Commentary Forum: Mark Luedtke, 9/13/11

Denying social media to predators

by Mark Luedtke

Mark Luedtke

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the number one target destination of perverts in the U.S. Being a TSA agent is the only job that empowers perverts to molest adults and children or take naked pictures of them with impunity. TSA horror stories are legendary, and it seems we hear of another TSA agent being arrested for being a pervert every week. Recently a TSA agent in Spring Creek, Nevada was charged with six counts of lewdness with a child. But even though TSA hasn’t stopped one terrorist in 10 years, Americans still subject themselves to these perverts every day.
The number two target destination for perverts in America is our public schools, for obvious reasons. Our public schools coerce students under threat of violence into an unnatural system that gives teachers tremendous power over students, turning them into easy victims for predators.

In a natural learning environment, children spend their time with other children of all ages and with adults. For hundreds of thousands of years, the children of our ancestors learned from older children, and they passed that knowledge on to younger children in an unstructured environment. They learned from many adults, with no single adult being elevated as the focus. This environment socialized and educated the children into being responsible, powerful adults.

Public schools intentionally destroy this socialization and education process. Our schools are modeled on Prussian schools that were designed to break the socialization process and teach children subjugation to authority so they would become good soldiers for their ruling class masters as adults. The Prussians didn’t want the students to become educated or socialized because that would enable them to think for themselves. By separating older and younger siblings, the schools also undermined the family and substituted the authority of the state for the natural cohesion of the family unit.

The same is true in the U.S. We often talk about our failing schools, but our schools only fail if you believe their function is to educate and socialize. It’s not. Their function is to brainwash children into good drones and soldiers who never question authority, and our schools are brutally effective at achieving that goal.

The regimented, authoritarian structure of our schools produces predators and victims, as the epidemic of bullying and criminal activity at schools proves, and sexual predators are drawn to this target-rich environment. Teachers are elevated to positions of unnatural power and students are stripped of their natural, social defenses of family, other adults and older friends. The headlines constantly inform us of the consequences as teacher after teacher gets caught sexually abusing students. For every one who gets caught and is paraded in the spotlight to create the illusion that government protects children when it actually encourages preying upon them, think of all the ones who don’t get caught.

Then along came the ultimate hook-up tools: Facebook and Twitter. These tools make it easy for revolutionaries and rioters to hook up, but so far in the U.S., they’re more often used for sexual hookups. When it comes to the already perverted teacher-student relationship, these tools make it easier for predatory teachers to prey on their students. According to the Houston Chronicle, “80 Missouri teachers lost their licenses between 2001 and 2005 because of sexual misconduct. Some of those cases involved exchanging explicit online messages with students.”

You didn’t read about all of those events in the headlines, did you? That’s in little Missouri. Think about how many teachers are predators in bigger cities and bigger states. God forbid the press tell you something important like the fact that public schools are home to a bunch of sexual predators. Not every public school teacher is a predator, but an abnormally high number are.

So I applaud the move by the Dayton Public Schools prohibiting teachers from contacting students through social media. Normally I’m against all bans, but when government coercion creates an environment this dangerous to children, I welcome policies that minimize the damage done by government’s perverted agents.

But I laugh at the spin put on this policy by the head of the Dayton teacher’s union and the press. The Associated Press reported, “‘I see it as a form of protection for teachers,’ said David Romick, president of the Dayton Education Association. ‘We have cautioned members for years to be careful about the use of social media and about keeping their professional and private lives separate.’” Protection for teachers. That’s funny.

Clearly the best policy would be to abolish government schools. Parents and teachers could work together in voluntary associations to create a natural learning environment for children that would enhance children’s natural defenses against predators and would discourage predation. The result would be healthier, well-educated children who think for themselves and who do not reflexively kowtow to authority. But who would join the military to fight for nearly no money and die in some war of aggression overseas against people who never did anything? Somebody might actually stand up to a TSA agent instead of bending over and saying thank you. Government won’t stand for that. But at least we can deny the predators access to social media.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

Reach DCP freelance writer Mark Luedtke at


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