Perpetual war

Institutionalized mass murder all
around the world

By Mark Luedtke


Many people would say war is the worst thing in the world, but there’s one thing worse: perpetual war. US rulers have not officially waged war since invading Afghanistan in 2001, but if you count South America, Somalia, and other unofficial, undeclared, and therefore illegal wars, rulers have waged nonstop war for decades.

After a century of war and the fall of the Soviet Union, idealists entertained the idea of peace on earth. David Stockman explains why there is no peace in the world. “In fact, the War Party entrenched in the [US] capital is dedicated to economic interests and ideological perversions that guarantee perpetual war; they ensure endless waste on armaments and the inestimable death and human suffering that stems from 21st century high tech warfare and the terrorist blow back it inherently generates among those upon which the War Party inflicts its violent hegemony,” he wrote.

Americans pay over $1 trillion annually for perpetual war against manufactured enemies to support perpetual war profiteering by bankers, politicians of both parties, the military, spy agencies, and their crony corporations. Misguided American troops make the world more secure for these war profiteers but more dangerous for everybody else.

US wars were as evil in 2017 as they have been for decades. In Syria, US rulers have been funding, training, and arming al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists for years through allies and CIA and Pentagon programs. This year, President Trump ended one CIA program to fund these terrorists. Without naming the terrorist recipients, the New York Times reported in July, “[Ending the program] was never publicly announced, just as the beginnings of the program four years ago were officially a secret, authorized by President Barack Obama through a ‘finding’ that permitted the C.I.A. to conduct a deniable program. News of the troublesome program soon leaked out.”

You would have to be naive to believe that stopping one official, secret, funding program ended funding and arming of the terrorists. The CIA and Pentagon control their own revenue streams and factions have their own motives. This was a PR move by Trump. The drumbeat to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad continues, as does the march to war with Iran.

Further, World Israel News reports, “Israel has reportedly relayed a rare and sharp message to Assad’s regime in Syria, stating that it will not accept Iranian bases or forces on its border and will act against them—and against Assad himself —if need be.”

If Israel attacks Iran in Syria, as surely as night follows day, US rulers will follow. The mainstream media recently acknowledged that the US already has 2,000 troops in Syria, an undeclared war, risking war with Russia.

Americans readily condemn the mass starvation of men, women, and children by communist regimes, but the media rarely mentions the role US troops play in starving men, women, and children in Yemen. Saudi Arabian rulers are waging war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, with aid from US troops. Saudi forces imposed an air, naval, and ground blockade of the country that they could not execute without US support.

Pat Buchanan explains, “Almost 90 percent of Yemen’s food, fuel, and medicine is imported, and these imports are being cut off. The largest cities under Houthi control, the port of Hodaida and Sanaa, the capital, have lost access to drinking water, because the fuel needed to purify the water is not there.”

Good people must not only condemn the rulers, Presidents Obama and Trump, as well as Saudi rulers, but the men and women who follow them and carry out their illegal orders. This starvation blockade in another undeclared war is a war crime, and the troops who are helping enforce it cannot claim they were just following orders as a defense.

US troops train in Ukraine. Four US troops were recently killed in Niger. According to, fourteen more US troops were killed in Afghanistan this year, raising the total for the war to 2,406 for the 16-year war. Contrary to a report in “US News and World Report,” don’t expect that war to be decided in 2018. There’s too much money to be looted from taxpayers.

Besides the trillions wasted on perpetual war, Americans suffer a rapidly expanding police state at home. Congress is poised to quickly and quietly reauthorize mass surveillance on Americans. Trump reauthorized the sale of surplus military equipment to police.

And thanks to perpetual war, we suffer a perpetual terrorist threat.

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