Conspiracy Theorist: 4/14

Surveillance hypocrisy

Cops monitor our every action, but don’t dare monitor cops

By Mark Luedtke

Of the many evil properties of our coercive system of government, systematic, institutionalized lawlessness is one of the most pernicious. Lawless cops are especially dangerous. Their permission to break the law regularly extends to the murder of peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

It also applies to red light cameras. On March 23, the Dayton Daily News reported, “According to a state law passed last year, the cameras on Monday were supposed to be barred from issuing traffic tickets unless a police officer was on the scene.” Dayton’s rulers including Police Chief Biehl don’t like that law, so, “Dayton shut the cameras down at midnight, but reactivated them around 4:45 p.m.,” it continued.

A number of rulers in big cities around the state, including Dayton, challenged the law. They don’t want to give up the millions of dollars they steal every year from their money-grabbing cameras that help pay for their vacation homes. To their credit, smaller local communities kept their cameras turned off.

It’s funny how a judge granted rulers an injunction for a process that enriches judges. Don’t worry about that conflict of interest. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Imagine if you challenged a law because it cost you money. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the judge would laugh your challenge out of court. That’s because laws are for serfs, not rulers. In another example, the DDN reports, “Dayton’s photo enforcement cameras routinely catch city vehicles, RTA buses, school buses, police cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances blowing through red lights, a Dayton Daily News investigation found.”

The same rulers who run the red lights claim the cameras increase safety, but those studies are as corrupt as everything else government does. Five independent studies show red light cameras increase accidents. Greed, never safety, motivates our rulers.

The DDN also reports downtown Dayton is getting more surveillance cameras. “Dayton plans to install 27 new cameras that will capture valuable video evidence of criminal activity, and, in some cases, will allow officers to watch in real time areas where there are large events or have been a rash of criminal problems, said police Chief Richard Biehl,” it wrote. “‘The use of cameras in open public spaces is pretty common technology in urban centers and has been around for decades,’ he said.”

In other words, since government has stolen privacy from others before, it’s OK to steal more. Just because something has been done before doesn’t make it right or beneficial. If Biehl knows 27 crime hot spots, which I don’t believe for a second, since downtown Dayton has so little crime, he could have cops patrol there. Video cameras are not necessary. These cameras are not about crime. They’re about control.

And Biehl isn’t satisfied with stationary cameras. He wants his airplane surveillance camera too, and he won’t take no for an answer. The DDN just wrote a two-part propaganda piece promoting Persistent Surveillance Systems’ (PSS) airborne camera service. No matter how many times the people rally to kill Biehl’s flying Peeping Tom system, like Frankenstein, it keeps coming back to life.

And this system is doubly bad. Police departments all over the country are flying surveillance drones at a fraction of the cost of airplanes. Low cost is the great value of drones, but Biehl isn’t pushing for an inexpensive surveillance drone. He wants an expensive airplane flown by an expensive pilot instead. He’s intentionally trying to spend significantly more money than he needs to. This program isn’t about surveillance. It’s about enriching some big time crony at PSS.

It might seem like Biehl supports all cameras everywhere all the time, but he draws the line at body cameras for cops.

The DDN notes his concerns. “Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said it could cost about $1.4 million over five years to buy the equipment and implement a body-camera program,” it wrote. “He said his department’s budget cannot handle such a large investment, but federal grant funding may be available.” It continued, “However, body cameras raise privacy questions, including under what circumstances they should be activated and whether some locations, victims and witnesses should not be filmed, Biehl said.”

We’re supposed to believe the guy who championed every surveillance camera plan up to this point no matter how invasive or costly is suddenly concerned about privacy and expense. Give me a break. Like all cops, Biehl doesn’t like body cameras because cops won’t be able to abuse and kill people with impunity like usual. Body cameras reduce police violence, and police hate that. Dayton’s rulers have asked residents what they think about body cameras in the hopes if they misinform enough people, they won’t have to use them. These are the only surveillance cameras they should employ.

The dirty little secret our rulers are hiding is the fewer socialist cops we have, the less crime we have because private security is more effective at preventing crime, and it costs less. Like all socialist programs, policing is another government pseudo-service. Its primary functions are to steal our money and protect rulers by controlling we, the people, their victims.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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