Conspiracy Theorist: 1/5/16

The government is an armed gang

Mark Luedtke

Imagine a gang of armed men showed up at your house and stole money from you. Suppose they went door to door and stole money from your neighbors and everybody else. Naturally, they would spend a percentage of that money on themselves. They would live large, buying expensive houses and cars. They would buy lots of guns and throw lots of parties. The smart ones would give the rest of the stolen money to ultra-rich business owners and heads of organizations, which paid them regularly and guaranteed more money would be available to steal over time.

Nobody would call that economic development or stimulus or claim it boosted the economy. It would be obvious this gang impoverished its victims and created poverty, while enriching themselves and their backers, slowing economic growth. People would resist.

But when that armed gang calls itself a government and issues decrees declaring its robbery legal, seemingly rational people lose their minds and say these same actions benefit the economy. You can’t reason with them.

Allowing people to pick which of two arch-criminals head the government gang—Hans Hermann Hoppe explained why only bad people rule in democracies—was the smartest move government gangsters ever came up with. Handing out a little stolen money to people they robbed into poverty to make themselves appear compassionate and charitable was smart, too, but it doesn’t make their armed robbery any more legitimate or beneficial.

The same thing is true of regulations. Suppose a few small businesses—because they’re more innovative and efficient—draw customers from big businesses. If the owners of the big businesses wrote a self-serving decree saying the business practices of their small competitors would no longer be tolerated and hired an armed gang to enforce the decree, nobody would say this decree was legitimate. Nobody would say it protected people. People would resist.

But when the armed gang calls itself a government, all of a sudden seemingly rational people go nuts and support decrees which quash competition for big business. They claim the government gang is protecting consumers, workers, children or they provide another bogus rationalization. Again, you can’t reason with them. All regulations benefit big business because big businesses have more resources to absorb regulatory costs.

Imagine a criminal gang was counterfeiting money, and did it so well the counterfeit money was undetectable, but people knew it was happening. Imagine they were in cahoots with the biggest banks, which pyramided more counterfeit money on top of the original. The counterfeiters would buy whatever they wanted, getting something for nothing. At that time prices would be low, so the people who first received the counterfeit money would get richer. Over time, the counterfeit money would spread through the economy and prices would rise, so people who received the counterfeit money later, or received none at all, would get poorer. Nobody would say counterfeiting stimulated the economy. Everybody would realize it stole wealth from the people. They would resist.

Yet, if that counterfeiting operation is called the Federal Reserve and is watched over by the government gang, suddenly seemingly rational people call for printing ever more counterfeit money to stimulate the economy. You can’t reason with them.

Suppose an armed gang showed up to your house to kidnap your children and lock them away in a prison all day, ostensibly to educate them. Most parents would fight to protect their children from such kidnappers, but if they are from the government gang, parents passively surrender their children.

And once the gang got a hold of the children, it would brainwash them to believe the gang was working for the benefit of everybody, not just for themselves. It would feed them and pretend to protect them. It would brainwash children into believing the gang was wiser, more resourceful and cared more about the children than their parents. It would lie to instill blind devotion to itself in its victims, so when they grew up they would mindlessly defend the criminal actions of the gang from all criticism.

To perform this brainwashing, the gang would isolate children from family, adults and older children, except a few gang members. Those gang members would demand absolute and unquestioning obedience. They would regiment children like prisoners. They would traumatize them with fake terror drills to maximize their emotional vulnerability and convince them only the gang could protect them. They would drug any child who resisted. That’s what the government gang does.

This brutally effective brainwashing is why you can’t reason with government supporters. Over a century of compulsory education, especially since it was nationalized by the Department of Education, is at the core of America’s economic and social problems.

That’s because brainwashing comes with personal, as well as economic, costs. Nearly one in ten children and teens has been hospitalized with a mental health problem. The government gang is not just stealing our property, funneling it into the pockets of plutocrats and creating a modern feudal system. It’s destroying the minds of American children, and has been for some time, so they can’t resist.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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