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Catholic priests preach global warming gospel

By Mark Luedtke

The great global warming fraud has always been a religion. Nobody disputes that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and that, in a simplistic model, adding CO2 causes Earth’s atmosphere to hold slightly more heat and therefore slightly warm up. But Earth’s climate is not simplistic.

The bone of contention between honest global warming alarmists and skeptics is what impact climate feedbacks have. Alarmists claim positive feedbacks magnify the greenhouse effect by three times, but there is no evidence to support this claim. On the other hand, there’s overwhelming evidence of negative feedbacks. Many have been discovered, but, more importantly, Earth’s past climate history proves the feedbacks are negative. If they weren’t, the planet would have experienced runaway heating long ago during periods of high atmospheric CO2, and we wouldn’t exist.

Yet, alarmists take the “three-times” multiplier as a matter of faith.

Now, the Catholic Church is joining in. Marshall Connolly writes at Catholic Online, “The [Church’s] new guidelines suggest that in the future, priests will also have a good grasp of the global climate change problem and will share this with their congregation.”

This article is full of the standard lies promoted by global warming frauds. It claims the fossil fuel industry funds nearly all skeptics. I wish that were true. I’d love to be funded by Big Oil, but I’m not. Neither are the most prominent skeptics, including Anthony Watts, who hosts the most popular skeptic website, Note to Big Oil: please send me a check.

The article also claims, “The Earth’s temperatures are spiking faster than at any time in history.” Ridiculous. There are times in Earth’s past when temperatures were much higher than today, even within man’s very short history.

The article also claims the Church’s preaching about global warming isn’t political, but it can’t be anything but political because we’re told the solution to global warming is draconian theft and oppression by government coercion. That’s why the global warming religion has attracted so many frauds. This article could easily have been written by the high priest of the great global warming fraud himself, Al Gore.

Few in the U.S. care about global warming. The lack of interest drives the frauds nuts, but we should care because if the frauds get their way, they’ll destroy our economy. They’re already doing so in Europe. Watts exposes, “‘Britain has been gulled by false assurances, that decarbonising our economy would be costless, into signing up to a stupendous bill of over £300 billion up to 2030,’ says Peter Lilley MP, the study’s author and one of the few members of Parliament who voted against the act back in 2008.”

Watts continues, “The report, which is based entirely on official figures, exposes the mischievous attempts by ministers to try and disguise the true cost to households.”

The report notes, “Rising costs [will be] borne disproportionately by the less well off, the elderly, and the vulnerable.”

In the U.S., a cadre of leftist state attorneys general conspired to sue Exxon by claiming it buried research proving global warming. That conspiracy backfired on them when a federal judge in Texas ordered them to be deposed.

Economist and historian Thomas DiLorenzo explains why the global warming frauds are so dangerous:

“The way to resurrect ‘the honorable title of socialism’ after the worldwide collapse of socialism in the late 1980s, wrote prominent socialist economist Robert Heilbroner in the September 10, 1990 New Yorker, is to generate public hysteria about what Heilbroner called ‘the ecological burden that economic growth is placing on the environment,’” DiLorenzo explains. “He provided a recipe for the destruction of capitalism and the resurrection of socialist central planning: ‘Capitalism must be monitored, regulated, and contained to such a degree that it would be difficult to call the final order capitalism.’ All under the guise of ‘easing the ecological burden,’ wink, wink.”

The frauds have largely achieved that goal. The Church has aligned itself with evil people promoting an evil agenda.

Fortunately, the election of Donald Trump put the brakes on the movement. The EPA has already reversed its decision to effectively ban coal. Trump claims he will cut NASA’s global warming bureaucracy. Frauds fear he may undo the corruption they’ve done to temperature record data to make it appear warmer today compared to the past than it really is. They’re apoplectic over his choice of skeptics to head his EPA transition team and to head the EPA itself.

Global warming frauds are feeling the chill.

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