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<h2>Be careful what you wish for

Black football players oust leftists at Mizzou


<em>By Mark Luedtke</em>

Hoping to promote a Lenin-style revolution, radical leftists have long agitated young people to protest in the streets for any perceived slight. President Obama, who strives to be America’s Lenin, made a career of it before he became the country’s leading race agitator. Thanks to Obama’s incitement, 53 percent of respondents to a Bloomberg poll believed race relations have gotten worse under Obama.

But revolutions frequently eat their parents. Black University of Missouri football players turned on their leftist president instead of the conservatives and businesses agitators want youths to target. CNN reports university President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, both white, resigned amid a race row when football players boycotted football to protest Wolfe’s non-response to charges of racial intimidation.

We know Wolfe and Loftin are hardcore leftists and crony socialists because they run a giant state university. Only hardcore leftists get those cushy jobs. The Epoch Times documents Wolfe’s self-serving statement, born of years being a top leftist. “Why did we get to this very difficult situation? It is my belief we stopped listening to each other. We didn’t respond or react,” The Times reported.

More like Wolfe never listened. You can imagine Wolfe’s surprise when the black students he’d patted on the head his whole career turned on him, as if they didn’t realize he was the reason they weren’t huddled starving and naked in gutters. Leftists believe blacks are too dumb to accomplish anything on their own. They must be buoyed by them and their welfare programs, and they expect blacks to appreciate it.

They don’t. Agitators Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and current Attorney General Loretta Lynch have whipped up racial anger they can’t control, and it’s backfiring against leftists and blacks in general.

No president in my lifetime has done more damage to blacks than Obama. According to CNS news, unemployment among black youth is 393 percent higher than the national rate, guaranteeing extensive black unemployment for decades to come. Nobody is going to hire 30, 40 or 50+ year-old black men who never held a job thanks to Obama’s economy. Obama’s policies are boots stomping on the faces of minorities forever. Blacks should march on the White House with pitchforks and torches. The same for women, whose economic dreams Obama is also crushing.

This incident illustrates the incompatibility between establishment progressives like Wolfe who want only to remain rich from their fat-cat government incomes and revolutionaries like Obama, who wants to see America burn.

While other issues and protests occurred at Mizzou, it was the football player boycott and the money it would cost the university that forced the resignations. The football players should be commended for their peaceful protest, but not for their target. They’re attacking free speech. Popular speech doesn’t need protection. No person of character, regardless of race, should use the N-word, but trying to silence offenders is counterproductive. It raises racial tensions, and that doesn’t benefit anybody.

The best response to offensive comments is to show superior character. Take the moral high ground. People used to teach sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you. That’s a motto to live by. When jerks make offensive comments, it’s best to ignore them and move on.

But ignoring offense doesn’t produce political power. Complaining about offense, real or not, and getting on TV does. That’s why leftist activists taught an army of youth to complain about every perceived offense and get on TV. Thank Obama’s mentors Cloward, Piven and Alinsky for this.

It’s uplifting to see the people whom the establishment oppresses and pretends are powerless rise up and oust a pair of them, but, unfortunately, only leftists revolt.

The establishment is petrified. Student-athletes, especially men’s football and basketball players, because their labor draws huge money to universities, just learned they have tremendous power. The NCAA has run sports programs like plantations for a century. Lucky student-athletes work for room, board and education. Most work for nothing but enjoyment. NCAA rules forbid students from negotiating additional compensation. While NCAA, conference and university bigwigs make millions, they claim there’s no money to pay players. Hopefully players will quickly put an end to that.

But I fear this newfound power will be used more for evil than good, thanks to the socialist education young Americans have been immersed in all their lives. However, when players use this power in the future, it will be entertaining to watch the establishment squirm.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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