Conspiracy Theorist: 4/19

Sham democracy

By Mark Luedtke

New York Times writer Jeremy W. Peters might soon be looking for work after timidly telling the truth about the US political system. “When it comes to nominating presidential candidates, it turns out the world’s foremost democracy is not so purely democratic,” he wrote. That’s an understatement. Anybody surprised by this hasn’t been paying attention. The U.S. government has never been of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s always been of the rulers, by the rulers, for the rulers. It’s just more obvious than usual this election.

Voters routinely confirm one of several well-vetted and thoroughly corrupted candidates run by rulers in both primaries, but not this year. As a result, rulers have had to resort to extreme, public shenanigans.

Peters delivered more understatement. “For decades, both major parties have used a somewhat convoluted process for picking their nominees, one that involves ordinary voters in only an indirect way,” he continued. “As Americans flock this year to outsider candidates, the kind most hindered by these rules, they are suddenly waking up to this reality.”

In the most outrageous example to date, Colorado Republicans cancelled their primary because people would vote for Trump, instead giving all delegates to Cruz. In Indiana, despite no ballots having been cast yet, Politico reports, “Republican Party insiders in the state will select 27 delegates to the national convention on Saturday, and [Donald] Trump is assured to be nearly shut out of support, according to interviews with a dozen party leaders and officials…”

Similarly, Trump won Louisiana, but Ted Cruz got more delegates. Every state has its own undemocratic story.

Worse, imagine if the rules for selecting baseball’s champion were determined after the season was over. The Hill explains, “If Donald Trump doesn’t clinch the nomination before the convention by winning 1,237 delegates, a nominee will be decided through what could be a series of votes by convention delegates. That gives enormous weight to the rules committee, which will meet the week before the convention to outline the rules that will govern those votes.”

Ironically, the Democrats’ scheme is even more undemocratic. Despite Bernie Sanders’s string of victories, Hillary Clinton continues to secure more delegates than him. Democrats also have superdelegates who are not tied to voters in any way. Before any votes were cast, NPR reported, “Among superdelegates, Clinton leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 359 to 8, according to an AP survey of the group that will help elect the nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July.” That may be changing since many fear Clinton will be indicted for her illegal email server.

Welcome to the U.S. where corruption is legalized and institutionalized and democracy is a sham. Our rulers hide behind fake democracy, but they would never allow democracy here or anywhere. That would mean surrendering power. Presidents don’t bomb countries back to the Stone Age to export democracy. They do so to increase their personal power and wealth and that of their cronies.

Rulers employ even more tools to prevent democratic elections. One of the most effective is sending agents provocateur to campaign events to incite violence then blame the victim. After a Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled under threat of violence, Infowars reported, “Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of Political Action, has taken credit for the violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago. He promised similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political events leading up to the election.”, funded by George Soros and using tactics taught by avowed communist Saul Alinsky, blamed Trump.

Then there’s the media. On the Democrat side, reported, “In what has to be some kind of record, The Washington Post ran 16 negative stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours, between roughly 10:20 PM EST Sunday, March 6, to 3:54 PM EST Monday, March 7—a window that includes the crucial Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, and the next morning’s spin…”

Not to be outdone, The Boston Globe published fake, negative stories about a future President Trump in hopes of derailing his nomination.

Regarding Republicans, Pat Buchanan summarizes, “Goals of the anti-Trump conspirators: Manipulate the rules and steal the nomination at Cleveland. Failing that, pull out all the stops and torpedo any Trump-led ticket in the fall. Then blame Trump … and posture as saviors of the party they betrayed.”

Regardless of votes, Democrats will deny Sanders the nomination too.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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