Conspiracy Theorist: 11/17

To revolt or not to revolt

Republican rulers needn’t fear an insurrection

By Mark Luedtke

I need more popcorn. The petty spats between moderators of the mainstream media—all Democrats—and Republican candidates during debates are hilarious. It’s as if they don’t all agree on outrageous spending, taxes, welfare and warfare, but they do. The differences between them are a tiny matter of degree, insignificant, a pretense.

But they say no war is more bitter than a civil war, a war between people with everything in common. Normal people lose either way if Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush increases spending, raises taxes, starts more wars and increases welfare, but it’s fabulous riches or nothing to Hillary, Jeb and their cronies.

Every election cycle we’re told the American people are fed up with the status quo and they’ll revolt at the polls. Anyone who held his or her breath waiting for that revolt is dead. Nothing of significance changes. Progressivism marches on. If elections changed anything, rulers would outlaw them.

Ronald Reagan’s presidency is often called the Reagan revolution. During his presidency, spending, taxes and welfare increased, just more slowly. Some revolution.

But Reagan’s presidency is telling. He was a Democrat, and he never changed. Republicans changed, not him. Over the years, as Democrats moved to the left, Republicans moved left to ostensibly seize the middle, catching up with Reagan. The inexorable leftward lurching of both parties is the overriding political driver of the last century. Despite Reagan’s rhetoric, his presidency wasn’t a conservative revolution. It was a progressive consolidation of power.

Conservatism isn’t a philosophy. It has no principles. It capitulates, accepts and then champions the destructive progressive policies enacted before. At the turn of the century, progressives championed the income tax while conservatives resisted. By 1920 conservatives had capitulated, and now they champion the income tax. Progressives championed World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Conservatives resisted those wars. Eisenhower was elected to end the Korean War. Nixon, the Vietnam War. Today conservatives champion all wars like the progressives they’ve become. Conservatives resisted the progressives’ Federal Reserve. Now they champion it. The same with welfare, Social Security, Medicare and the Department of Education.

There will be no conservative revolt because conservatives are institutionally incapable of revolting. They’re the champions of the status quo, which is previously implemented progressive policies. So when I read about popular revolts against the establishment media, presidential candidates and the Speaker of the House, progressives all, I enjoy a good belly laugh and more popcorn.

Good riddance to former Speaker John Boehner. Boehner chose to be President Obama’s best ally. Controller of government’s purse, Boehner delivered everything Obama wanted. If anybody still believes there’s a difference between the two parties or elections matter, I offer the case of the most radical leftist president in my lifetime who was given everything he wanted by a Republican Speaker of the House empowered by an overwhelming electoral mandate to resist Obama. As his last outgoing act, Boehner gave Obama a blank check to steal our money for two more years, and Republicans signed it with only a handful dissenting. Some revolution.

Conservatives supposedly revolted against Boehner, but replaced him with his younger protégé, Paul Ryan, the architect of the infamous Republican budget that cut nothing and was so similar to Obama’s you needed a microscope and decades to see the differences. Ryan demanded repeal of the Jeffersonian rule easing removal of the Speaker. Some revolution.

In the meantime former Democrat Donald Trump, who, like Reagan, was captured by Republicans lurching to the left, topped Republican primary polls before slipping. Since conservatives are the champions of yesterday’s progressive policies, the debate about whether he’s a true conservative or not cracks me up.

Republicans attack mainstream media moderators for being disgracefully pro-Democrat, which they always have been, but the CNBC debate gets record ratings and revenue. Some revolution.

Americans are fed up every four years, a little more this year than four years ago, the same as ever. Ho-hum. Don’t buy the hype. Conservatives are as committed to today’s big government as progressives were a decade ago, so politics can’t change anything.

Government will not shrink until the socialist burden causes economic collapse. Then, blaming the market, progressives, not conservatives, will revolt and demand more government control, not less. Bigwig rulers will flee to their billionaire bunkers, but because the American people have been thoroughly brainwashed in socialist schools, the same lower-level government con-men in power today will reveal a different, more oppressive con, rise in power, and resume stealing the little bit of wealth we have left.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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