The Next US War

Situation may lead to action
against NATO ally Turkey

By Mark Luedtke

Turks, Syrians, Kurds, and Americans. One of these things is not like the others. If you picked Americans, you’re right. The Turks, Syrians, and Kurds control territory that overlaps in the Levant. They share history, cooperation, and conflict that goes back thousands of years. Their troops belong in the Levant since it’s their home.

Americans live thousands of miles away across the ocean. The history of our country doesn’t compare to that in the Middle East. American troops don’t belong in the Levant because it is not their home.

But that doesn’t stop US rulers from forcing their will on Middle East victims using US troops.

US rulers have consistently claimed they’re waging war in Syria against ISIS. That’s always been a lie. As I’ve documented many times, the US created ISIS. It used ISIS as a tool. It wasn’t until ISIS leaders strayed from the US agenda and invaded Iraq that US rulers used troops to try and herd them back onto their agenda. It never tried to destroy ISIS. That claim was fake news.

If you’ve been skeptical so far, I hope recent events convince you otherwise.

In December the UK’s Telegraph reported, “The combined forces of Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad have completely wiped out the Islamic State in Syria, the [Russian] defence ministry has said.”

Russia’s Lt General Sergei Rudskoi explained, “Today in the Syrian Arab Republic there is not one population point or region controlled by the Islamic State. The territory of Syria has been completely liberated from this terrorist group.”

We should thank the Russians. Unlike US forces, Russian troops really were fighting ISIS. US troops protected ISIS fighters and attacked Syrian fighters. When the Russians say they won, you can believe it.

If US forces were really in Syria to fight ISIS, US rulers would likewise declare victory and withdraw those troops.

But US troops aren’t pulling out. More are going in. US rulers recently announced a plan to embed 30,000 US troops with stateless Kurds in a stronghold in northern Syria on the border with Turkey. Turkey considers the Kurds terrorists and a mortal threat, but US rulers say this will bring stability to the region. Feel free to laugh.

Michael Roseff notes, “Two days ago, it was obvious that [President] Trump and Tillerson were increasing instability in northern Syria by their plans to form a U.S.-trained 30,000 man force or army inside Syria and uninvited by Damascus. It has taken only 2 days for that instability to have been realized.”

The Turks attacked the Kurd stronghold and promise to overrun and destroy it with Americans in it or not. Rozeff blames Trump since he’s the commander-in-chief, but any president would have done the same. This is a reflection of long-term US policy, not the policy of one administration.

It’s important to note neither the Turks, Syrians, or Kurds were implicated in 9/11 or any terrorism against the US. None of them are allied with al Qaeda. Congress has not declared war on any of these groups. Placing US troops on that border is as illegal as it gets, but the law doesn’t apply to rulers.

The war on terror is a sham. It’s a cover for perpetual, worldwide war with an ulterior motive: the war for the dollar.

China and Russia are hoarding gold to create a new trading bloc along with Brazil, India, and South Africa [the BRICS] to challenge the world reserve currency status of the dollar. China intends to build a new Silk Road railroad and oil pipeline from China through Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria into Turkey and from there to eastern Russia and Europe. US rulers fear this trading bloc would exclude them and end world dollar dominance.

Furthermore, because of China’s one-child policy, the country has more young men than women. China won’t just export goods. China plans to export men to Russia and Europe, further tightening the connections.

The US created and backed ISIS to create a caliphate in the Levant that would prevent the new Silk Road from connecting to Syria. That failed.

The US-backed Kurd stronghold on the Turkish border is designed to break the connection there.

Protecting the dollar from the BRICS and the new Silk Road is the impetus behind US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. It’s the impetus behind US aggression against Iran, China, and Russia.

Washington’s strategy is doomed to backfire. Cooperation, peace, and trade, not war, is the solution.


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