Conspiracy Theorist: 3/1

Waves of wasted tax dollars

Mark Luedtke

Like our economy is cracking up, so is establishment pseudoscience, and for the same reason: government coercion has perverted both to the breaking point. Several stories highlight the contradictions in cosmology that will be dramatically resolved, causing reverberations throughout the sciences.

The recent claim of the discovery of gravitational waves was presented with the fanfare you might expect if world hunger was resolved. Slashdot’s headline, typical of mainstream press, presented the $620 million discovery of gravity waves as fact, stating: “It’s Official: LIGO Scientists Make First-Ever Observation of Gravity Waves.” But it can’t be fact. According to the scientific method, theories can never be proven, only disproven. A million observations may agree with theory, but a single observation that disagrees disproves the theory. Uncorrupted science is harsh on theories to the benefit of us all.

NPR reported, “Far from our galaxy, in the vast darkness of space, two massive black holes merged into a single, larger hole.” Again, a computer model presented as fact. NPR continued, “And now researchers say they have detected rumblings from that cataclysmic collision as ripples in the very fabric of space-time itself. The discovery comes a century after Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist.”

An inspirational letter from MIT President L. Rafael Reif shows the hunt for gravity waves was more like a religious pilgrimage—prophets following their messiah, Einstein—than science. “The second story is of human achievement,” he wrote. “It begins with Einstein: an expansive human consciousness that could form a concept so far beyond the experimental capabilities of his day that inventing the tools to prove its validity took a hundred years.”

Mainstream articles presented no dissent, not even from its most famous critic. “Interestingly, Einstein himself was a prominent doubter,” noted Astronomy magazine. “In 1936, twenty years after he introduced the concept, the great physicist took another look at his math and came to a surprising conclusion.” Ironically, Einstein submitted a paper retracting his claim of gravity waves, but it was

Steven Smith identifies a plethora of problems with the experiment. “Seismic noise is a problem because the detector is near an interstate highway and a rail line. When trains went by, the interferometer was knocked out. Nearby logging is also a continuing problem,” he relates. “The team claims that dampening and filtering systems solved those issues. The laser mirrors deteriorated, requiring two of them to be removed and replaced. Wasps made nests in the beam tubes. Their waste caused a leak in the vacuum system. The wasps were evicted. The point here is that LIGO is a device concept that is rife with potentially fatal flaws.” Too many flaws to claim the discovery of waves smaller than the diameter of a proton.

The same time as this story hit, a discovery that destroyed quasar theory was ignored by the press. A team of scientists observed a quasar turn off and transform into a galaxy in just twelve years. Establishment theory says it takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years for that to happen. A week later scientists reported they had discovered 1,000 objects that varied in brightness over ten years. They observed a dozen quasars that transformed in a matter of days.

New Scientist called the discovery a shock. Since quasars are supposed to be powered by black holes, Eric Morganson of Harvard University commented, “This
is a bit of an embarrassing moment for black hole and quasar scientists. The conventional wisdom was found to be dramatically wrong.”

Like the claim of discovering gravity waves and cosmic inflation in 2014, this claim will eventually be withdrawn, without fanfare, because black holes don’t exist. They don’t power quasars. They don’t create gravity waves. Cosmologists imagine black holes, neutron stars and dark matter then create computer models of them the same way game programmers imagine ghosts, goblins and witches then create computer models of them.

The immense forces misconstrued to be black holes, neutron stars and dark matter, are really electric currents which power galaxies, quasars and stars, but despite direct observation, cosmologists refuse to acknowledge that electric currents flow in space because doing so would cut them off from the government’s gravy train.

Soon scientists will be forced to reject Big Bang theology, Einstein’s messianic theories, a gravity-centric universe, black holes, and nuclear powered stars in favor of Electric Universe theory, but don’t expect any fanfare. They’ll pretend they always embraced electric currents in space in hopes of staying on the gravy train.

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