Conspiracy Theorist: 2/17

Mayor Whaley hearts socialism

By Mark Luedtke

Dayton government schools are among the worst in the state. The Dayton Daily News reports, “The Ohio Department of Education’s district review team will spend next week studying the leadership, teaching, student support and more in Dayton Public Schools, and then will do the same at Trotwood-Madison the week of Feb. 23. The only other Ohio school district getting a detailed on-site review this school year is Lima.”

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, Ohio government schools rank 29th out of 51 states and Washington D.C. So Dayton and Trotwood government schools are at the bottom of a below-average state. But don’t worry about the teachers. They got raises while you didn’t.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley has staked out her position on the reason Dayton schools stink and offered her recommendations. The DDN summarizes, “A plan to improve educational outcomes in Dayton proposes creating a new report card system, more internship and mentoring opportunities, expanded after school and summer learning options and a loan forgiveness program for students who remain in the community.”

Those recommendations are divorced from reality. Dayton’s socialist school system is a failure because socialism can only be a failure, but Whaley’s pretend solution is more socialism at the expense of children and families. This response illustrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of socialists. Whaley wants to more aggressively rip children from families even though doing so has been a disaster for students, families and society.

A wise man once observed, “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” There’s no doubt our supreme rulers are smart people putting us on, gleefully and legally stealing our money, ordering us around at the point of the government’s gun, and laughing all the way to their too-big-to-fail banks, but Whaley might really mean it. Following the American socialist model, Whaley advances socialism with a smile on her face and a billy club behind her back. Bunny ears camouflage her jackboots.

Whaley blames students and families for the failure of government schools, not the irreconcilable failures inherent in socialism. If the government can just get its claws into children 24/7/365 from cradle to adulthood and steal more money, it could turn students into the cookie-cutter drones socialists want.

The State, because it’s coercive, creates conflict between itself and families. Allan Carlson writes, “Looking at the experience of many nations, Princeton University demographer Norman Ryder traces the central common cause of fertility decline to the introduction of mass public education. ‘Education of the junior generation is a subversive influence,’ he says. ‘Political organizations, like economic organizations, demand loyalty and attempt to neutralize family particularism. There is a struggle between the family and the state for the minds of the young,’ where the mandatory state school serves as ‘the chief instrument for teaching citizenship, in a direct appeal to the children over the heads of their parents.’”

Welfare is one of the biggest ways government attacks families. Hans Hermann-Hoppe explains, “Every form of government welfare – the compulsory wealth or income transfer from ‘haves’ to ‘have-nots’ – lowers the value of a person’s membership in an extended family-household system as a social system of mutual cooperation and help and assistance. Marriage loses value. For parents, the value and importance of a ‘good’ upbringing (education) of their own children is reduced. Correspondingly, for children, less value will be attached and less respect paid to their own parents.”

Social Security and Medicare shift the responsibility for taking care of older people from their children and grandchildren to other people’s children. By devaluing children, this has led to lower rates of childbirth and the dissolution of the extended family.

When you subsidize something, you get more of it. When you tax something, you get less of it. Government taxes marriage and subsidizes single mothers in its war on families.

But worst of all, kidnapping children from their families and removing from parents the power and responsibility to educate children devalues children to parents and parents to children, creating rifts in the nuclear family.

Europeans no longer produce enough children to replace themselves. Americans are not far behind. U.S. marriage rates fell to an all-time low. Following Europe down the welfare state abyss, half of Americans are now single. Government’s war on children and families lead to massive increases in abortion.

Because Whaley is pro-socialism, she is necessarily anti-family. By its nature, socialism is coercive. It funds itself through armed robbery and advances its interest through threats of violence backed by violence. Socialists have no prices to guide them to make rational economic decisions. Because these properties are inherent in socialism, it’s inherently corrupt. Self-interest rewards socialists who steal more money and employ more violence. This is why the worst people always rise to the top of socialist organizations. Because these properties are inherent in socialism, it cannot be reformed.

There is no way to reform government schools to make them productive. We must abolish them.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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