Conspiracy Theorist: 3/8

Worst schools in the state

By Mark Luedtke

Imagine you owned Dayton City Schools, and The Dayton Daily News reported the following about your schools: “Dayton Public Schools had the worst performance index in Ohio on last year’s state tests, according to the school report cards released Thursday. Last year, Dayton was second-worst among Ohio’s 610 school districts.”

If you didn’t fire your school superintendent, you would go out of business. That’s because business owners are motivated by profit. Business owners must provide quality services at a great price or go bankrupt. If your schools performed the worst in the state, parents would yank their kids out and put them in better schools in droves. You would be hemorrhaging money, and to fix the problem, you would have to fire the head of your schools because she was failing.

But government schools are socialist, not for profit. Socialist rulers have no prices or profits, so they can’t perform economic calculation to guide them to make beneficial economic decisions. No matter how smart and well intentioned—and because of the nature of socialism, rulers are neither—they can’t provide quality services at a great price.

Rulers make money the old-fashioned way: they steal it. They employ uniformed tax collectors—police—to point guns at the people and demand their money. If you don’t believe me, Google what happens to people who don’t pay their taxes. Please don’t try it and find out the hard way.

They also force parents to send their children to socialist schools at the point of the same guns. It’s a great gig if you enjoy threatening, stealing from, attacking and killing people.

Socialism is barbarism. Rulers are brigands.

Because of the inherent, violent nature of socialism, failure is not only tolerated, it’s rewarded. In a socialist institution, every failure is an excuse to steal more money. And while all rulers are bad, some are worse than others. This school report shows Dayton’s are among the worst in local government. That’s why Lori Ward has been allowed to fail as superintendent of Dayton Public Schools since 2010.

But socialists have another problem: they don’t have enough guns to overcome a popular uprising of the people, and therefore they must keep the people docile to steal their money. They must present a facade of legitimacy to keep people subdued. They must navigate the fine line between naked theft and the appearance of providing services.

When the facade crumbles and people realize they’re just being robbed, they get restless. That’s why socialists fear the people most of all, not criminals, terrorists or foreign enemies.

That fear explains the following DDN story from a day earlier: “DPS superintendent’s contract not renewed.” If you were afraid Ward might be fired, don’t be. The DDN knows most people don’t read past the headline. The article continues, “Dayton’s school board decided Tuesday night not to renew the existing contracts of Superintendent Lori Ward and Treasurer Craig Jones for next school year, but they left open the possibility of bringing them back under new terms.”

So this is just a negotiation tactic, but rulers want people to believe they care about the quality of education they provide.

Propagandists at The DDN are already ginning up sympathy for the failed superintendent with the headline “DPS board puts Superintendent Ward in limbo.” Poor superintendent. The article continues, “[Ward] said the contract issue was just business, and in the meantime, her focus would remain on high-quality teaching and learning for the students of the district.” The propagandist never questions the high-quality standard Ward claims, posting only boilerplate about graduation rates and test scores.

The DDN continues ginning up support with another article titled “DPS move surprises teachers, parents”, but the article references no parents. However it does imply race is a more important factor in Ward’s, who is black, continued employment, than performance. “The board’s nonrenewal resolutions mentioned nothing about the job performance of Ward or Jones. They focused instead on problems with the contracts,” it reported.

Then the article referenced a statement by an organization called Racial Justice Now. “‘Our experience with both Superintendent Ward and Treasurer Jones has been extremely positive,’ the RJN statement said,” the article continued. “‘Superintendent Ward has been very inclusive and responsive to our complaints and suggestions as to how we want education improved for our children.’”

Socialism values politics, race and gender above performance, the opposite of a free market. Socialism exacerbates group identity tensions, dividing people, while capitalism ameliorates them, uniting people. Socialism will save Ward’s job.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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