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No refugee gangs, please

Mayor Whaley invites nightmare to Dayton

By Mark Luedtke

Refugee gangs threaten Germans. The Daily Mail reports on a letter from German social workers. “The letter says [a German refugee] camp, far from being a peaceful haven for those fleeing war, is a dangerous melting-pot, where there have been ‘numerous rapes and sexual assaults, and forced prostitution’,” it claimed, and adds, “There are even reports of children being raped and subjected to sexual assault.” Administrators of another camp claim rapes and forced prostitution occur every day.

The violence isn’t limited to other refugees. Across the country, Germans are changing their culture in response to the threat. “At Pocking, another well-kept Bavarian town, the headmaster of the grammar school wrote to parents telling them not to let their daughters wear skimpy clothing. This was to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ with 200 migrants who were put up in the school’s gymnasium over the summer, before being moved on this month,” the Mail continued. “The letter to parents said the migrants were ‘mainly Muslim, and speak Arabic. They have their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be worn… revealing tops or blouses, short skirts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.’”

Refugees have become a nightmare for the German people, and German Chancellor Merkel is under fire for inviting them in. Some say inviting refugees into Germany was compassionate, but it showed no compassion for the German people, the people Merkel claims to represent. Just the opposite. It was a selfish, political calculation on her part, exploiting the German people. Germans are suffering for it. For inflicting this on them, Germans should remove Merkel from power. It’s not just Germany, either. Europeans are suffering a rape epidemic committed by Muslim immigrants.

Having seen the consequences of inviting refugees into Europe and Germany in particular, any western ruler who invites them into their community must either hate their community or want to exploit it.

Like Merkel, Dayton Mayor Whaley wants to inflict the refugee nightmare on Daytonians. The Dayton Daily News recently reported, “Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley joined mayors from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and 14 other U.S. cities who said they were willing to take in even more refugees than proposed by the Obama Administration…

“‘We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our cities,’ wrote the mayors, all of whom are part of the Cities United for Immigration Action coalition. ‘Indeed, we are writing to say that we stand ready to work with your Administration to do much more and to urge you to increase still further the number of Syrian refugees the United States will accept for resettlement.’”

Whaley plans to exploit Daytonians, subjecting them to dangerous refugees, in order to suck up to President Obama and Democrat bigwigs. She has her eye on higher office, and her greed, if she gets her way, will put locals—especially women—at risk.

This highlights the difference between real compassion, and exploitation masquerading as compassion. If Whaley and Merkel invited refugees to live in their own homes at their expense, that would be true compassion, and I would congratulate them. But stealing people’s money and using it to bring in refugees, forcing that burden on others, even if the refugees are kind and gentle, is rotten. As Germans know, not all Syrian refugees are kind and gentle. If Whaley gets her way, voters should remove her from office. Not that she’ll care. She’ll probably already have that higher office job lined up.

I rarely agree with Congressman Turner, but he makes sense. The DDN quoted, “‘Mayor Whaley’s actions are outrageous and for the second time she has decided to speak on behalf of the Dayton area without authority and without considering the repercussions. She is well aware that she lacks the authority to take such unilateral action and should instead be focused on improving the City of Dayton,’ Turner said in a written statement.”

Thank goodness Turner and Whaley have conflicting self-interests. I like how Turner points out she has no authority to invite more refugees. This illustrates no politicians believe their powers are limited. The worst people in society, attracted to institutionalized stealing and using force against others, they’re driven solely by greed.

I have a better solution than importing refugees. Stop attacking Syria. Stop creating refuges. Syria never harmed us. If we end the war, the refugees can go home.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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