Fake news, false flags,
Russian government. Whodunnit?

The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. When mainstream propagandists aren’t attacking Trump, they’re attacking Russia. You would think Russia had a GDP of nearly $20 trillion and a defense budget of nearly $1 trillion annually, but that’s the US, not Russia. Russia’s GDP is less than $1.4 trillion, and its military budget is about
$70 billion.

Russia is no threat to us. US aggression and the drumbeat for war is orchestrated with fake news.

The latest example comes from the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England. Skripal, who lives in Salisbury, England, and his daughter who was visiting from Russia were recently poisoned with nerve gas. British Prime Minister Theresa May blamed Russia almost instantly. The UK Independent reports, “Investigations by military experts at the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down identified the substance used as from a group of nerve agents known as ‘Novichoks’, roughly translating as ‘newcomer’ in Russian.”

Porton Down is a chemical weapons lab in Britain. May based her accusation on their analysis. Case closed.

But Antiwar.com explains this is fake news. “I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so,” reported former British Ambassador Craig Murray. “Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation ‘of a type developed by Russia’ after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation.”

Western rulers care not for the truth. Fox News reports, “The leaders of the United States, Germany and France have joined together with the United Kingdom in accusing Russia of being behind the nerve agent attack on an ex-Russian spy.”

The speed with which May and others accused Russia without the backing of their own experts suggests rulers had orchestrated their response before the attack. One must ask who benefits. It’s not Russian President Putin, who is being blamed. This looks like a false flag terrorist attack, hastily executed.

Fortunately, while the accomplice press won’t investigate the attacks, there are still real journalists who will. Geopolitical analyst James O’Neill uncovers, “In the early 1990s Skripal was recruited by an MI6 agent Pablo Miller, whom the British media declined to name … Miller’s main task was recruiting Russians to provide information about their country to the British. An interesting fact, possibly coincidental, was that the MI6 officer under diplomatic cover in Moscow at this time was Christopher Steele. Steele was later to become better known as the principal author of the infamous Trump dossier.”

Steele lived close to Skripal too. It’s hard to believe multiple coincidences. With the FBI wilting under the light shined on its corruption regarding Trump and the lascivious dossier, O’Neill makes the case Skripal was killed to cover up his role in producing it before investigators discovered him. The Russians had imprisoned him until 2010. They could have killed him then if they wanted to.

If O’Neill is correct, this is a case of killing two birds with one stone. The killers get rid of a witness to the creation of the fake dossier, and they promote Russia as the enemy. Western rulers benefit twice.

At the same time this happened, President Trump also accused Russia of hacking the US power grid in 2016. I guess it takes two years to determine that but only hours to determine Russians poisoned Skripal.

But the hack accusation is more fake news. The Intercept debunked this story in 2016. “There was no ‘penetration of the U.S. electricity grid.’ … Burlington Electric, after receiving a Homeland Security notice sent to all U.S. utility companies about the malware code found in the DNC system, searched all its computers and found the code in a single laptop that was not connected to the electric grid.”

There are two reasons for western aggression against Russia. In the long run, in partnership with China, Russia threatens the world reserve currency status of the dollar. More immediately, with the US economy limping along and soon to crash, the military-industrial-spy complex needs enemies to justify stealing $1 trillion from taxpayers every year and to justify foreign military facilities, perpetual war, secret police, and oppression at home.

Polls show people are tired of perpetual war that doesn’t make us safer. The Russian bear provides a convenient, historical enemy to keep people scared.

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