass guitar, Kyle does backing vocals and guitars, Andy Bobby Petty does drums and backing vocals. -IT

Why do you love Newt Gingrich so much?

“I have never really enjoyed culture, or diversity for that matter. The image of God was created in the image of hypocritical and agenda-dominated elites. This is the way it should be. We are an Anglo-Saxon country and our borders should be respected. Christ be gotten! We can wash our own dishes. I believe as much as the next major property owner that there is a war on my American Ideals that I shall not waver from.” There is an innate impulse in human beings to describe the unknown … and the shock value of Newt does not represent this country – only the few who have so much to lose because they have never lost.  -IT

Why do you love Mitt Romney so much?

I should pull a “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” and ask why wouldn’t I love Romney so much? His policies are all he thinks about. They are decisive and to the point. His ideals are well-scripted and his values well-represented. God is his co-pilot and dressage his mistress. His open press initiative has led to such revelations has “his groceries are groceries” and “that he likes policy.” A true transparent multi-millionaire that cares as much about his employees as the dog on his roof. –IT

Voice of Addiction will perform on Friday, Sept. 7 at South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave. Also on the bill are Sub X and Adventure. Doors at 9 p.m. Admission is $5 for all ages. For more information visit

Reach DCP freelance writer W.C. Ruffnel at

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