Conspiracy Theorist: 02/10

Whatever happened to “do no harm”?

By Mark Luedtke
The amount of money stolen from taxpayers for phony cancer research is astounding. In her recent book, “A World Without Cancer,” Dr. Margaret Cuomo writes, “More than 40 years after the war on cancer was declared, we have spent billions fighting the good fight. The National Cancer Institute has spent some $90 billion on research and treatment during that time. Some 260 nonprofit organizations in the United States have dedicated themselves to cancer – more than the number established for heart disease, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke combined. Together, these 260 organizations have budgets that top $2.2 billion.”

The National Cancer Institute’s budget has run about $4.9 billion a year since 2005.

Cuomo describes what was achieved. “It’s true there have been small declines in some common cancers since the early 1990s, including male lung cancer and colon and rectal cancer in both men and women. And the fall in the cancer death rate – (by approximately 1 percent a year since 1990 –

has been slightly more impressive,” she notes. “Still, that’s hardly cause for celebration. Cancer’s role in one out of every four deaths in this country remains a haunting statistic.”

Unsurprisingly, like everything else government claims to do, its virtual monopoly on cancer research has been a fantastically expensive failure.

Somehow, despite hundreds of billions of stolen money spent, actually, because of hundreds of billions of stolen money spent, for 40 years government researchers failed to identify one of the most potent cancer-fighting substances in existence. Medical News Today reported, “Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have shown in a new study that vitamin D can help the body fight against colorectal cancer by boosting the immune system.” While the study specified in the article involved only colorectal cancer, boosting the immune system works against all cancers.

Medical News continued, “The role of vitamin D within the body is to assist the immune system and contribute to calcium absorption and the growth and repair of bones. Some studies have also associated vitamin D with reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis, asthma symptoms and heart attacks.”

This isn’t the first study showing vitamin D fights cancer. It’s long been known in non-establishment medical circles, but the information has been suppressed from the mainstream. The Doctor’s Clinic in Houston reported, “Theories connecting vitamin D deficiency to a number of cancers have not only been tested, but established as correct, in over 250 epidemiological studies. A grasping of its foundation from a physiological standpoint has stemmed from over two thousand lab studies, as stated by doctor Ced Garland, who is also a professor at the medicinal department of UCSD.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote, “New studies show vitamin D may double chances of surviving breast cancer, lower LDL cholesterol, and helps prevent autism.”

Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to depression, dementia and diabetes.

Government’s genius researchers failed to discover this wonder drug for 40 years because nobody can get rich off of vitamin D. The human body naturally makes optimum vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and when little sunlight is available, like in the winter, cheap vitamin D supplements – D3 is the form most like what the body produces – are available. Expect the FDA to regulate vitamin D supplements to increase their price.

Despite this ready availability, free or cheap, Americans suffer a major epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, and this is no accident. Government and its corporate agents have been brainwashing people to avoid the life-giving sun for decades. They promote sunblocks and sunscreens that cause cancer while blocking the ultraviolet rays that produce vitamin D. Government’s recommended daily intake of vitamin D, recently updated, is still dangerously low. Government’s cancer research is a failure because our rulers don’t want to cure cancer because they get rich treating cancer. Government doesn’t tax us to provide services. It provides pseudo-services in order to steal our money.

One of the most abominable ways government harms people is by giving women cancer with mammography radiation and convincing women to cut off their breasts even if they don’t have cancer. The New York Times reported, “[The largest mammogram study ever] found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not. And the screening had harms: One in five cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman’s health and did not need treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.” But bogus treatments make our rulers rich.

Many, like Angelina Jolie, are duped into mutilating themselves with supposedly preventative double mastectomies instead of being advised to eat healthier, exercise smarter, and get more sun.

Fatcat Food and Drug Administration bureaucrats, Big Pharma executives and cancer doctors routinely party together at exclusive, tropical resorts, soaking up the sun. I imagine they get a good laugh at the carnage they’ve inflicted while making themselves rich.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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