Conspiracy Theorist: 12/8/15

Devastating government failure

Mark Luedtke

Middle Eastern terrorists regularly execute spectacular attacks against the U.S. or its allies. Trillions of dollars stolen for wars and spying since 9/11 can’t prevent them. ISIS-connected terrorists recently killed 130 in Paris. President Obama claimed ISIS was the JV squad and a day before the attacks declared ISIS is contained, but by all honest accounts, ISIS is attracting more foreign fighters and expanding into many countries. Anybody who claims we’re safer since 9/11 is either a fool or knave. Not just the Paris attack, but all these attacks prove the War on Terror is a failure.
As Peter Van Buren wrote, “Since 2001 the U.S. has expended enormous efforts to kill a handful of men—bin Laden, al-Zarqawi, al-Awlaki, and this weekend, Jihadi John. Others, many without names, were killed outside of media attention, or were tortured to death, or are still rotting in the offshore penal colony of Guantanamo or the dark hell of the Salt Pit in Afghanistan. And it has not worked, and Paris this weekend, and the next one somewhere else sometime soon, are the proof.”
Yet after each attack, our rulers propose the same prescription: more aggression, more war, and more spying; more of the policies that have failed. The only debate is about how much more. No significant consideration is given to the idea that aggression, war and spying cause terrorism.
Since 9/11, rulers have claimed they need the power to read or listen to every electronic communication in the world in order to stop terrorists. It hasn’t worked. It can’t work. That strategy is counterproductive to the stated motive of stopping terrorists.
Imagine if you were looking for a needle in a haystack built from the communications of all Americans. In a haystack that overwhelming, the needle would be impossible to find. If, on the other hand, you built your haystack only from the tiny number of people in America likely to commit terrorist attacks, then you could find the needle and prevent attacks.
Zdnet reveals, “[An inexpensive] program had enough metadata that could’ve established a relationship among the September 11 hijackers, but greed and incompetence led to the [National Security Agency] spending billions on a different program, said [NSA whistleblower] Binney. The rival program, Trailblazer, which took ThinThread’s place after the attacks, was favored by the agency’s leadership as it garnered more funds from Congress.” The effective program was too cheap for our thieving rulers.
Greedy rulers collect information on us all to control us, not stop terrorists. Terrorists are no threat to them. Every terrorist attack is an excuse to steal more money and power from us. Because robbing and controlling us is their priority, they stink at stopping terrorists.
But government’s failure to prevent terrorism begins with foreign policy.
The genesis of ISIS proves terrorists aren’t fighting so much for a cause as against aggression. ISIS was originally called al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), and it was formed inside U.S. prisons in Iraq as a response to the U.S. invasion and occupation. According to one ISIS leader, if not for the U.S. prisons in Iraq, ISIS wouldn’t exist. ISIS is a response to U.S. aggression and war. Our rulers know this, though they won’t admit it in the media.
The Guardian reports, “The other prisoners did not take long to warm to him, [senior ISIS commander] Abu Ahmed recalled. They had also been terrified of Bucca, but quickly realised that far from their worst fears, the US-run prison provided an extraordinary opportunity. ‘We could never have all got together like this in Baghdad, or anywhere else,’ he told me. ‘It would have been impossibly dangerous. Here, we were not only safe, but we were only a few hundred metres away from the entire al-Qaida leadership.’”
When the U.S. and allies fomented the civil war in Syria, ISIS opportunistically jumped in and obtained US funding, training and weapons. ISIS is a creation of U.S. intervention in the Middle East just as al Qaeda is a creation of U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the first Iraq war. NATO attacked Middle Easterners. They’re fighting back. All government interventions, foreign and domestic, because of their aggressive nature, create more and worse problems than the problems they purport to solve.
Once you understand the problem, the solution becomes self-evident. To stop terrorism, we must end the government aggression that causes it. Without aggression to resist, ISIS will burn itself out into the dustbin of history.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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