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Saved from democracy

Dayton’s rulers save Greek Festival and DAI’s Oktoberfest

By Mark Luedtke

Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” Americans have been brainwashed into believing that. Our military bombs the world, killing hundreds of thousands, in the name of exporting democracy. The truth is, except for communism, democracy is the worst form of known government. It enables the theft of all by all, which has produced the most massive theft of wealth by rulers in human history. It’s the gateway to communism, a path Americans have been marching down since the U.S. was created.

This isn’t true on just the national scale. The Grafton Hill Historic District recently experienced a threat from petulant voters to shut down the iconic Greek Festival and Dayton Art Institute’s Oktoberfest. The conflict only arose because democracy undermines property rights, allowing legalized theft of property through voter aggression.

Last summer, the Dayton Daily News described how the conflict began: “The dispute involves houses at 36 and 52 Grafton Avenue purchased in January by the Dayton Masonic Foundation, a fiscal arm of the Dayton Masonic Center. The Masonic Center recently submitted plans to the city’s Landmarks Commission to raze the houses and construct a lower-level kitchen entrance and add a parking lot on the southwest side of the building.”

Some in the neighborhood want the homes preserved and relocated and believe putting a liquor option before voters could pressure the Masonic Center to save the two homes.

“‘The Grafton Hill Community Development Corporation has made threats that they would vote our precinct dry and there would be no liquor sold by anyone,’ according to the Dayton Masonic Center in a prepared statement sent to this newspaper in response to questions.”

In a free country, with law based on property rights and the non-aggression principle, there would be no conflict. The Masonic Center would demolish the houses on its property and build what it wanted.

But democracy promotes conflict. The freeloaders who wanted the homes preserved could have outbid the center and preserved them at their own expense, but they didn’t want to incur the cost. Democracy gave them an opportunity to get what they wanted by using government force instead.

And these freeloaders weren’t content with just harming the Masonic Center. They threatened to harm the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, the Art Institute and the thousands, like me, who enjoy their festivals every year. These are the main fundraisers for these institutions. Voting away their liquor licenses would have been catastrophic.

Fortunately we don’t live in a pure democracy where freeloaders can steal at will or our country would have been destroyed long ago. Dayton’s rulers have powers of their own. Last December the DDN reported the plan to save the events: “Dayton commissioners are considering redrawing the boundary lines of the First Ward [downtown] to shield three prominent organizations from any future efforts to vote their current precinct dry.”
While this illustrates the power of self-interest, plutocracy and cronyism—Dayton’s rulers wouldn’t do this for you or me—in this case it would be used to protect thousands of victims from the aggression of a handful of freeloaders.

Dayton City Commission saved these events with a unanimous vote, pulling the church, art institute and temple into the downtown precinct. The DDN reported, “The city’s ward boundaries will be redrawn in large part to protect alcohol sales at the Dayton Art Institute, Masonic Center and Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.” I like how the DDN downplays the crony aspect by saying “in large part,” as if that wasn’t the entire reason for the change. I’m sure campaign coffers filled significantly after this vote.

The DDN followed this up in August, reporting, “The Dayton Masonic Foundation has received permission to demolish two homes that a local nonprofit group wants to save by moving to a new location.”

Because our system of government promotes conflicts and fortunes can change instantly and at any time on the whim of a ruler, this conflict won’t be resolved until those houses are gone. Thankfully, we can enjoy both upcoming festivals this year. But more conflicts will follow. Resisting the aggression of freeloading voters as well as rulers is a never-ending battle.
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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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