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Happy anniversary to the war on drugs

By Mark Luedtke

Understanding the power to tax is the power to destroy, on December 17, 1914, Congress passed the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act. The War on Drugs is now 100 years old. So much for Afghanistan being the longest, most wasteful war in U.S. history.

While some think the War on Drugs was born out of a moral and health crusade, nothing could be further from the truth. Economist and War on Drugs expert Mark Thornton wrote for the Mises Institute’s Mises Dailey, “As written, the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 was legislation that established a tax and registration requirement on narcotics and cocaine. Politicians and journalists openly targeted Chinese immigrants, Southern blacks, and Mexicans with outrageous propaganda.”

He continued, “What history does reveal is that the initial legislation that became the War of [sic] Drugs was clearly the result of bigotry and the desire to suppress minorities, and the desire to become a big player in world diplomatic affairs, not a desire to help drug addicts.”

While progressives pretend not to support it, the War on Drugs was part of the progressive agenda pushed through at that time which included the income tax, the Federal Reserve, popular election of Senators, war and empire. That agenda is destroying America and the western world today.

Wikipedia expounded, “The drafters played on fears of ‘drug-crazed, sex-mad negroes’ and made references to Negroes under the influence of drugs murdering whites, degenerate Mexicans smoking marijuana, and ‘Chinamen’ seducing white women with drugs.”

It continues, “Before the Act was passed, on February 8, 1914, The New York Times published an article entitled ‘Negro Cocaine ‘Fiends’ Are New Southern Menace: Murder and Insanity Increasing Among Lower-Class Blacks’ by Edward Huntington Williams, which reported that Southern sheriffs had increased the caliber of their weapons from .32 to .38 to bring down Negroes under the effect of cocaine.

“Despite the extreme racialization of the issue that took place in the buildup to the Act’s passage, the contemporary research on the subject indicated that black Americans were in fact using cocaine and opium at much lower rates than white Americans.”

There was no need for a war on opium when the only people addicted to it were white Civil War veterans whom government had addicted to morphine as a painkiller during the war. There was no need for a war on cocaine when the Sears and Roebuck catalog sold cocaine and syringes to white people. America’s rulers had to resort to demonizing minorities to push through this abomination, and as with so many others, only succeeded as Congressmen were rushing out of Washington for Christmas break.

One hundred years later, the War on Drugs is still a tool for oppressing minorities and the government is still the major cause of addiction. The only things that have changed are the ferocity with which government attacks Americans, the amount of money it steals and the number of casualties it creates.

The government singling out crack cocaine because it’s more popular with blacks parallels the lying New York Times story referenced by Wikipedia. Records show almost all federal prosecutions for crack are of blacks.

Even though a higher percentage of white people use most drugs except crack, blacks are arrested at three times the rate because white juries more readily convict blacks. It’s this blatant preying upon blacks that creates the tension that leads to riots in cities like Ferguson, Missouri.

While attacking Americans at home, the U.S. oversees the production of the greatest amount of heroin in history in Afghanistan. The Taliban had eradicated opium production in Afghanistan, but because illegal drugs are sold in narco-dollars, that weakened the dollar in international trade. That’s why when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan – it promoted new production of opium, and it promotes it today. It’s not an accident of war. It’s by design.

In the meantime, heroin deaths have become such an epidemic in the region, and the world, Dayton police are carrying Narcan to save people from heroin overdoses. The Dayton Daily News reported, “Officers have said due to heroin’s widespread use, Narcan has become vital to saving the lives of overdose patients. ‘I’ve found them in vacant houses, bathrooms of service stations, sidewalks, I mean just everywhere,’ said Officer Willie Hooper. Hooper adds he’s revived four overdose patients since September through the use of Narcan.”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition advocated, “We believe that drug prohibition is the true cause of much of the social and personal damage that has historically been attributed to drug use. It is prohibition that makes these drugs so valuable – while giving criminals a monopoly over their supply. Driven by the huge profits from this monopoly, criminal gangs bribe and kill each other, law enforcers, and children.”

When alcohol prohibition ended, people stopped killing each other over alcohol. People gave up deadly pure grain alcohol for beer and wine. Once decriminalized, the same will happen for all drugs.

It’s ironic that the people who have become the champions of the century-old progressive agenda call themselves conservatives. Supporting liberty, not the status quo, is the key to saving our country.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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