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Dayton’s economy cannot depend on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

 By Mark Luedtke

The local powers that be are worried that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is losing its clout in Washington. Senator Portman is leaving a military committee, which he used to advocate for Wright-Patt. This worries our local rulers because the local economy depends heavily on Wright-Patt. These fears are well founded.

The problem is Montgomery County has two economies: a true private sector economy and a parasitic economy funded by government spending. Primarily because of Wright-Patt, but also because of other government spending, the parasitic economy is huge. But because government directs so many resources into that parasitic economy, the private sector economy is small. It’s a terrible indictment of local government and the voters that empower it that, despite the incredible amount of money stolen from Americans all over the country and funneled through Wright-Patt into our economy, our local economy just limps along. As Wright-Patt funding dries up, the weakness of the private economy will be exposed, and this scares the crap out of our local rulers because they’ll be exposed with it.

And Wright-Patt funding will dry up. Not just because Portman is leaving some committee. Federal spending cannot be sustained. Counting entitlements, the U.S. government is $222 trillion in debt. The U.S. would have to have $222 trillion in the bank today to pay off all its obligations. That means every man, woman and child in the U.S. owes over $700,000 today to pay those debts. Every day the debt goes unpaid, it climbs. Needless to say, paying that debt is impossible. The government will default. The sooner, the less bad.

Further, because Obama plans to cut the military so he can increase welfare spending, those military cuts will start sooner instead of later. Obama nominated Republican Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense to provide cover for cutting military spending. Besides which, cutting military spending makes sense economically and for security. The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 40 countries combined. It spends more than all of Europe, Israel, Russia, China, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Iran and Syria combined. There are no words to adequately describe how insane that is. In addition, our wars overseas make us less safe by creating terrorists faster than the military can kill them.

Foregoing all pretense of objective reporting, the Dayton Daily News claims, “The area can best prepare to withstand cuts and push economic growth with a focus on core areas tied to Wright-Patterson and its industrial and research base: advanced human performance technologies, automation efficiencies, unmanned aerial systems and information technology, among other things.”

This central plan is exactly the wrong thing to do. Our local government is already destroying our wealth by stealing it from the real private economy and squandering it in the parasitic economy funded largely by the federal government through Wright-Patt. What our economy desperately needs is for local government to get out of the way so businesses can adapt to better serve the demands of local consumers, not federally-funded consumers who will soon disappear. If the civilian aviation industry can pick up the slack, it should do so on its merits, with no interference from the government.

Cuts to Wright-Patt are coming, and our economy will suffer because of them. The question becomes what should we do about it. I have a plan that, if implemented immediately, would improve our local economy in weeks and keep improving it over time. It would also empower our economy to better adapt to changing conditions as government defaults on its debt.

First, abolish all economic development bureaucracies and programs in local government. Because economic development programs first steal money out of the economy then waste much of that money on parasitic bureaucrats and politicians before re-injecting a smaller amount of money back into the economy, they are always counter-productive. They can only be counter-productive. Further, because they tend to direct resources from the true private economy into the parasitic economy for the benefit of the politicians and the bureaucrats, they stagnate the economy and make it harder for producers to adapt to change.

Second, abolish all public affairs bureaucracies and programs in local government. These programs are propaganda and marketing programs that advocate more theft and destruction of our wealth by government. Voluntary organizations like the chamber of commerce should handle marketing for the region.

Third, abolish all local income taxes. The way government attracts outside business is through special tax breaks. Local companies need tax breaks, too, and abolishing the income tax will attract more outside businesses to the area than individual tax breaks.

These simple changes will immediately boost local business and invite new investment into the region – maybe more civilian aviation business along with other businesses – plus they will empower producers to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. No needy person will lose a welfare check. The only jobs lost will be a handful of wealth-destroying government jobs that make us all poorer, and those will quickly be replaced with wealth creating private sector jobs that make us all richer.

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