Conspiracy Theorist: 10/13

Heroes must be punished

Mark Luedtke

If you believe the mainstream media, the engineers at Volkswagen have been bad, bad boys. They cheated to get around U.S. emissions regulations. Not since Volkswagen made cars for Hitler has any car company been this evil. One News Page provides an example of how absurd the news coverage of this story is. “World War 2 killed Hitler, but couldn’t kill Volkswagen,” it reports. “The famous bug was a much loved first car for a generation, a hippie car, a commuter’s dream, economic, and better value than the chrome monsters. Now, it’s an example of corporate insanity.”

Fortunately, Eric Peters of Eric Peters Autos looked deeper into the story: “The media is not explaining to people that the emissions in question amount to fractions of a percent of the total exhaust volume; nor that these cars meet very strict (just not insane) European standards.”

That doesn’t sound so bad. Hardly Hitleresque. But it gets better. Peters continues, “Perhaps people will begin to comprehend that a fractional difference in emissions output is not that big a deal—especially when the ‘affected’ vehicle actually uses less fuel—which (think about it) means it produces a lesser volume of total exhaust gasses.”

But it gets even better. “The affected vehicles actually run better than they would have, had VW not ‘recalibrated’ the software that runs the computer that controls the operation of the engines in these vehicles,” Peters concludes. “They get higher mileage—and give better performance.”

Physics Today explains this wasn’t the act of one or two rogue engineers. It was a concerted effort on the part of the company to improve its product beyond what regulations allow. “[In addition to software to] recognize when a car was being tested and not driven, the defeat device required data from a range of sensors—sensors that a non-cheating car might not need,” Charles Day wrote. “The defeat device also requires the physical means to control the [exhaust gas recirculation] system.”

So Volkswagen even incurred a hardware cost to improve its product. How dare Volkswagen produce a better, more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly product for their customers without first getting permission from the EPA? It must pay!

And pay it will. Volkswagen’s CEO resigned. So far Volkswagen has allocated $7.3 billion to cover the costs of recalls to make their cars worse. As of this writing, Volkswagen stock has fallen 17 percent.

The theme of the propaganda is Volkswagen personnel are corrupt and harming the environment for personal gain. The reality is government regulations are corrupt and harming the environment for the personal gain of regulators, politicians and their cronies, but the people can’t be allowed to know that, so Volkswagen must be publicly tarred and feathered to keep the story focused on it and off the government.

Except for the socialists who want to exploit the situation to further enrich themselves. US News and World Report blames the problem on budget cuts to the EPA. “Interviews with former and current EPA officials and other auto and environmental experts suggest that although the U.S. has the world’s toughest auto emissions standards, federal and state regulators don’t have the resources to conduct the kind of comprehensive tests that might have nabbed VW, and they rely on automakers to self-report data in a kind of honor system.” So they had the tests in place, but a 21 percent budget cut since 2010 kept them from testing Volkswagen. In other words, the more draconian U.S. regulations are better, and government must steal more money from taxpayers to stop the heroes at Volkswagen from delivering a better product. That’s how corrupt socialists think—redundant, I know.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It rapidly followed that BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, all European carmakers, also cheated on emissions. This and the hyperbole suggest an ulterior, foreign policy-related motive for the revelation of emissions cheating: Uppity Europeans, especially Germans, are angry that U.S. wars of aggression are flooding their countries with refugees. Europe’s rulers might welcome effective Russian intervention in Syria, targeting U.S.-backed rebels including ISIS, which could end that flood of refugees, as opposed to the U.S. policy of perpetual war and perpetual refuges. U.S. rulers might have exposed what they previously ignored to force Europe’s rulers back in line. Don’t be surprised if Europe’s rulers condemn Russian intervention in Syria and this story disappears.

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