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Government’s corruption of our food

By Mark Luedtke

Of all government’s evil schemes, the corruption of our food supply to keep us sick and distracted is one of the most pernicious because, so far, the government has managed to keep it a secret. While liberals think corporations are the problem and that they control the government, they have it backwards. This mistaken viewpoint plays into the hands of our rulers. In reality, giant corporations are inefficient and couldn’t survive in a free market. The government creates giant corporations through coercive regulations and taxes. This wipes out most of the competition and effectively cartelizes the remaining corporations under its control. The government effectively owns them, so they act as willing agents in a symbiotic relationship. Through these corporate agents, the government controls our food supply and the mainstream media, ensuring the secrecy of its actions.

Probably the most pervasive way government makes Americans sick is by telling us to eat lots of grains. If you remember the old food pyramid introduced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), grains filled the base of the pyramid while fats were at the top. This pyramid was the driving force behind the creation of the Standard American Diet (SAD) that caused so many people so many health problems including obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease and more. This pyramid is the reason so many parents feed their children candy in milk every morning instead of a healthy breakfast of quality bacon, eggs and a vegetable. Then they wonder why their kids are fat and pre-diabetic, so they put them on a never-ending government drug program, dooming them to be sick their entire lives.

Ancestral health guru Mark Sisson calls the FDA food pyramid, “The best way to get diabetes.”

The food pyramid was a consequence of a study that purported to link saturated fat intake with heart disease. But the study was a fraud. Sisson explained, “It all started, of course, with the infamous Ancel Keys and his Seven Countries Study, which tracked the fat consumption and heart disease levels of various nations. It was named for the seven countries that saw an increase in heart disease cases correspond with increased fat consumption, but it should have been named the Twenty Two Countries Study for all the data he omitted. Data, I should mention, that demolished his hypothesis of fat intake causing heart disease.”

The FDA used this corrupt study to seize control of the American diet and transform it into the toxic diet we’ve suffered under for decades. The scientific evidence for the damage done to the human body by grains, a food we never evolved to properly digest, and our requirement for plenty of healthy fat forced the FDA to abandon the pyramid in favor of MyPlate, but because there’s so much money made from selling grains, the changes are minimal, mostly cosmetic. Now the government promotes whole grains, which is like advising people to eat whole nuts, including shells.

Another unhealthy consequence of government control of our food supply is Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s), or factory farms. Dr. Joseph Mercola described CAFO’s: “From a strictly money-making standpoint, factory farms make sense. A large number of animals, typically 1,000 or more, are raised in one small area, fed cheap (typically grain-based) food and supplemented with hormones and antibiotics to maximize their growth potential.” Grains are bad for other mammals for the same reason they are bad for humans, and government heavily subsidizes corn. Meat, eggs and dairy from animals raised this way are not healthy to eat, yet the bulk of the meat on grocery store shelves comes from CAFO’s. CAFO’s are also destructive of the environment.

While the state system supplies Americans toxic food, our rulers eat better than any king in history. Our rulers have agents who purchase high quality, healthy food for them to eat. Some might wonder why our rulers want us sick and distracted. They’re motivated by money and power. It’s far easier to make money from legalized theft than to produce a quality product and sell it in the marketplace. Above all else, they want to keep their positions of power. It’s the same reason they miseducate your children in destructive prison schools while they use our tax dollars to educate their children in elite private schools. The nominal owners of the corporations get rich, too.

Government won’t solve this problem. Coercion is the problem, not the solution. Writing your congressman is useless because he’s getting rich off the scam. You can’t trust organic labeling because government controls it. The solution to this problem, like all others, can be found in the cooperative marketplace. Stop buying processed foods. Ask your meat and produce suppliers how their products are produced. If they don’t know, find a supplier who does. There are a number of stores in the region that sell quality meat and produce who can vouch for the healthy methods used by their producers. Dorothy Lane Market is one option. Brunk’s Meat Shoppe sells healthy meat at prices comparable to any grocery store. The Second St. Market and farmer’s markets are another option.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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