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Is it autism or is it government schools?

By Mark Luedtke

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) justifies its existence by scaring people about diseases. The latest scary story is that one in 50 school children suffers from autism. This contradicts an earlier government study claiming one in 88 was autistic. That would be very scary if true, but even government propagandist Associated Press (AP) is skeptical and provides rare insight into the motivations behind the study, “The number is important – government officials look at how common each illness or disorder is when weighing how to spend limited public health funds.” So, if you’re a CDC bureaucrat trying to get a budget increase, grow your staff and obtain a promotion to make yourself wealthier, you commission a study rigged to exaggerate illnesses. If the previous study, drawn from school and medical records, isn’t scary enough, AP describes how to rig a study that is: “The new statistic comes from a national phone survey of more than 95,000 parents in 2011 and 2012. Less than a quarter of the parents contacted agreed to answer questions and it’s likely that those with autistic kids were more interested than other parents in participating in a survey on children’s health, CDC officials said.”

Here’s another way to manipulate the data: “For decades, autism meant kids with severe language, intellectual and social impairments and unusual, repetitious behaviors. But the definition has gradually expanded and now includes milder, related conditions.”

Both numbers are bogus. The common factor of both studies is the focus on school kids. It’s no coincidence that autism is most often diagnosed in children age 8, a few years after they’ve been ripped from their families and locked into government prison-schools. If an honest researcher studied pre-school and home-schooled children, he’d find almost zero autism.

It’s impossible to measure how damaging government schools are. For a hundred thousand years, the children of our ancestors were educated by parents, siblings and others in the extended family and community. Children’s minds are genetically programmed for healthy socialization through this process. Then, two hundred years ago, Prussia’s rulers decided they didn’t like that children were more loyal to their families and communities than the state. Natural socialization made it hard to force them to fight wars of conquest on behalf of the rulers. So, the Prussians invented our modern school system to break the bonds between children and their families and communities and fill the void with obedience to the central authority of the state. American socialists imported that system and made it the law of the land, from the federal government down through state and local school boards.

Don’t take it from me. Retired generals remind us that government schools are still for creating soldiers. This damage to socialization is the root cause of many childhood problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bullying, teenage pregnancy, juvenile crime, mass shootings, as well as most autism diagnoses. And while some children don’t show the damage as much as others, every child is damaged by government schools.

Ten years ago, nobody had heard of the term lockdown associated with schools. It was a term describing when prison guards locked down prisons into cells to prevent riots. You can’t go a week today without hearing about a school lockdown. Government schools are brainwashing children into becoming docile, lifelong prisoners of the state, so the damage gets worse and worse. In one example of how ludicrous this is, the sheriff of Beaver County, Penn. recently locked down all county schools because one student – 19 years old – recorded a bad cover of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song as his voicemail greeting. Police swarmed the young man over the misunderstanding and, after realizing their mistake, pressured him to change his greeting.

Another recent study describes how family dinners overcome this damage, “New research shows that the more frequent these dinners, the better the adolescents fare emotionally, says new research published this week in the Journal of Adolescent Health.” The ramifications are obvious: Government schools damage children. Family interaction mitigates the damage. But the only way to prevent the damage is to keep children out of government schools.

This highlights another of the government’s schemes to isolate children from families: schools seduce children further from families by providing them meals – crappy meals, but meals nevertheless. Our rulers know family meals strengthen healthy family bonds and weaken the state’s hold on children, so the more meals they get children to eat at school, the more they undermine families and solidify state control over children. They’re brainwashing children into believing parents are incapable of providing the basic necessities of life and that they must depend on the state to provide them.

Economist Joseph Salerno explained how school food regulations further damage children and families, “It is estimated that [regulations] will cost $127 million and require 926,000 hours of paperwork to comply with, thus leaving tax-burdened parents with even less money in this stagnant economy to buy the foods that they choose to serve their children as meals and snacks at home.”

Everything about government schools harms children and families.


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