Conspiracy Theorist: 3/10

Orwell rolls over in his grave

By Mark Luedtke


For 30 years I warned people the U.S. was becoming a police state. The universal reply was it couldn’t happen here. Now that it’s happened here, when I talk about it, people typically reply it doesn’t matter. That reply is as ignorant as the first. At least it isn’t universal.

Even the New York Times, government’s premier propaganda organ, was forced to admit our government is a criminal organization.

“Gemalto, a French-Dutch digital security company, said on Friday that it was investigating a possible hacking by United States and British intelligence agencies that may have given them access to worldwide mobile phone communications,” it wrote. “The investigation follows news reports on Thursday that the National Security Agency [NSA] in the United States and the Government Communications Headquarters in Britain had hacked Gemalto’s networks to steal SIM card encryption codes.”

NSA hackers gained warrantless access to voice and data of billions of cell phones. Hacking and stealing are crimes. The NSA is a criminal conspiracy, part of the greatest criminal conspiracy in history. The U.S. government steals nearly $4 trillion from the American people every year. No crooks in history ever imagined being so successful. Congress exists to make government’s crimes legal.

Every day we hear somebody stole money from banks or personal information on the Internet. No data is safe. That’s because the Internet was designed to be insecure. The mythology behind the creation of the Internet was DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) created it to survive a nuclear attack. Even Wikipedia admits that’s baloney. If it were true, the Internet would have some security designed into it. It doesn’t.

While Obama lies about promoting cyber-security, every agency he oversees is actively undermining it. Two recent stories highlight this.

The San Jose Mercury News reported, “Saying cyberattacks could disrupt critical infrastructure, threaten public safety and undermine the economy, President Barack Obama on Friday called on private corporations to work with the federal government to shore up network defenses.”

On the same day, Ars Technica detailed the exploits of a group of super-hackers, dubbed “Equation Group,” over the last 20 years. It wrote, “Taken together, the accomplishments led Kaspersky researchers to conclude that Equation Group is probably the most sophisticated computer attack group in the world, with technical skill and resources that rival the groups that developed Stuxnet and the Flame espionage malware … In an exhaustive report published Monday at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit here, researchers stopped short of saying Equation Group was the handiwork of the NSA – but they provided detailed evidence that strongly implicates the U.S. spy agency.”

The hackers buried malware in hard drive caches. No other government has near the capability of U.S. hackers. No other government causes near the damage of U.S. hackers. If you thought ubiquitous spying began after 9/11, you’re naive. 9/11 just made it easier to justify. Nothing a government employee says can be trusted. Their actions tell the story, not their words.

Government has broken the Internet. NSA intercepts routers in the mail, inserts malware into them, then passes them along. NSA hacked and controls every Virtual Private Network (VPN). When your ID or bank account gets stolen by hackers, or your computer gets a virus, blame the U.S. government for making it not only possible, but easy. And the U.S. isn’t satisfied with the damage it’s done so far. The U.S. Army and British intelligence have partnered to train tens of thousands more hackers, making the Internet even less secure.

British Prime Minister David Cameron admits what all rulers want. The British Broadcasting Corporation paraphrases, “There should be no ‘means of communication’ which ‘we cannot read’, [Cameron] said.”

Rulers are pushing the Internet of Things in which every appliance and light bulb in your house will spy on you. Smart TVs and other gadgets already spy on you.

Government’s secret police don’t limit themselves to the Internet. Local police and the Drug Enforcement Agency are creating databases of car locations from license plate readers. They require every modern car to spy on its driver, storing location data for spooks. Cars can be taken over and driven by hackers. Not satisfied with that, government’s corporate agents Google and Apple are developing self-driving cars to make it easier for hackers to track your every movement and hijack your vehicle.

Local police use FBI Stingrays to spy on cell phones, and they break public disclosure laws by claiming the FBI won’t allow them to talk about it. They also use wall-penetrating radar to spy on Americans in their houses.

The Pentagon recently deployed two surveillance blimps over the northeastern corridor. Time reports, “Two surveillance blimps with monitoring capabilities that extend from Raleigh, N.C. to the shores of Lake Erie are set to go airborne [last] October, The Washington Post reports, sparking concerns among privacy activists over a growing domestic surveillance apparatus.”

The privacy horse has left the barn. Government’s secret police have never obeyed the law, they’re never limited by law, and they never will be. They are freedom’s arch-enemies. For our safety, we must abolish them.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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