So much for democracy

By Mark Luedtke

Secession has been the rage for the last few decades. It flourished after the fall of the Soviet Union then Yugoslavia, but everywhere in the world people continue to demand independence from large, unaccountable governments. Tibetans, Scots, Venetians, and others are following the path most famously blazed by America’s founding fathers during the American Revolution.

But there’s an old saying: If voting changed anything, rulers would outlaw it. Catalans can personally attest to that.

Catalonia is the richest province in Spain, and Catalans believe the Spanish government loots them to prop up poorer provinces. That should sound familiar. Every government loots wealthier people ostensibly to benefit poorer people. That’s what the progressive income tax is all about. Of course coercive governments don’t really benefit the poor or anybody but rulers, and they loot everybody to do so.

But Catalans have decided to do something about it: They plan to exercise democracy by having a vote on whether or not to secede from Spain.

Democracy is the modern god; the god that failed according to Hans-Hermann Hoppe. U.S. and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) troops invaded and bombed country after country ostensibly to bring democracy to those countries, but when faced with a democratic movement they don’t like, one that might change something, rulers shut democracy down.

Reuters highlighted this powerful movement. “More than 700 mayors from across Catalonia gathered in Barcelona on Saturday to confirm their support for a planned independence referendum that Madrid has declared illegal,” it reports. “The Catalan government plans to hold a referendum on self rule for the wealthy northeastern region on Oct. 1, despite strong opposition from government which has challenged the vote in the Constitutional Court.”

Whenever people try to do something rulers forbid, it creates a crisis. It’s the forbidding by rulers that creates the crisis, not what the people do. As rulers generally do, Spain’s rulers refuse to negotiate with Catalan secessionists, and by refusing, they escalate the crisis and increase the likelihood Catalans will secede.

Justin Raimondo explains the stakes. “Catalonia’s bid for self-determination is an ideological litmus test, one that tells us everything we need to know about the main forces contending for power in the world. The reason is because the crisis is taking place on the terrain of Europe, in the very midst of the ‘free’ West,” he notes. “Since forever and a day we have been told that the ‘democratic’ West doesn’t commit acts of mass repression against their own people: that the right of ‘self-determination’ is universal, and that that liberal democracy is not about to mimic the methods of, say, Slobodan Milosevic, and put down a popular uprising by force. These methods—they claim—are the exclusive province of ‘illiberal’ regimes, like those in Russia, Belarus, and now Hungary, which has been moved into the ‘illiberal’ camp by its refusal to allow an invasion by Middle Eastern migrants.”

Spanish rulers arrested the mayors and independence leaders, staged 16,000 riot police on cruise ships ready to invade Catalonia, took over the province’s finances, and raided the province for ballot boxes. In other words, Spain’s government responded with “illiberal” brute force, exposing western rulers’ support for democracy as a fraud.

By the time you read this, Kurds in Iraq will have voted to create their own independent state as well, but Thierry Meyssan reports this isn’t so much a democratic movement as it is being astroturfed by the Pentagon as part of its strategy to bomb Iraq and Syria back to the Stone Age on behalf of Israel. “The referendum for the independence of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan and the territories annexed with the help of Daesh [ISIS] will launch the beginning of this operation, on 25 September,” he explains. “As in 2014, it will be intended to simultaneously destroy Iraq and Syria, this time without creating a ‘Sunnistan’ from Rakka to Mosul, but a ‘Kurdistan,’ on a territory linking Erbil and Kirkuk to the Mediterranean.”

Secession movements aren’t limited to faraway lands. Movements in California and Texas continue to gain steam. A Zogby polls shows a plurality of Americans support secession. Kirkpatrick Sale reports, “While nearly 1/3 of the public (32%) agree that the federal government should intervene to stop any state movement for secession, nearly four in ten (39%) agree that each state has the ultimate say over their destiny and that secession is a right. Just shy of three in ten were not sure (29%).”

Secession is coming home.

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