Beware the clowns

The global warming clowns, that is

By Mark Luedtke

Around the country, people are in a panic because of clown sightings. In one example, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports, “Erlanger-Elsmere Schools were in ‘safe and secure’ mode Oct. 6 after police notified the district they had received a report of a clown sighting in Elsmere.” Safe and secure mode is a euphemism for lockdown. Some rulers figured out using the prison term “lockdown” offered too much insight into the true nature of government prison-schools, so they changed it. In the self-professed home of the brave, people panic when they see clowns, even though, to the best of my knowledge, no clown has hurt anybody during the scare.

Two of the biggest clowns have been racing around the country campaigning for president. Both should be forced to wear white face paint, rubber ball noses, and floppy shoes. Then, Americans might recognize the truth of our political system. Donald Trump is more of a goofy clown you can’t help but laugh at. Hillary Clinton is a murderous clown who has killed and maimed more people than all people dressed as clowns in history and movies combined.

Speaking of the presidential campaign, global warming clowns are gnashing their teeth because global warming is not an issue. Despite El Nino temporarily boosting the planet’s temperature to supposed record levels for the last year, a recent Vox politics poll discovered the American people are more afraid of clowns than climate change.

To be fair, they also found Americans are more scared of clowns than terrorists. This shows the power our rulers and their media propagandists have over public opinion. Hopefully, fear mongering about terrorism has reached its limit.

But rulers and their media propagandists have used the same tactics they used to incite fear of clowns to incite fear of global warming for decades. But despite billions spent promoting the great global warming fraud every year, they can’t scare the American people as much as a few unsubstantiated clown sightings. Hopefully, the global warming scare has reached its limit, too.

On a side note, the No. 1 fear of Americans polled was government corruption. This reduces the effectiveness of fear mongering about global warming and terrorism.

The old saying “the truth is the best defense” applies more to the global warming fraud than to the justice system. After having some success in scaring Americans nearly two decades ago, the people have realized that natural variations in climate are not scary no matter how much rulers blame productive activity, which generates carbon dioxide. Severe weather, not climate, is scary.

But the global warming clowns keep trying. reports, “Texas has been cooling since 1895, but that doesn’t suit NOAA’s [National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration] global warming agenda. So they keep cooling the past further and further to create the appearance of a warming trend.”

NOAA’s corruption of the temperature record is so pervasive, always making the past appear cooler than it really was, it seems a week doesn’t go by without another discovery of corrupted historical data. We might think corrupt scientists should be fired, but that’s because we live in the productive world. Because NOAA’s corrupt scientists work for coercive government, no one gets fired and the most corrupt ones get promoted.

In a related story, The Telegraph reports, “Dire predictions that the Arctic would be devoid of sea ice by September this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more now than in 2012.”

The frauds were wrong again. Once El Nino ended, Arctic sea ice extent vigorously rebounded as honest scientists expected. Only coercive governments employ, directly or indirectly, supposed experts who are consistently wrong.

But rulers keep jacking up the price we pay for this fraud. Charles Burris exposes, “Most persons in the US have never heard of the Spanish renewable energy and engineering giant Abengoa. That’s exactly how the DC cronyists and mainstream media like it. But the Abengoa bankruptcy scandal may erupt to be the October Surprise of 2016. It’s 100x as large as Solyndra. Abengoa was the for profit arm of the Clinton Climate agenda. Check out the major players from the Rockefeller Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, The Brookings Institute, HUD, Fannie Mae, NSA, CIA veterans, etc. They were bankrupt in 2009 but hid it for 7 years playing games and looting banks and shareholders since.”

U.S. taxpayers lost tens of billions in this fraud, but voters keep empowering the same corrupt clowns in the same corrupt system, election after election.

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