Conspiracy Theorist: 06/16

Rand Paul versus NSA

NSA runs the government, not Paul

By Mark Luedtke

Depending on their viewpoint, many consider Rand Paul either a hero or traitor because he supposedly shut down NSA’s (National Security Agency) bulk spying on Americans for two days. This bombastic praise from libertarian Justin Raimondo is typical of the first.

“By single-handedly standing in the well of the Senate and literally placing his body between the American people and the cretins who claim the ‘right’ to spy on them, Sen. Paul is performing what is in effect—albeit not literally—an act of heroic civil disobedience unprecedented in the history of our nation,” he writes. “He is our Horatius at the bridge, and every lover of liberty—indeed, every ordinary American, libertarian or not, who values the rule of law and the Bill of Rights—owes him a great debt.” No we don’t. Paul changed nothing.

Typical of the other extreme, quotes, “‘You know, sometimes, Ron Paul’s ignorance really astonishes me,’ [Charles] Krauthammer said Friday, before joking that he made a Freudian slip, intending to say Rand Paul.”

Neither Paul nor his father are ignorant. Paul’s resistance was successful political theater.

Critics including heavy hitters Krauthammer, George Will and Brit Hume believe Paul sacrificed his presidential aspirations for his libertarian principles. Please. Unlike his father, Rand Paul has no libertarian principles. He’s a conservative with a libertarian streak. Before dishing out his praise, Raimondo went out of his way to point out how much he had criticized Paul in the past for not being libertarian.

And that’s Paul’s problem. His path to winning the presidential nomination is to capture his father’s libertarian supporters first then add conservative voters to them. But he had already lost support from influential libertarians like Raimondo, so he had to do something to win them back. Being seen as single-handedly blocking the re-authorization of the worst parts of the Patriot Act did the trick. Raimondo ends his article by pressing his readers to support Paul.

And Paul’s critics seem out of touch since Paul is running second in Iowa and tied for first in New Hampshire. His strategy clearly makes him competitive.

I hate to reference Senator John McCain, the country’s leading warmonger and one of Paul’s most wrongheaded critics, but he’s right about one thing. Roll Call reports, “At another time, McCain, who once included Paul in what he called a group of ‘wacko birds,’ hinted he believed Paul’s efforts to get the Patriot Act provisions to expire were primarily motivated by presidential politics.”

But in the big scheme of things, this is all moot. I’m sure everybody at NSA had a great laugh watching this theater play out because they know nothing will change regardless of who wins. Two days after those Patriot Act provisions expired, the Senate overwhelmingly passed them in a new form with the Orwellian name of USA Freedom Act. Yes, we have the freedom to be spied upon. Hooray.

The sad reality is, as far as spy agencies are concerned, the law and Washington’s political theater distract Americans from their ubiquitous lawlessness. Snowden’s leaks documented dozens of illegal NSA programs. The Church Committee exposed widespread Central Intelligence Agency lawlessness. The FBI’s (Federal Bureau of Investigation) lawlessness under J. Edgar Hoover and since is legendary. Powerful, secretive spy agencies, what James Bamford dubbed technotyranny in 1982, have never obeyed the law and never will. This fourth branch of government rules over all. If some uppity politician really threatens NSA, agents will blackmail him or plant fake evidence to discredit him. The messy assassinations of the past are unnecessary. The only limits to technotyranny are technology and budgets, and both are rapidly advancing as the spooks desire.

NSA’s war on terror is fake. Bulk spying on Americans hasn’t stopped one terrorist attack. The only terrorist attacks technotyranny has stopped are the phony attacks planned by the FBI and foisted on entrapped patsies.

That’s because our rulers view us as the enemy, not terrorists. Only the American people have the power to take away their power. The terrorists make our rulers more powerful, so they create, fund and arm terrorists and use them as an excuse to spy on Americans and molest Americans at airports. By the way, TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) agents failed to stop 95 percent of fake bombs and weapons smuggled past them by undercover agents. TSA is a fake security agency like the others.

Neither reform nor Rand Paul will stop technotyranny. We must abolish it.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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