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By Mark Luedtke
You might remember back in March when newspapers around the world trumpeted the claim scientists had proven the Big Bang and cosmic inflation theory. The supposed scientific journal Nature proclaimed, “Using a radio telescope at the South Pole, the U.S.-led team has detected the first evidence of primordial gravitational waves, ripples in space that inflation generated 13.8 billion years ago when the Universe first started to expand.” Case closed. According to Nature, there was no doubt what was discovered and what it proved. The high priest of the theory of cosmic inflation, Alan Guth, cried when told his theory had been proved.

But the researchers were wrong.

The researchers recently announced their error. Quanta Magazine reported, “Now, scientists have shown the swirl pattern touted as evidence of primordial gravitational waves – ripples in space and time dating to the universe’s explosive birth – could instead all come from magnetically-aligned dust. A new analysis of data from the Planck space telescope has concluded the tiny silicate and carbonate particles spewed into interstellar space by dying stars could account for as much as 100 percent of the signal detected by the BICEP2 telescope and announced to great fanfare this spring.” So much for magical cosmic inflation.

This is how pseudo-science is done in our anti-science society. Researchers get grants of many millions of dollars stolen from taxpayers to fund their ridiculous experiments. They go through the motions to make it look like they’re doing science. They produce fantastic results, then proclaim those results prove magic exists and publish them to great fanfare. Then they get giant government paychecks and live fat and happy off taxpayers for the rest of their lives. Eventually, quietly, they get proven wrong, but nobody notices and nothing changes. They continue to live fat and happy on the taxpayer gravy train. The scientific method never enters into the process. Government’s monopoly on funding has turned science into a travesty.

The cosmic inflation researchers are guilty of confirmation bias at best and fraud at worst. This experiment never had a chance of proving the Big Bang, cosmic inflation or gravity waves because none of those things exist. As Electric Universe advocate Stephen Smith wrote when the results became public, “Gravity wave detection is yet another step farther down the rabbit hole of modern science. Starting with the Big Bang, redshift, the ‘fabric’ of space/time, inflation, the CMB [Cosmic Microwave Background] and now gravity waves, science has resorted to ever more arcane postulates that conflate fantastical ideas into a hopelessly confusing morass of mathematical legerdemain.”

But being a government-funded pseudo-scientist means never having to admit your theory is wrong. A recent paper claimed astronomers were surprised to discover a super-duper-sized black hole in a tiny galaxy. They’re surprised because their theory is wrong. Black holes don’t exist. Another paper claimed astronomers discovered a red giant star that swallowed a neutron star, but they’re wrong because neutron stars don’t exist. Astronomers can’t explain what they believe is a deficit of lithium in the universe created by the Big Bang because the Big Bang never happened.

Astronomers are wrong about all these observations because they refuse to admit the power electricity, which powers stars and galaxies, in space. The electric force dwarfs gravity, but the gravity-centric theory of the universe has been around for well over a century, and the scientists at the top of the government gravy train are invested in it, so they desperately hold on to their obsolete theories despite evidence for powerful magnetic fields that can only be produced by equally powerful electric currents. That’s why the cosmic inflation team failed to take into account magnetically aligned dust.

The same is true with solar science. A recent paper claimed to have verified the Sun was powered by thermonuclear fusion. “An international team of researchers using a detector buried deep below the mountains of central Italy has detected neutrinos – ghostly particles that interact only very reluctantly with matter – streaming from the heart of the Sun,” reported. “Other solar neutrinos have been detected before, but these particular ones come from the key proton-proton fusion reaction that is the first part of a chain of reactions that provide 99 percent of the sun’s power.”

This is another example of faulty confirmation bias presented as fact. The thermonuclear model of the sun was also created before magnetic fields were discovered in space, and it has failed to predict anything about the sun correctly. For example, the sun is cooler inside, where all the hydrogen bombs are supposedly exploding, than at the surface. Every new observation requires scientists to add silly complications to their theory in much the same way supporters of the ancient Ptolemaic theory of the solar system were forced to add epicycles when each new body was discovered. Ironically, most of those silly add-ons involve magnetic fields, but government-funded theorists won’t admit they’re caused by electric currents.

The Rosetta lander mission to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko will produce the next big surprises for establishment researchers, if it doesn’t fail completely, because comet theory is wrong, too.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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