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The Surveillance State looks in your backyard

By Mark Luedtke

From the point of view of the government, everybody is a suspect. Anybody can commit a crime at any time, so the government treats us all as suspects in advance. And because the government is a predatory institution, and nearly every law passed by legislatures is an act of aggression against the people, people tend to break a lot of laws, often unknowingly. Civil liberties expert Harvey Silverglate wrote how the average American commits three felonies a day.

But they don’t have to be accidental. Suppose you’re driving down the street and a dumb government stoplight orders you to stop at an intersection even though there is no cross traffic. Stopping is a waste of time and fuel. Stopping blocks traffic, creating a traffic hazard. The government orders you to stop anyway just to flex its muscles and reinforce its position as the ruler and your position as the serf.

But suppose there’s no cop around, so you run the red light to improve your life and the safety of others. Enter the surveillance state. The government knows that people, when they are not being observed, often reject government aggression. So, government agents put red light cameras at strategic intersections so they can dominate you and steal your money even when cops aren’t watching. It’s way cheaper to put a camera at every intersection than a cop. The government is the aggressor. The law has no connection to right and wrong. The government is wasting your time and your fuel. The government is endangering you and others. Yet, when you run the red light, somehow you are considered the bad guy because you didn’t submit. The government uses that excuse to steal your money in the form of a fine.

Advocates for the Surveillance State always claim their surveillance techniques are designed to make us safer. Baloney. State surveillance is designed to make it easier for the state to prey on us.

In an ominous development, Dayton City Commissioners are considering hiring a company to provide aerial surveillance of Dayton, taking the local Surveillance State to new heights. The city will reportedly pay Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) $120,000 for 120 hours of surveillance. A thousand dollars an hour is pretty good money if you can get it. That’s for nine months of coverage. The city has an option to extend the project for four years. The city wants to make PSS rich with your tax dollars, and you know a bunch of that money will flow back into the pockets of the politicians.

The program is a win-win for the politicians and their police state cronies, but it’s a loser for Dayton taxpayers. At a time when Dayton government should be cutting spending and taxes so outside investment will flow into the city, this new expenditure will burden our economy.

One way the powers that be are trying to sell this project is as a fascist jobs program. According to the Dayton Daily News, “‘We’re setting up essentially a showplace for the technology here at Tech Town,’ [PSS President] McNutt said. McNutt predicted the company will expand its workforce if the commission approves the surveillance contract. With up to 25 employees today, PSS could hire an additional 15 to ‘start off,’ he said.” Of course the government has to take more money out of the economy before it can inject money back into it. The result is always a net loss for the economy and jobs.

McNutt fails to explain why Dayton needs this technology. Crime in Dayton has been steadily dropping as the police department experienced budget cuts. We tend to think that police prevent crime, but the opposite is true. The crime rate has dropped because local businesses are putting more resources into preventing crime instead of counting on the police. By cutting spending, including police spending, private businesses will have more resources to further reduce the crime rate.

McNutt points to Mexico as a location in which his technology has helped solve crimes, but Dayton isn’t Mexico. The government’s war on drugs, a virulent aggressive law that spawned horrific violence, has created a civil war in Mexico. Nobody kills each other over beer or cigarettes. The violence in the war on drugs is a product of government making drugs illegal. This illustrates how government creates crime, death and destruction and then uses them as an excuse to steal our money to combat what it created.

But this project isn’t just about stealing money. It’s also about spying on everybody. The camera on the plane can view an area the size of downtown Dayton at once. That means PSS and the police are going to be looking in our backyards and in our windows. Government is using our money to unleash high-tech Peeping Toms on us, and perverts will be attracted to that job if they’re rejected by the TSA.

And beware the slippery slope. Once we accept this technology, full-time drones won’t be far behind.

Fortunately this isn’t a done deal. I hope the citizens of Dayton stop this project before it starts.

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Reach DCP freelance writer Mark Luedtke at

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