Life or death

Trump versus America’s Queen of Death

By Mark Luedtke


I confess to mixed feelings about Trump’s campaign for president. On the one hand, I have no interest in the self-aggrandizing blowhard and lecher with the comical comb-over who advocates protectionism and sticks his foot in his mouth every time he opens it.

On the other hand, against him runs America’s Queen of Death. Hillary Clinton is arguably the most crazed warmonger to run for president in my lifetime. It should go without saying that being a mass murderer is worse than being a lecher.

The sad reality is America is ruled by death cult monsters who callously—or gleefully, in Clinton’s case—mass-murder others as a matter of policy to advance their personal interests and the interests of their cronies. This is true regardless of party. The Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons are all mass murderers, but the murderers aren’t limited to presidents. Congressmen, senators, governors, and top bureaucrats like the Secretaries of State and Defense, intelligence chiefs, and generals all willingly joined the death cult, which controls both parties and participate in the mass murder of tens of thousands of people year after year in perpetual war.

By all accounts, Clinton is among the most bloodthirsty of this bloodthirsty bunch. Her history of promoting mass murder goes back at least 20 years to her support for her husband’s fraudulent war in Kosovo. Then-Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was recently posthumously acquitted of the war crimes President Bill Clinton claimed he committed.

As senator, Clinton infamously voted for the Iraq war before pretending she didn’t support it.

But her taste for mass murder exploded when she became Secretary of State. Even Clinton’s backers at The Washington Post call the war in Libya “Hillary’s War.” The Post exposes, “What emerges from [behind the scene accounts of the war] is a picture of Clinton using her mixture of political pragmatism and tenacity to referee spats among NATO partners, secure crucial backing from Arab countries and tutor rebels on the fine points of message management.”

Clinton orchestrated the mass murder of Libyans, including Muammar Qaddafi, and transformed Libya into a safe haven for terrorists. After Qaddafi was murdered by sodomy, Clinton infamously cackled, “We came, we saw, he died.” Search “Clinton cackle Qaddafi” on YouTube. If you have a conscience, the videos will make your skin crawl.

Clinton increased her body count when she moved from Libya to Syria. The CIA and her State Department smuggled weapons from Libya to Syria, which resulted in the attack on the Benghazi consulate that killed four Americans. Clinton also helped create ISIS. Roger Stone notes, “Under a Freedom of Information Act request, Judicial Watch was able to obtain a [heavily redacted] copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) directive that initiated the creation of ISIS in 2012…

“Not even Judicial Watch seems to have appreciated the significance of this document, where its press release focused on the Benghazi attack. Just in case it has slipped anyone’s mind, Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.”

Clinton also partnered with Saudi rulers—who support stoning women to death—to commit mass murder in Yemen.

Now, Clinton is beating the war drums for nuclear-armed Russia. Former Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts explains, “We know that Hillary made the most irresponsible statement ever uttered by a presidential candidate when she declared the president of Russia to be the ‘new Hitler,’ thereby raising tensions between the U.S. and Russia to a higher level than existed during the Cold War. We know that Hillary is allied with the neoconservatives and that her belief in the neocons’ ideology of U.S. world hegemony is likely to result in war with Russia and China.” Clinton’s aggression prompted President Putin to prepare to defend against an attack from the U.S.

She’s “Dr. Strangelove’s” General Jack D. Ripper in a pantsuit. Contrast that with Trump, who wants to negotiate with Russia to defeat Clinton’s head-choppers in Syria.

Even if you ignore Clinton’s corruption, lies, and hypocrisy, her covering up for her serial rapist husband, her support for Wall Street, and the mysterious deaths of 100 or so Clinton critics, please don’t ignore her record of mass murdering innocents, women, and children by proxy. A vote for Clinton is a vote for more body bags worldwide and more Americans coming home in flag-draped coffins, which, like her predecessors, she won’t allow the press to photograph.

For the first time, we have a choice to vote for somebody who isn’t a mass murderer.


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