Conspiracy Theorist: 12/29/15

Year in Review: 2015

Mark Luedtke

Perpetual wars dominated the 2015 news. President Obama extended the Afghan war, but the scariest new development was U.S. and NATO threats against Russia on multiple fronts.

The war in Syria garnered the most coverage. The CIA and U.S. allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others have funded, armed and trained jihadists including al Qaeda affiliate al Nusra Front and ISIS in Syria for years in a proxy war to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. The American people were largely unaware of this until ISIS changed direction and rolled through Iraq toward Baghdad, capturing major cities Mosul and Ramadi on the way.

Obama ordered U.S. airstrikes to stop the ISIS advance and herd them back toward Damascus.

But the U.S. is not really waging war on ISIS because ISIS is the most effective fighting force against Assad. Highlighting phony U.S. policy in the region, the Pentagon spent $500 billion to arm and train a couple dozen supposedly moderate fighters against ISIS. They were immediately and embarrassingly absorbed into ISIS. This program was exposed as another masquerade to bolster ISIS.

The Russians entered the war to protect their Syrian interests including a naval base on the eastern Mediterranean. Not differentiating between jihadist groups, Russian air attacks and Special Forces scored immediate victories against the jihadists, all of whom are secretly supported by the U.S. and its allies. It’s like Vietnam in the desert. It was only a matter of time until NATO forces directly confronted Russian forces.

In November, Turkish jets shot down a Russian fighter plane, resurrecting the long-dormant threat of nuclear war between Russia and the U.S.

Pushed from the headlines by the Syrian War, western aggression in Ukraine against Russia and Russian separatists continued. The Ukrainian government cut off Russian supply routes to Crimea, traditional home of the Russian fleet on the Black Sea and which joined Russia after the recent U.S.-backed Ukrainian coup. NATO armed Ukraine and deployed a rapid strike force on Russia’s doorstep to back the Ukrainian coup-meisters, creating another potential flashpoint for nuclear war.

Blowback from wars of aggression by the US and its European allies flooded into Europe in the form of the recent ISIS terrorist attack on Paris and the overwhelming crush of refugees. The sheer number of refugees overwhelmed Europe’s welfare states creating humanitarian crises, and the clash of cultures sparked violence, a rape epidemic and the threat of more terrorist attacks.

German Chancellor Merkel, Germany’s ruler for a decade, may be ousted because of her betrayal of Germans. At home, Dayton’s Mayor Whaley betrayed Daytonians by inviting the same, unvetted refugees to Dayton. Her greed puts every local at risk.

On the economic front, Greece, the worst of the PIIGS [Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain] experienced another sovereign debt crisis, worse than the last, before its populist leftist ruling party caved to European Union bankers and betrayed the Greek people with more so-called austerity in return for another bailout. The next crisis will be worse yet. The same for all the PIIGS and every other western welfare state, including the U.S.

Powered only by printing counterfeit money, the world economic bubble ground to a halt causing China to suffer a fantastic stock market crash over the summer. The world’s emerging economies, built on selling raw materials to China, faltered. Inflation ran rampant in South America. Argentina’s government collapsed. Brazil and Venezuela are on the verge.

Western economies and Japan declined. The only reason the U.S. economy hasn’t crashed yet is investment from all around the world fled here in hopes of safe haven. The result is outrageous bubbles in real estate, art and other luxury items for the super-rich. It won’t last.

The Federal Reserve teased about raising interest rates, but it didn’t raise them. Expect that to continue. It’s trapped.

The sharing economy was the one bright spot on the economic front. Uber, Lyft and Airbnb disrupted taxi and hotel businesses. Those cronies who pay millions to politicians to protect them from competition are fighting back with regulations and lawsuits to halt progress and protect their illegitimate profits.

Because both parties stink and Obama ran unchecked with executive orders, supposed outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders gained support in the primaries, but neither a billionaire nor an incumbent Senator are outsiders. The establishment doesn’t like them, but if they get elected, nothing significant will change.

Despite the illusion generated by funny-money, the downward spiral of the world, America and the Miami Valley continued.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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