Supernova theory falsified

Pretense of knowledge confirmed

By Mark Luedtke

Establishment cosmological theory has fallen and it can’t get up. Many consider cosmology to be the queen of the sciences because other sciences derive from it. Our understanding of geology, climatology, and biology, to name a few, are dependent on our understanding of cosmology. If the prevailing theory of cosmology is wrong, however, then those other sciences are wrong too.

Establishment scientists have long known that a supernova is the final death throes of a star. According to establishment theory, stars form when gravity slowly collapses, mostly hydrogen gas, to such a density that nuclear fusion begins. After a large star burns up all its hydrogen fuel over millions or billions of years, depending on its size, the star finally explodes and is destroyed in a supernova, leaving behind a neutron star or black hole. Scientists are so sure of this theory, they have detailed processes and classifications for different types of supernova.

But the universe doesn’t care what scientists think or how sure they are. Observations, not theory, are reality, and a recent observation just destroyed supernova theory. Astronomy reports, “For the first time, astronomers have discovered a star that has gone supernova more than once. This so-called ‘zombie star’—which exploded at least twice in the last 60 years alone—has baffled scientists by challenging many of the existing theories about how massive stars end their lives.”

Oops. The observation also falsifies the life cycle theory of stars. That puts all of establishment cosmology in doubt. Now, the race is on. Scientists are scrambling to save their positions at government’s feed trough by attempting to paste ad hoc patches onto supernova theory to keep themselves relevant. It’s going to be tough. The lead author of the paper said, “This supernova breaks everything we thought we knew about how [supernovas] work. It’s the biggest puzzle I’ve encountered in almost a decade of studying stellar explosions.”

The falsification of supernova theory illustrates another example of what Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek called the pretense of knowledge. Hayek spoke of this fatal conceit regarding economics in which central planners believe they have god-like knowledge to guide the economy better than millions of people can in a free market.

But Hayek’s warning applies to all sciences and politics because our society has been organized by government coercion to give great power and wealth, stolen from the people at the point of government’s gun, to a class of supposed intellectual experts. You see them on the news channels all the time. If you pay attention, you’ll notice, despite their air of superiority, authority, and expertise, they’re usually wrong.

Proponents of Electric Universe (EU) theory were not surprised by this observation. EU theory states the universe is ordered and powered by electricity flowing through plasma. Gravity plays only a minor role. Stars are powered externally by electric currents that flow through galaxies in what are called Birkeland currents. Birkeland currents connect and power galactic clusters, galaxies, stars, planets, and comets.

Stephen Smith wrote at The Thunderbolts Project, “A supernova is an ‘exploding star.’ However, that explosion is due to the breakdown of double layers, and not core collapse and rebound. Since the stars are externally fueled by currents of electric charge flowing through circuits in space, supernovae are the result of a stellar ‘circuit breaker’. When a star’s double layers explode, electromagnetic energy from a vast galactic circuit flows into the explosion. The resulting supernova radiation is emitted across the entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio to gamma rays.”

According to EU theory, variable stars vary because the galactic currents that power them vary. Pulsars are electric oscillators, not rapidly spinning neutron stars. The sunspot cycle of the sun varies every eleven years because the Birkeland current that powers it varies every eleven years. And the double layers of a star can explode in supernovas multiple times, whenever the current powering them surges too much.

The predictive record of EU theory is significantly better than establishment cosmological theory. While electricity in space is slowly being acknowledged by establishment scientists, they’ve yet to recognize it as the dominant force ordering the universe. Because of that failure, electricity’s impact on geology, climatology, and biology is also ignored. Medicine, weather prediction, and disaster prediction suffer as a result.

Government’s monopoly on science is to blame. We’ve lost a century of science because of it. No force has been as damaging to science since the Medieval Church. Free market competition in science is the solution.

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