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Government attacks bar owners to cover up its failure

 by Mark Luedtke

 The interaction of government and citizens is supposedly defined by a social contract, which grants government the power to steal our money and order us around at the point of a gun. In return, it provides justice and security. Of course, this is ridiculous. None of us have ever signed such a contract, and nobody with half a brain would. Yet, proponents of government aggression against the people consistently refer to this imaginary contract.

This propaganda works. Most people believe government exists to protect us, despite the evidence before their eyes and on the news every day. The way local governments attack bar owners and destroy their livelihoods is one blatant example.

The Vault nightclub has suffered tremendous violence lately. In a recent court filing against the bar, Dayton police claimed they had been called to the bar 118 times since January 2012. The Dayton Daily News reported, “Incidents listed for 2013 include Feb. 15, when a large crowd blocked the way for paramedics to respond to a heart attack victim who died; Feb. 20, a fight in which a female struck a patron with her car; and June 20, a shooting in which more than 20 shots were fired, according to court records.”

The owners of The Vault were victims of serious violence. No bar owner wants violence in his nightclub because it’s bad for business. The Vault’s owners couldn’t provide their own armed security force because the government stole their money and restricted them. They needed government to provide security to live up to its part of the social contract. Americans also believe police are supposed to protect and serve, therefore they should have protected and served the owners of The Vault.

But no. Instead of helping The Vault’s owners, the city shut it down as if the bar was the problem, not violent patrons. Talk about blaming the victim. A Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Magistrate, a partner in the predatory state, shut down The Vault indefinitely. First, The Vault was victimized by small-time predators, then it was destroyed by the supreme predators.

The same is the story of Heat Nightclub. The owners of Heat Nightclub in Huber Heights had suffered violence requiring 600 police calls, including one for a double murder. Having been looted and restricted from robustly protecting themselves by the government, they turned to the government for security, according to the social contract. But instead of protecting this struggling business, Huber Heights attacked it in court. Another state predator sided with his partners in crime, destroying the business. The same thing happened to A-List, 88 Club, Hammerjax and others.

No matter how many bars the predators destroy, the crime continues.

A bartender at the 19th Hole Club, recently victimized by similar violence, explained why to the Dayton Daily News: “‘We’re going to try our best and get it together, but normally we don’t have any problems here,’ said Victoria Taylor, who works at the club as a bartender and promoter. Taylor said the club isn’t a trouble spot, but with the recent closure of Heat Nightclub in Huber Heights, and temporary closure of The Vault in Dayton, crowds are beginning to filter into her bar.”

Police are playing whack-a-mole with violent criminals. The bad guys move from bar to bar while the government wastes taxpayers’ money destroying the livelihoods of innocent bar owners previously victimized by the bad guys. Since the source of the crime is not the bar owners, shutting down the bars cannot stop the crime. Government officials know this. They aren’t trying to stop crime. They’re trying to cover-up their failure to prevent crime in first place. They’re scapegoating bar owners.

The police claim they spend too many resources dealing with these bars, so the government destroys them. That’s like running over a drive-by shooting victim with an ambulance until he’s dead because government spends too many resources responding to them. Apparently, the only people government protects are people who don’t need it.

What goes unreported in all the stories of bar violence and shutting bars down is that the violence is mostly caused by gangs, because talking about gangs would undermine the cover-up. Dayton has a gang problem nobody wants to talk about. A long-running task force including U.S. Marshals, FBI, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, sheriffs, police and others has failed to stop the gangs.

The ultimate source of this violence is the war on drugs. Government bans drugs, which makes them extremely profitable. Gangs arise to profit from selling drugs. The gangs fight over profits. The government fails to stop them, so it shuts down bars to cover up its failure. The gangs move on to the next bar. You don’t see gangs killing people over alcohol since Prohibition ended.

Government doesn’t prevent crime. It creates crime because it profits from crime. The social contract is a sham. Protect and serve is a sham. Government’s so-called justice is a sham. All are pretenses for looting.


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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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