Syria’s Peace agreement

Made possible by avoiding the U.S.

By Mark Luedtke

You may have heard of the short-lived ceasefire agreement between the U.S. and Russia in Syria. What you probably didn’t hear of is the peace deal that instigated it, a peace deal made between Turkey and Iran and brokered by the Russians.

The war in Syria gets more complicated by the day. Not too long ago, Turkey shot down a Russian bomber along its border with Syria. Then, Turkish President Erdogan survived a coup attempt. Almost immediately afterward, the Turks and Russians began making up.

Reuters reported on Erdogan’s visit to Moscow in August, “Turkish officials insist Erdogan’s visit to St. Petersburg is no sign that the NATO member and European Union membership candidate is turning its back on the West. Rather, they say, it is the next step in a rapprochement with Russia that started weeks before the July 15 attempted putsch. But the thaw with Moscow, which imposed trade sanctions nine months ago after Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border, comes as Ankara’s relationship with the West could scarcely be more fractious.”

That’s an understatement. Shortly after that meeting, announced, “In a stunning diplomatic surprise, Turkey and Iran have announced a preliminary agreement on fundamental principles for a settlement of the Syrian conflict.”

Author Gareth Porter continued, “Both [Turkish Prime Minister] Yildirim’s speech and the Iranian corroboration were reported Tuesday by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed and Al-Hayat, Arabic-language newspapers published in London, but the potentially pivotal development has been unreported thus far in Western news media.”

It went unreported because while Russian President Putin was brokering this peace deal, U.S. rulers were calling him a barbarian who wants only war. The real story did not fit U.S. warmongers’ narrative, so it was hidden from the American people.

Fortunately, U.S. rulers are not monolithic. After this peace announcement, Secretary of State Kerry negotiated a much-ballyhooed ceasefire with Russia. It also came after Reuters reported, “Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters the coalition aircraft reached the area around the city of Hasaka as the two Syrian SU-24s were leaving, and the U.S. special operation forces were in the area where the strikes were taking place. He said the Syrian planes did not respond to efforts by ground forces to contact them.”

That’s the first official acknowledgment I’ve seen that U.S. boots are on the ground in combat in Syria with Russians on the opposite side. At least some rulers are sane enough to want to reduce the risk of nuclear war.

But not all. U.S. forces quickly violated the ceasefire. “Last Saturday the US-led coalition comprised of US, Australian and UK fighter jets (2 F-16’s and 2 A-10’s) delivered four airstrikes on Syrian Arab Army troops near the ISIS besieged Syrian airbase in Deir ez-Zor, for the first time killing Syrian soldiers (estimates of 62-83 dead and up to 120 injured),” Joachim Hagopian informed. “Within 7 minutes after the Syrian troops occupying the high ground overlooking the nearby airbase were attacked, Islamic State militants were opportunistically able to launch an assault and successfully seized control of that strategic high ground.”

The Pentagon purposely torpedoed the ceasefire because it profits from war. If you believed the U.S. was in Syria fighting ISIS, I hope this makes you realize you’ve been duped. The U.S. is in Syria to topple President Assad to weaken Iran and Russia and benefit Israel. ISIS is the best U.S. ally in Syria in this mission and always has been. Fortunately, the Syrians rallied and recaptured the territory.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, we recently saw a Defense Intelligence Agency report exposing how President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton helped create ISIS by supporting a “salafist principality” in eastern Syria in 2012. ISIS was made in America by U.S. warmongers.

War correspondent Fred Reed sums up U.S. war policy with the headline “Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing.” He concludes, “The wars in the Mideast illustrate the principle nicely. Iraq didn’t work. Libya didn’t work. Iran didn’t back down. ISIS and related curiosities? The Pentagon is again bombing an enemy that can’t fight back – its specialty – but that it seems unable defeat.”

The longer the war lasts, the more warmongers profit while the rest of us become poorer and more vulnerable to refugees and terrorist attacks. Profit is the ultimate goal of U.S. wars, and to that end, they are an overwhelming success.

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