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Government failure wreaks death and destruction on Connecticut families

 By Mark Luedtke

Acolytes of the State claim we are bound by a social contract none of us ever signed, but which empowers the government to steal our money in return for which the state provides us security. Families in Connecticut tragically learned how farcical this claim is when government failed to protect 20 children and six adults from a madman in one of the state’s prison schools. My heart breaks for the families.

9/11 is the most spectacular instance of US government failure, but government fails at everything it claims to do. For 50 years, government has promised to end poverty, yet more Americans suffer in poverty today than ever. For 90 years it has promised to protect us from drugs and drug violence, but more Americans use drugs and suffer drug-related violence today than ever. The Declaration of Independence claims government protects our rights, but government violates our rights more than any other entity. From its inception, the state promised peace and security, but instead it delivers perpetual war, terrorism and mass murder. Every problem government purports to solve, it makes worse. Because 20 innocent children were murdered while locked in a government facility, the massacre at Sandy Hook is arguably the third most spectacular instance of government failure in our lifetimes, after 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Never allowing a crisis to go to waste, political opportunists capitalized on this tragedy by calling for more government control of our lives before the bodies of the victims were even cold. Some called for more gun control. Others called for armed guards – easy targets for a killer – in schools.

But government cannot make us safer. Killers violate the law. Gun control laws invariably increase violent crime because they benefit criminals. More gun restrictions will lead to more murders. The primary lesson to be learned from this avoidable tragedy is government cannot protect us. The government can’t protect us in airplanes, office buildings, college campuses, restaurants, movie theaters or homes. It can’t even protect children it forces to attend its prison schools, even though it locks them down and everybody else out. Government is not the solution to the problem of security. Government makes us less safe.

Because the press operates as the propaganda arm of the government, talking heads distract people from realizing the common denominator of all these mass murders is coercive government itself. Instead, they focus on the murderer and his weapons, making him famous and ensuring the chain of mass murders will continue. What they cover up is that every massacre begins with government disarming the victims. Gun restrictions are the common enabler for all these massacres. It’s bad enough that government lulls people into a false sense of security that makes them less safe. What’s worse is government empowers and assists murderers by disarming their victims. From Sandy Hook to Aurora to Fort Hood to Virginia Tech to Columbine to 9/11 to Luby’s and elsewhere, all the victims had been disarmed by government.

Once we acknowledge the problem, the solution becomes obvious. In order to prevent these mass murders, we must reclaim our natural right to defend ourselves and others with the best available tools. Maybe we should amend the Constitution with a right to keep and bear arms.

If people were allowed – I hate the word allow – to carry weapons, whether they carried them or not, it would deter others from going on shooting sprees. Those that did anyway would quickly be stopped. Only government would endanger the most vulnerable Americans – children – by coercing them from their parents, locking them in prison schools and banning adults in the schools from carrying the most effective tools to keep them safe. Only people mis-educated in government schools would think this system makes sense.

You never read about massacres of free people because free people are armed and shoot back. You didn’t read about a massacre in central Texas this August because armed citizen Vic Stacy shot Charles Conner after he had executed his neighbor and her dogs then turned his AR-15 on Sgt. Steven Means of the Early Police Department. According to the news report, “Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs later said, ‘The citizen that fired these shots did a tremendous job out there. Had he not had a gun and the presence of mind to do this, we don’t know what the outcome would’ve been.’” Had teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook been allowed to carry arms like Stacy, they could have stopped the shooter as soon as he opened fire, and we would never have heard this story.

I guarantee the next mass murder like Sandy Hook will occur in a location in which the victims have been disarmed. And the one after that. And so on until we take back our natural right to keep and bear arms. Until then the best way to keep your children safe is to keep them out of government schools. It’s also the only way to ensure they get a quality education.

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