Google’s Creepy Censorship

By Mark Luedtke

In order for a republic to work, the people must be educated and informed. The free exchange of ideas, even unpopular ones, is also required. Rulers, because they lie, cheat, steal, and kill for a living, can’t survive those things. That’s why they use government’s power of coercion to take over schools and media to miseducate, misinform, and censor the people.

No educated, informed, decent person would voluntarily submit to our
abusive system of rule.

It’s always been that way. When Treasury Secretary Hamilton convinced President Washington and Congress to pay off bonds at face value, he sent riders to race ahead of the news to his rich cronies so they could buy bonds at discounts from uninformed commoners who expected the government to short-change them. President Lincoln locked editors and publishers who disagreed with his war against the south in prison without trial. President Roosevelt seized control of radio and TV by creating the Federal Communications Commission.

For a short while the internet changed all that. It provided an outlet for any voice of dissent with an internet connection. That power animated a wave of populist revolts against rulers including Brexit, President Trump’s election, and the election of French President Macron.

While none of those victories have worked out the way voters hoped, rulers have taken steps to ensure they will never happen again by coercing internet giants into becoming modern censors. This article focuses on Google, but it applies to Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, and smaller social media networks as well.

Rulers coerce corporations into becoming their agents beginning with threats to regulate them. Senator McCain has joined Democrats in publicly demanding internet giants prevent political advertising by foreign organizations. That’s just for show because it polls well. Behind the scenes rulers threaten worse including breaking up or nationalizing the companies.

Then they drag CEOs into hearings to manipulate, or feed, their propagandists. CNBC recently reported on such hearings. “Facebook, Google, and Twitter told Congress Wednesday that they’ve gone beyond screening and removing extremist content and are creating more anti-terror propaganda to pre-empt violent messages at the source,” it reported.

This is also for show. Internet censorship isn’t about terrorists or Russian election trolls. It’s about censoring Americans with alternative viewpoints.

Coercion also forces companies to increase lobbying which directly enriches politicians and bureaucrats.

One of the things Google did to satisfy rulers was implement a fact-checker, but it didn’t really check facts. The Daily Caller reports, “Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results. No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.”

After being exposed, Google eliminated the feature. Google has also been exposed for using radical non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including the Southern Poverty Law Center to censor Google-owned YouTube videos. It also hired 10,000
YouTube censors.

Alex Jones is one of the most powerful alternative voices resisting rulers so his organization is in Google’s crosshairs. Like other alternative channels, YouTube recently terminated the channel of Jones’s InfoWars bureau chief and threatened to terminate InfoWars itself.

It also manipulates search results, even for me. When you Googled my name several years ago, half the entries on the first page were articles from this column. When you Google my name today, no articles of mine appear on the front page.

Google’s integration into government has enabled it to get away with evil. For example, YouTube’s moderators “mistakenly” deleted right-wing channels. Google helped fan the Zika paranoia until the CDC received funding, and then the issue disappeared.

Google has been accused of stealing trade secrets. It tracks the location of android users even when the location service is turned off. It put 6.5 million home spy speakers in homes in 80 days. It records all conversations. Its retains your data even though it doesn’t improve search results.

Net neutrality is corporate welfare for Google, but its support for net neutrality is hypocritical. It recently removed YouTube from Fire and Echo products because of a feud with Amazon.

As a nominally private-sector business, Google can censor all it wants, but its pretense of honesty, fairness, and not doing evil is baloney. It’s become a tool of rulers.

Predictably, rulers have turned the utopian promise of the free and open internet upside-down. Because of the power of Google and other internet giants, the internet is now rulers’ most powerful tool for misinforming and misleading the people with
fake news.

We need a decentralized internet.

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