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Obama twists Republicans into pretzels

 By Mark Luedtke

I hate politics. Politics is the art of convincing people to allow one faction to control our stolen money instead of another faction. Regardless of which faction wins, our money gets stolen.

There are two general Big Lies for winning at politics. The first is convincing people who produce less wealth that the people who produce more wealth have stolen it and the government must steal everybody’s money to right that wrong. The second is to convince people some enemy, usually foreign, is going to kill everybody unless the people put their faction in charge of the stolen money. Democrats primarily use the first Big Lie and Republicans primarily use the second, although members of both factions will use either argument, infinite variations or completely different arguments to achieve their ultimate goal of getting rich and enriching their cronies by stealing taxpayers’ money.

Americans tend to believe that the country is fairly evenly divided between these warfare and welfare ideologies. That’s baloney. The two parties, their media propagandists and their plutocrat masters all work together, spending outrageous amounts of our money, to convince us of this imaginary division. If one side gains advantage over the other, our rulers shift the point of public debate to bring people back into a nearly even split so the two parties can continue working together to divide, conquer and loot us.

This is why special interests tend to fund both parties. If you don’t believe me, visit But sometimes one special interest becomes ideologically and financially embedded with one party only.

Currently, the Israel lobby has powerful control of the Republican Party and is using it to foment war. The problem for Republicans is Americans are weary of war. We’ve been in a state of perpetual war since 9/11 – which Israeli intelligence agents celebrated – and the result has been horrific. Afghanistan is more unstable than ever after 12 years, billions of dollars and thousands of American casualties. Iraq is worse off than before the US invaded and is devolving into civil war. Americans have suffered loss of blood and treasure. Americans are poorer and less safe. So are Afghans, Iraqis and Pakistanis. The same is true for everybody in the Middle East and North Africa. Now the chaos has spread into sub-Saharan Africa. Al Qaeda affiliates operate across the entire region, sometimes with US support, sometimes against US interests. Billions of people have lost. Only politicians and war profiteering plutocrats have gained. More than any other issue, Mitt Romney’s warmongering enabled President Obama to defeat him last election.

I’m no fan of President Obama. He’s the most destructive president of my lifetime and probably the most destructive since FDR killed 400,000 Americans in WWII, but it’s entertaining to watch him twist Senate Republicans into pretzels over his nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Bombing the World into Submission.

Obama nominated Hagel specifically to beat up Republicans over the Israel lobby, and it’s working. In addition to US politicians and plutocrats, Israel’s warmongers have profited from US aggression in the Middle East and Asia, and as a result, that Israel lobby is reportedly the most powerful lobby in Washington. Obama shrewdly maneuvered Republicans into an unprecedented filibuster of the Secretary of Defense, against a member of their own party, in support of the Israel lobby and against the will of the American people. Republicans look like Medieval fools jumping through hoops to satisfy their Israel lobby king, yet Romney won only 30 percent of the Jewish vote compared to Obama’s 69 percent. Pandering to the Israel lobby is bad for America and bad politics.

Justin Raimondo describes the circus in the Senate committee hearing on Hagel’s nomination, “The climactic moment of this avalanche of slime was when Cruz [R-Texas] turned to the committee, and declared: ‘I don’t know if he has received funds from foreign sources, from extreme sources – directly or indirectly. Just today we discovered speeches that he had not disclosed.’ ‘We don’t know’ how much money came from ‘foreign’ sources and was ‘deposited in his personal bank account in the last five years,’ he said.” That’s like wondering if a man stopped beating his wife.

Hagel is a war hero who volunteered for Vietnam. He’s not controlled by foreign money. The Republican senators are controlled by money from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Hagel’s biggest sin is prioritizing US security ahead of Israel’s.

Raimondo described AIPAC’s power after President Obama made demands on the Israeli government, “We are faced, here in this country, with the extraordinary spectacle of a US President confronting a foreign leader with a list of reasonable requests – negotiation in good faith, the abandonment of encroaching ‘settlements,’ an end to the arbitrary humiliations endured by a people under occupation – and the leaders of the opposition are taking the side of the foreign leader.”

Hard-liners in Israel promote the destructive US wars in the Middle East through Republicans. Hopefully Obama will break Israel’s stranglehold on US foreign policy.

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