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All Americans Are Prisoners of the State

By Mark Luedtke

America has undergone a horrific transition. One of the founding American principles expounded in the Declaration of Independence is every individual is sovereign. Every individual has inalienable rights that government cannot breach. A corollary to individual sovereignty is the castle doctrine: a man’s home is his castle. That means government has no power to invade a man’s home unless it has sufficient evidence he committed a crime to obtain a warrant before entry.

Somewhere along the way, the requirement for a warrant was weakened to “probable cause”. Then probable cause was weakened to “reasonable suspicion”.

The government has now erased all limits on its ability to enter homes. The first time I noticed this was in February when the LAPD was hunting former cop turned cop killer Chris Dorner. Police set up military-style checkpoints, searched vehicles and performed warrantless house-to-house searches in search of Dorner. One interesting aspect of the Dorner case is the public was never in danger from Dorner. Dorner targeted only police officers and family members of specific officers, so the police cannot make the case they performed these activities to protect the public.

Here’s how one attorney justifies this de facto martial law, “But beyond knocking on doors, could they — without a warrant — have legally entered unoccupied residences like the one Dorner was found in?

Yes, says Laurie Levenson, professor of criminal law at Loyola Law School.

‘Ordinarily law enforcement would need a warrant to go into someone’s home,’ Levenson said. ‘But this isn’t an ordinary circumstance. This is what we call exigent circumstances. They’re chasing after a dangerous individual.’”

But police are supposedly always chasing dangerous individuals. This claim of exigent circumstances means police can search any home, any time. And in this case, Dorner was not dangerous to the public, only to the police, so there was no pretense of serving or protecting the public. The public was abused by the police to protect the police. This is upside-down from what America is supposed to be.

Then came the Boston Marathon attacks. Two losers managed to plant two bombs under the noses of hundreds of security personnel and bomb sniffing dogs while they were running anti-terrorist bomb drills at one of the most publicized events in the world. At the very least, the incompetence of government security was outrageous.

Another strong possibility is the bombers had help from inside the government. The FBI has planned, funded, supplied and staged at least 17 phony terrorist attacks that it subsequently stopped at the last minute in order scare Americans, make itself look valuable and enrich FBI agents with more loot stolen from taxpayers. The FBI has stopped zero real terrorist attacks.

During at least one of its phony plots, the FBI provided its patsy live explosives packed in a backpack, like the bombs used by the Boston Marathon bombers. It also provided guns and hand-grenades like those used by the Boston Marathon bombers. The FBI was in contact with the older terrorist after being warned to watch him by the Russian government.

In another FBI sting, the FBI scrapped a plan to remove the 1993 World Trade Center bomb, and instead allowed the attackers to blow up the World Trade Center. Of course they covered this up, and we only know about it because an FBI informant taped his conversations where he objected to the change in plan that killed six and wounded 1,042.

So after the government failure, or complicity, in Boston, the feds had to protect themselves again, so they launched a military-style house-to-house manhunt in Boston. The video of this domestic army that included feds, state and local police, National Guard and military police forcing people out of their homes with their hands over their heads at the point of government guns must make real Boston patriots like Sam Adams spin in their graves. And these poor victims had been previously disarmed by the government. Government imprisoned a million people in their homes using the Orwellian order “Shelter in place”, but they made Dunkin’ Donuts open.

ABC News identified another recent martial law invocation in California, “After door-to-door sweeps proved fruitless, law officers urged residents of a small town in Northern California to lock their doors and keep a close eye on streets and yards for a man who stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death in her house.”

And Dayton is not immune. WHIO recently reported, “Graley was arrested around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday but police and the SWAT team kept the area [near Shroyer and Patterson] on lockdown because of a reported second suspect that was still in the apartment building, said police.” Residents were forced to evacuate.

Once unthinkable, martial law has suddenly become commonplace in the US. One thing all these incidents have in common is the lockdowns served no security purpose. Cops failed to find Dorner, the second Boston Marathon suspect and the girl’s killer in California. There was no second suspect in Dayton.

The U.S. police state isn’t coming. It’s here.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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